2nd ODI (D/N), Brisbane, Jan 19 2018, England tour of Australia and New Zealand
(44.2/50 ov, target 271)
England won by 4 wickets (with 34 balls remaining)
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9.02pm Right, that's your lot. Thanks for joining us today, have a read of Dan Brettig's report and join us again on Sunday for the third ODI in Sydney, where Australia desperately need a win to stay alive in the series.

Sarvesh : "Even without Stokes, England ODI side is a force to reckon with. They were the most competitive in India among visiting teams last year, after South Africa. They played really well in South Africa before that. I m in favour of a whitewash in Australia !!! " Watch this space. They are clearly a team in a very good frame of mind at the moment. Good night.

9pm Man of the Match is Joe Root for his wickets and runs. "Enjoyable today, didn't think I'd bowl seven overs at the start of the day. The form Smith has been in this summer, very enjoyable to see the back of him."

"Whenever you come off a series loss you want to prove a point, and leading into the World Cup we want to set a benchmark. We had to stay cool in the moment and get the job done."

Eoin Morgan: "Our bowlers were exceptional. It puts pressure on the Australia batsmen. We did enough to win but it was far from a complete performance, which is exciting for us."

"We have a level of trust and confidence in the group that someone will put their hand up for us."

8.55pm Time for some presentations. Here's Steve Smith. "We're not playing good enough one-day cricket at the moment. It's a quality England batting line-up. We lost a couple of wickets in a row, we couldn't get that power going at the back end to get that 320 we were after."

"Richo bowled pretty well, perhaps [we should have played a spinner]. This wicket is different to the one we had for the Test match."

8.47pm England have won their first ODI at Brisbane since 1999, and they have taken an emphatic 2-0 lead without really being stretched in two apparently daunting chases.

Hypocaust: "Joe Root now has the 3rd highest average (87.06) in victorious ODI chases (min. 20 innings), behind Dhoni (102.72) and Kohli (93.64) and just ahead of Bevan (86.25)."

Mark: "Are we facing a scenario where Australia's total domination of the Tests will be countered by England's total domination of the ODIs and T20s. You begin to wonder if Australia could be whitewashed."

Deedat: "Like Morgan said last time, if Roy fails, someone from the rest of the team would step up. This time, seems like who whole team did. Magnificent from Hales and Bairstow. And just solid as always from Root"

Stoinis to Woakes, FOUR runs
pumped up and over long-on, plugs in the deep, trickles to the rope, and England have secured a tremendous win

David: "So, in the end, we're looking at Joe Root utterly failing to convert. "

Stoinis to Woakes, FOUR runs
up and over point, leaning back and timing the pants off his uppercut! Scores are level...
end of over 444 runs
ENG: 266/6CRR: 6.04 • RRR: 0.83 • Need 5 runs from 36b
Chris Woakes31 (25)
Joe Root46 (58)
Mitchell Marsh1-0-4-0
Marcus Stoinis4-0-26-0

England are easing towards the finish line... but the Alexis Sanchez transfer saga still has legs. Will he sign for Manchester United today? Or will Peter Crouch take the headlines by rocking up at Chelsea? Follow the madness over on Transfer Talk at ESPNFC

Marsh to Woakes, 3 runs
up and over the covers, a shackle-breaking slap to reduce the requirement to within a single blow
Marsh to Woakes, no run
on the pads, attempted flick, can't get this one through

bhaskar: "Who was it that predicted the chase in 43.4 overs? Go and buy a lottery ticket or something! " Afraid he's missed the jackpot!

Marsh to Woakes, no run
back foot block, pushed to cover
Marsh to Woakes, no run
solid defence, back down the track

Sarvesh : "Still my Man of the match is Joe Root. Played in the shadow of Roy last game, didn't get that attention. But this time Roooot is anchoring just by rotation of strikes. And has the spotlight. "

Marsh to Root, 1 run
short and through midwicket
Marsh to Root, no run
full length, attempted drill back past the bowler, but not quite timed
end of over 439 runs
ENG: 262/6CRR: 6.09 • RRR: 1.28 • Need 9 runs from 42b
Joe Root45 (56)
Chris Woakes28 (21)
Marcus Stoinis4-0-26-0
Jhye Richardson10-1-57-2

uzairbinnisar: "Can you update why M. Marsh has not bowled a single over in this match?" I cannot. Most peculiar. Well, blow me down. Here he comes!

Stoinis to Root, 1 run
on the back foot, glided into the off side
Stoinis to Root, no run
defended into the off side

Chris Brant: "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, if Jhye doesn´t get you then Tye must." If at first you don't succeed, Try, Jhye and Tye again

Stoinis to Woakes, 1 run
open the face, angle the shot, down to third man
Stoinis to Woakes, FOUR runs
short, and slammed! A brilliant pull, going from high to low, nailed clean through square leg to reduce the requirement to 11

Mukunda Phuyal: "Root justifying the value of keeping wicket and at times ticking the scoreboard. This is a typical one day old fashioned match winning innings from him." Every team needs a nurdler. Even the pedal to the metal ones

Stoinis to Woakes, 2 runs
back of a length, pumped down the ground with a cross-batted mow, takes a bit of a top edge but eludes the field
Stoinis to Root, 1 run
on the pads, clipped through the leg side
end of over 426 runs
ENG: 253/6CRR: 6.02 • RRR: 2.25 • Need 18 runs from 48b
Chris Woakes21 (18)
Joe Root43 (53)
Jhye Richardson10-1-57-2
Andrew Tye9-0-47-0

MAHARAJ SINGH: "Is he real Ben Stokes?" Even it it was, I think instigating an insurrection against his captain at this juncture of his career would be... less than prudent

Richardson to Woakes, no run
outside off, and an attempted thrash through the covers
Richardson to Woakes, FOUR runs
back of a length, pulled round the corner and ... whoops, that's a tremendous blooper from Stoinis, who slides, attempts to gather, lets the ball elude his grasp, and watches it trickle over the rope

Umair: "Some one tell Smith that in an ODI match you atleast play 4 pure bowlers! also instead of trying to play like England we would be a much better team if we focus on the Australian way!"

Richardson to Woakes, no run
blocked on a full length
Richardson to Woakes, no run
angled defence back down the pitch

AshesAddict: "Going back to 2005 (with the sole exception of 2013/14), the team winning the Ashes tests series has then failed to win the following ODI series. Good omen for England?" I suppose it is. If you discount the fact that the team that has lost most of those ODI series is England!

Richardson to Root, 1 run
dead-batted defence, down into the crease. And another sharp single
Richardson to Woakes, 1 run
short, an uncertain pull, but safely placed into no-man's land at midwicket
end of over 414 runs
ENG: 247/6CRR: 6.02 • RRR: 2.66 • Need 24 runs from 54b
Chris Woakes16 (13)
Joe Root42 (52)
Andrew Tye9-0-47-0
Jhye Richardson9-1-51-2
Tye to Woakes, 3 runs
over-pitched, and Woakes once again produces an admirable shot in the circumstances, an open-faced steer into the gap at extra cover. It's almost done here, you sense...