Player of the Match
Player of the Match

4.05pm: Was it ever in doubt? Well, perhaps for a couple of days in Brisbane... and for a while this morning. But not even some English weather could bail out England in the WACA's farewell Ashes Test; that's eight defeats in a row here, and that too having been 4 for 368 in their first innings. It's also the third time in little over a year that England have scored 400 only to be beaten by an innings. Smith was MoM for his magnificent 239 but Josh Hazlewood was the wrecking ball on the final day, blowing through England's resistance with the gusto of last night's storm. You can read all about it in Brydon's report, and there'll be plenty more reaction and comment on the site later, from George, Dan and Mel at the ground (in fact, there might still be time to get your #PoliteEnquiries in). To cap a sweet day for Australia, they are now 33-32 ahead in Ashes series. For England, the autopsies are only just beginning... Thanks for sticking around through an oddly squishy finale. Gnasher and Miller will be back to pull the crackers at the MCG. From myself, Al, Varun and Deiva, it's cheerio for now. The kangaroo is safe in his den, for another four years at least. Bye!

3.50pm: Done and dusted. The WACA bears witness to Australia wrapping things up at the earliest possible opportunity, just as in 2013-14. Never mind the weather earlier, the sun is shining now...

No sooner is Steven Smith out of the victory huddle, he has a microphone under his nose: "Captaining an Ashes winning side is an amazing feeling. It's a moment we've been looking forward to, so much has gone into the preparation, the way we've gone about it was spectacular, 400 is a pretty good total but we come out and got a massive score and only had to bat once. The bowlers have done a massive job, Nathan Lyon has been exceptional. So many emotions coming out, the boys are going to celebrate hard tonight. Josh Hazlewood was exceptional, he hit really good areas and got Bairstow early. To win an amazing Ashes series, to be 3-0 up and get that urn back, I'm really proud."

Joe Root is understandably more downbeat: "Very difficult to take but fair play to Australia, they've outplayed us in all three game and we've got to be better. [Pitch?] It wasn't fit to play this morning, it obviously dried up and I think by the end there it was probably fit to play. [Only 400 first inns] Yeah, that's not ideal, but the [Malan-Bairstow] partnership and the way those two played was outstanding, they should be really proud. From the position of 100-4, that's not good enough. We've got to learn from it and get better but there's good thing to come from this week. Those guys putting in big performances under pressure was outstanding, the way Vincey played in the second innings was proper batting, it took that delivery to get him out. We've got to make sure we got to Melbourne, prepare well and put in good performance there."

And Smith is then interviewed again as the Man of the Match: "Nice to get recognition. I'm really proud to score my highest score and put on that performance with Mitch Marsh. Really set the game up for us, to get us in the lead. I'm just so proud of the boys, the way we've been able to wrap things up here in Perth and get that urn back. The boys have done a terrific job to get us the 20 wickets in each game, we haven't won a toss and probably had the toughest of the conditions. [Worried about weather?] It was horrible last night, I've never seen weather like that here in Perth. We knew if it cleared, and we had enough time, we'd be in for a show. Credit to the selectors, they made some bold moves but everyone who's come in has done a great job. [MCG next?] Absolutely, we're going to celebrate this one first. The Boxing Day Test match is an amazing occasion, hopefully we can get ourselves 4-0 and maybe 5-0 in Sydney. Everyone has been fantastic to get us the result we deserve."

Cummins to Woakes, OUT, short ball, Woakes tries to ramp, but can only feather through to the keeper! Job done, England have been rumbled and Australia have reclaimed the Ashes! They're into a huddle, jumping up and down as the WACA screen broadcasts the news, for the last time in contests such as these, that Australia have won and recaptured the urn!

CR Woakes c †Paine b Cummins 22 (92m 48b 3x4 0x6) SR: 45.83

"Now what Ian Chappell shall have views about English team to tour Australia in future, as he said in the past that Pakistan team should not be called to tour Australia..." Ha, indeed, Khalid Mehmood. One of my colleagues, who shall remain unnamed, is looking forward to pointing this out. Although England haven't actually been whitewashed yet. At least not on the pitch

Hazlewood to Woakes, FOUR runs, bouncer to finish, Woakes hooks blindly and top-edges over the man who's just come in... swirls away and trundles off for four. But it keeps Anderson on strike

Fine leg comes up, they're trying to prevent one

Cummins to Anderson, no run, dug in, nasty bouncer, strikes Anderson on the side of the head! England are being pounded into submission... Although the Australians are quickly over to check he is okay. Anderson tried to get the hands up but he wasn't quite quick enough and the ball slammed into the helmet, around the ear. Going to need a minute to compose himself

James Anderson out now, one of the heroes of Cardiff 2009... But they're a long way from home, in every sense

Cummins to Broad, OUT, banged in short and Broad throws up the hands, gloved through to the keeper! Make that one wicket away! That's another good bouncer, Broad pretty much raises the white flag, there was a noise as it touched the glove and Cummins gets in amongst 'em. The Ashes are almost in Australian hands once again...

