1st Test, Pune, Feb 23-25 2017, Australia tour of India
260 & 285
(33.5 ov, target 441)
105 & 107
Australia won by 333 runs
Player Of The Match
INDIA 2nd Innings
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2.50pm This is going to sting for India. But take absolutely nothing away from Australia, who have been the only team in this home summer to outclass, outmatch and simply outplay India. They won an important toss, batted decently in their first innings, came out after lunch on the second day, and changed the game with just awesome cricket. Ever since, they've been simply unstoppable. Three men from New South Wales led Australia - first Mitchell Starc with the bat, then Steve O'Keefe with the ball and Steven Smith's hundred. Some really good contributions from Renshaw, Warner and Lyon. O'Keefe took double sixes in the game, and Smith played the best Test innings I have ever seen. This makes this series even more interesting. India will come back hard but Australia have momentum and more importantly, confidence.

The presentation to come.

Steve O'Keefe is the Man of the Match: "A first innings was a bit of blur. The ball tended to skid on more than spin so it exposed the stumps and the lbw. My first six wickets was ordinary, I had to change it up quickly. Our batters worked really hard not to get beaten on one edge."

Steven Smith: "Thought it was going to be hardwork. I'm proud of the way the guys played. Winning the toss was a bonus, good plans in place. O'Keefe was outstanding. We've got some good players of spin and good spinners. It's been 4502 days since Australia won a Test in India, I know it to the day. A massive lead in this wicket. When he pulled his length back slightly (O'Keefe), it felt he'd get a wicket every ball. You need to have some luck on a wicket like that. It took a lot of grit and determination.

Virat Kohli: "It's been a good run. Good to see the support. We got outplayed in this game. We got to take it on the chin, accept that they outplayed us. It was our worst batting display in the last two years. We need to see what we did wrong. They exploited it better than us. They put us under pressure throughout and deserved to win this game. We've had two really bad sessions and to pull it back against a quality side is very difficult. No excuses. Sometimes, you have to take your hat off and tell the opposition well done."

Nathan Lyon: Our plan was to compete hard, we did. We saw a lot of Ashwin, and we tried to replicate what he does in these conditions. Great, I'll take this pitch everywhere. "

Darren Lehmann: "Great result, really impressed with our batting. It's a challenge for both sides. We learned some lessons from Sri Lanka. A challenge to replicate that in Bangalore. We spoke about good defense and take on the game when you can."

Lyon to J Yadav, OUT
there it is. Australia complete a sensational 333-run win. Slow through the air, saw Jayant coming, dragged that length back, allowed the ball room to turn. It did, hit the glove and lobbed up for the keeper to take. The umpire's finger went up almost instantaneously. But there was no glove on that. Just pad. India don't have reviews left.
J Yadav c †Wade b Lyon 5 (17m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 29.41
Lyon to J Yadav, no run
flat and wide outside off, Jayant goes back and pushes the ball into the cover region, refuses the run
Lyon to J Yadav, no run
Jayant runs down and drives the ball to long-on. He refuses the run