Player of the Match
Player of the Match

12.50pm Only once has a team lost a Test after scoring 400 or more in an innings at the WACA. For those in the UK, meanwhile, here is the moment Jonny Bairstow brought up an emotional hundred.

Another tidbit: Austin Waugh, son of Steve, and Will Sutherland, son of CA chief executive James Sutherland, have been picked in Australia's squad for the Under-19 World Cup

12.40pm Phew, that escalated quickly. After not losing a wicket in the post-tea session on the first day, England have lost 6 for 35.. Before that collapse, YJB reached his fourth Test hundred and added 237 for the fifth wicket with Malan - the highest stand for England v Australia in Tests. Alan will be back for the start of the post-lunch session. Cheers

Starc to Broad, OUT, Starc bounces out Broad and wraps up England for 403. Broad ventures a long way across the off stump and aims to hook it over to long leg. Instead, he cue-ends a catch to forward short leg

SCJ Broad c Bancroft b Starc 12 (22m 10b 0x4 1x6) SR: 120.00

115 | 7 Runs | ENG: 403/9

  • James Anderson0 (7b)
  • Stuart Broad12 (9b)
  • Josh Hazlewood28-9-92-3
  • Mitchell Starc25-5-91-3

Viksn: "Hahaha.. I'm just explaining Test cricket (or just cricket) to my American friend. And even he thinks that loss of 5 wickets for 35 odd runs after the mammoth partnership is a bit ridiculous!!!"

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run, low full-toss on off, jabbed back to the bowler

guru: "2 wickets in 4 balls twice in this session.. "

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run, Anderson keeps moving across off, he misses the glance, and the ball bounces over leg stump
Hazlewood to Anderson, no run, dug short and down leg, Anderson, having ventured across off, runs it away fine. Paine dives to his right and makes another superb stop
Hazlewood to Broad, 1 run, Broad takes on the short ball and hooks away to long leg
Hazlewood to Broad, SIX runs, Broad has a big yahooooo at it and sends the ball sailing past square leg and the score past 400. He steps away outside leg and swings it over the boundary. Was it top edged? Broad would say he nailed Hazlewood over the fence
Hazlewood to Broad, no run, Broad slinks outside leg, uppercuts and misses, as this one soars over the stumps

12.34pm Now that England are nine down, play has been extended by half an hour

114 | 3 Runs | ENG: 396/9

  • James Anderson0 (4b)
  • Stuart Broad5 (6b)
  • Mitchell Starc25-5-91-3
  • Josh Hazlewood27-9-85-3
Starc to Anderson, no run, head-hunting short ball, angling away, Anderson yanks his head away
Starc to Anderson, no run, Anderson moves across off even before Starc delivers. Short and outside leg, left alone
Starc to Anderson, no run, Anderson wanders across off, Starc sprays it down leg, past the bat
Starc to Anderson, no run, ooooh, Jimmy shuffles across off and nearly fends it back onto his stumps. Short, curving away, he fends it just wide as the ball trickles square past the leg stump
Starc to Broad, 3 runs, Broad backs away outside leg and exposes all three stumps. Starc goes outside off, Broad hits it over the top. Lifted over extra cover. Lyon chases, Broad takes three and exposes Jimmy to Starc. Not a great idea from Broad
Starc to Broad, no run, back of a length, angling away from over the wicket, ducking away past the outside edge

Around the wicket

113 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | ENG: 393/9

  • Stuart Broad2 (4b)
  • Josh Hazlewood27-9-85-3
  • Mitchell Starc24-5-88-3

Rakesh: "I woke up to watch this game and sat from 8 am to 9.30 am, finally convinced that England were on the road for 600+. I step into the shower & step out 20 minutes later only to find England pull out their familiar Houdini trick of collapsing needlessly from 364/4 to 390/8 and my shower stall floor ain't even dry yet!!"

Hazlewood to Overton, OUT, Fire and brimstone at the WACA! Accurate short ball, just over the chest, Overton sits back and aims to fend it off. Instead, he only loops it off the glove to Bancroft under the helmet short leg

C Overton c Bancroft b Hazlewood 2 (13m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57

Hazlewood to Overton, no run, short and homing in at the head of Overton, he avoids it

Sodney: "@Parth I'd take this kind of sandwich - good meaty middle enveloped by thin bread. What I wouldn't have is a thin middle AND thin bread."

Hazlewood to Overton, no run, rising short ball outside off, patted down to cover

Shashank: "4 wickets in under 5 overs. I don't know if this is more of "typical England" or "typical Australia". Or of course, both."

Hazlewood to Broad, 1 run, glanced in the air but to the left of a diving Bancroft at short leg
Hazlewood to Broad, no run, chest-high short ball on middle, Broad hops and fends it down

Comprehensive series wins


Number of times an Ashes series of 5+ Tests has been decided by the third Test. 9 of those have been wins for Australia; England's only such win was in 1928-29

WACA dominance


Number of successive Test wins for Aus v Eng at the WACA, starting 1991. The last time they didn't win was in 1986, when the Test was drawn

Malan's WACA feat


England batsmen who have passed 50 in each innings in a WACA Test. The others, apart from Malan, are Pietersen (2006), Randall (1982), and Boycott (1970)

Lyon bosses Moeen


Number of times Nathan Lyon has dismissed Moeen Ali in this series. Moeen has scored 68 from 169 balls off him, for an average of 13.60

Bowler centuries


England bowlers who conceded 100 or more runs in Australia's 1st innings, only the eighth such instance in Test history, and the third for England

Top Scores for Aus in Aus


Runs made by Australia in this Test - Third highest score for Australia at home. The highest was 735 for 6 in 2003 also at Perth

Captain's knock


Runs scored by Steven Smith - Third highest score for a captain from Australia in an Ashes Test behind Bob Simpson and Don Bradman.

Mr Consistent


Consecutive years in which Smith has scored more than 1000 runs- Second cricketer to achieve this behind Mathew Hayden who did it five times between 2001-05.

Centurion Smith


Innings in which Steven Smith scored 22 Test centuries - Third quickest to this feat behind Don Bradman(58 innings) and Sunil Gavaskar(101 innings).

Warner at WACA


Centuries for Warner at the WACA . Before this innings he averaged 89.22 at this ground - Highest for Warner at a venue in Australia.

Double Trouble


Last instance of a 200 run partnership for the fifth wicket for England against Australia. Compton and Paynter added 206 in Nottingham.

Strong Day 1 performance


Runs scored by England on Day 1 of A test in Australia - Highest since 2002 when they made 295 for 4 in Adelaide.

Maiden century


Century for David Malan in Tests. This is the first century for England in Australia since the 120 made by Ben Stokes at Perth in 2013.

Long time coming


Last instance of England adding more than 100 runs for the fifth wicket in Australia. Pietersen and Bell added 116 in Adelaide.