SCJ Broad c †Paine b Cummins 0 (6m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

"Any news in the weather front?" Yep, Baundule. It's all clear

Hazlewood to Overton, OUT, good length, straightening as Overton plays across the line - and well taken low at gully! Hazlewood has his five-for, Overton is extracted by another excellent delivery, although he helped out by closing the face, looping deflection off the shoulder of the bat and the Aussies erupt again!

C Overton c Khawaja b Hazlewood 12 (21m 21b 2x4 0x6) SR: 57.14

"Aussies employing Bodyline tactics now? I see 3 fielders behind square in the last over. Not a no ball??" Think the umpires are on top of it, Rob

Hazlewood to Overton, FOUR runs, shot and clubbed over point, Overton taking the positive approach and he guides it up and over the fielder - four more, brings the deficit under 50
Hazlewood to Overton, FOUR runs, full, 137kph and Overton reaches for it on the drive, keeps the ball down and length of bat behind the shot, it easily runs away for four
Cummins to Overton, 1 run, at the body, shovelled away and over the leaping fielder at leg gully this time! Warner, I think, put in a good effort but it was well out of reach, despite the dive

And Lyon runs off straight away to get that treated

Cummins to Overton, no run, banged in and fended away, low to leg gully... but Lyon can't hold on! It actually hit him right on the tip of the fingers, looks like it ripped a nail, too. Fast chance, just above the grass, very tough
Hazlewood to Malan, OUT, short and leg side, Malan swishes at a pull... and gloves through to the keeper! Erasmus puts up the finger and Malan walks! What a way to go, though credit to Hazlewood for the thorough frisking he gave Malan in the previous over. Saw the leg-side half-tracker and wanted to put it away, execution was wanting and Australia move a step closer to #ReturningTheUrn

DJ Malan c †Paine b Hazlewood 54 (209m 135b 8x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Comprehensive series wins


Number of times an Ashes series of 5+ Tests has been decided by the third Test. 9 of those have been wins for Australia; England's only such win was in 1928-29

WACA dominance


Number of successive Test wins for Aus v Eng at the WACA, starting 1991. The last time they didn't win was in 1986, when the Test was drawn

Malan's WACA feat


England batsmen who have passed 50 in each innings in a WACA Test. The others, apart from Malan, are Pietersen (2006), Randall (1982), and Boycott (1970)

Lyon bosses Moeen


Number of times Nathan Lyon has dismissed Moeen Ali in this series. Moeen has scored 68 from 169 balls off him, for an average of 13.60

Bowler centuries


England bowlers who conceded 100 or more runs in Australia's 1st innings, only the eighth such instance in Test history, and the third for England

Top Scores for Aus in Aus


Runs made by Australia in this Test - Third highest score for Australia at home. The highest was 735 for 6 in 2003 also at Perth

Captain's knock


Runs scored by Steven Smith - Third highest score for a captain from Australia in an Ashes Test behind Bob Simpson and Don Bradman.

Mr Consistent


Consecutive years in which Smith has scored more than 1000 runs- Second cricketer to achieve this behind Mathew Hayden who did it five times between 2001-05.

Centurion Smith


Innings in which Steven Smith scored 22 Test centuries - Third quickest to this feat behind Don Bradman(58 innings) and Sunil Gavaskar(101 innings).

Warner at WACA


Centuries for Warner at the WACA . Before this innings he averaged 89.22 at this ground - Highest for Warner at a venue in Australia.

Double Trouble


Last instance of a 200 run partnership for the fifth wicket for England against Australia. Compton and Paynter added 206 in Nottingham.

Strong Day 1 performance


Runs scored by England on Day 1 of A test in Australia - Highest since 2002 when they made 295 for 4 in Adelaide.

Maiden century


Century for David Malan in Tests. This is the first century for England in Australia since the 120 made by Ben Stokes at Perth in 2013.

Long time coming


Last instance of England adding more than 100 runs for the fifth wicket in Australia. Pietersen and Bell added 116 in Adelaide.