3rd ODI (D/N), Wellington, Mar 3 2018, England tour of Australia and New Zealand
(50 ov, target 235)
England won by 4 runs
Player Of The Match
NZ Innings
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end of over 5010 runs
NZ: 230/8CRR: 4.6 
Kane Williamson112 (143)
Ish Sodhi2 (3)
Chris Woakes10-1-40-2
Tom Curran7-0-49-0

9:57pm Thanks for joining us for this epic. We loved bringing it to you - hope you had fun. England are 2-1 up. Good night!

Eoin Morgan: Brilliant game of cricket, again. We're very fortunate that the fans came out to support us. Great atmosphere. We took a huge amount of commitment and overthinking to assess this pitch. We just couldn't get going. The sun was out and it was a hot day. We knew we would've been in the game if we got somewhere between 220-240. Our spin twins did a fantastic job on a wicket that offered some turn. The pressure shifted a little bit with the Williamson-Santner partnership. It was a very tight game, could've gone either way. I think it's important for the game. It can't be crash bang wallop. when there's something on offer for everybody, it rejuvenates everyone. Woakes is Mr. Reliable, he's defended 13 against Dhoni for us. He's a bit of an unsung hero for us with bat and ball.

Kane Williamson: Very frustrating. Credit to England, they had to assess and get a good total at the halfway stage. They deserved the win. We stumbled a bit in the middle and it hit us, meant we had to get deeper in the game. This is kind of why we chose to bowl - we weren't sure how the wicket would play. The bowling unit did a good job. But it was a competitive total from them. We started well and stumbled. Santner did well. We sort of knew hitting would be difficult. Our plans kept changing as we lost wickets. Credit to their how the spinners in the middle. They deserved to win, just a shame we got so close. There's a few deliveries you have in your mind, but when they're executed well, you can't hit them. No concern about the middle order, no.

Moeen Ali: Brilliant game, very tight. Fantastic last few overs by us. When I went in I tried to have a whack. It was a difficult wicket. A good one for spinners. My plan was to bowl tight and the wickets came. They weren't great balls or anything. Wanted to build pressure and hopefully get wickets because of it, that's my plan in ODIs as an offspinner. It was nice to bowl my ten overs through. In the end it takes only one over each way and we knew we could win the game.

Moeen Ali is the Man of the Match.

9:41pm Oh what an innings from Williamson. Floundering, flailing, fighting, carrying - couldn't pull it off. Heartbreak in the end. Should never have come to this for New Zealand, he was the sole reason. But it just didn't work out. Woakes had a clear plan for the last over, as did Curran in the 49th. England have done superbly to pull out a victory tonight. It's their first ever victory at this venue. They engineered a stunning collapse after that Munro-Williamson alliance to tug this back. It wasn't easy batting after they'd lost the toss, but the collective might of their allrounders ensured they managed a decent total after Morgan and Stokes had done the setting up.

Woakes to Williamson, no run
Woakes seals it with a wide yorker! Williamson walks into the off side yet again. Looks to dab it to third man to find the tie. The ball is past the marker, but that's because Woakes knows what Williamson's about to do. Won't get bat on it

Third man is in. Backward point is in. Extra cover and fine leg are in.

Woakes to Williamson, no run
walks at the full toss and taps it straight to mid-off! Oh that's anti-climactic and how! Right in the slot, there for the tap over mid-off or extra cover - even over midwicket! But it's a feeble push straight to Root on the bounce. Sends Sodhi back
Woakes to Williamson, 2 runs
and he continues to go leg side! This time he gambles for the second and he manages to get it! Or has he? It's a run out appeal. He has comfortably made it. Taps this full toss between long-on and deep midwicket to come back for the second. It was full and wide outside off, yet again

Third man goes back. Mid-off comes back in.

Woakes to Williamson, SIX runs
swats it wide to deep square's left! Persists with the leg side, gets a short ball that sits nicely in the pitch and he absolutely wallops this! Flat, dipping over the fence as Stokes signals to the umpires that it's a six. There is life in this still!