Player of the Match
Player of the Match

10.45pm: A pretty comprehensive win for Australia's revamped T20 XI, there. As ever, New Zealand's neighbour issues seemed to hold them back... A limp batting effort, decapitated by Billy Stanlake and then docked by AJ Tye, saw them post a well below-par target and Australia, despite a wobble from the openers, knocked them off. When you've got a couple of guys like Chris Lynn and Glenn Maxwell, fresh out of the Big Bash, six an over isn't going to be a test. Anyway, that's pretty much a wrap for tonight - Miller has dashed up his report on a rather limp affair and we'll be back for more when Australia take on England in Hobart on Wednesday. Bye!

"Australia proving what we all knew at the innings break, which is that NZ were a good 60 runs short today," mooches Dan. "Wish that rain had hung around."

Southee to Maxwell, FOUR runs, downtown, finished with a straight hit for four! Australia win by seven wickets and take first blood in the tri-series
Southee to Maxwell, FOUR runs, length, think that was a cutter from Southee, Maxwell skitters across his stumps like a seaman in a gale and swats four more past the dive of fine leg

Here's Jeremy again: "To be clear - I never said Australia were at a disadvantage. I just think they lost some of the huge advantage their bowlers had gained. It won't really matter for this chase, but it could have been overly significant had it actually been a difficult wicket and 117 was almost a par score." But the argument is actually that, in a shorter chase with greater resources (wickets), a team can afford to go much harder - you need five overs for a game, so it's always going to be in the chasing team's favour

Boult to Lynn, OUT, banged in, Lynn hooks - and sends it straight to fine leg! Second wicket for Boult, but the job is almost done for Australia

CA Lynn c Sodhi b Boult 44 (38m 33b 6x4 1x6) SR: 133.33

Sodhi to Maxwell, FOUR runs, tossed up and Maxwell bludgeons another four straight down the ground, slugged hard and it beats long-on

"Too short from both spinners here," declares Nick. "They are scared to get into batsmens arc but instead they are just being played off the pitch with ease. Need to be brave and toss it up"

Lynn on to his best T20I score now

Sodhi to Lynn, FOUR runs, drops short and Lynn whirls it away through square leg, gets it between two fielders for another boundary
Santner to Maxwell, FOUR runs, crunched through the covers, Maxwell plants the front foot and nails the drive
Santner to Lynn, 1 run, slows his pace up, Lynn top edges the slog-sweep... but it lands short of deep square leg running in! Well bowled, came off the toe of the bat but Lynn survives
Santner to Lynn, SIX runs, swung over deep backward square leg! Lynn clears the ropes now, shuffled across and slogged Santner from off stump

De Grandhomme off, Mitchell Santner back on

de Grandhomme to Maxwell, SIX runs, woof, sixer down the ground! Maxwell holds the pose, all classical high elbow... as he whumps a full ball over the long-off rope! That's the Australia 50, too
Sodhi to Lynn, FOUR runs, tossed up and Lynn slides a cut away behind point, excellent placement and he beats the man in the deep for another boundary

"Santner would be difficult to face because of his action it would be like what the hell was that?" Just wait until you've seen "The Claw", Scotland

Southee to Maxwell, FOUR runs, cheekily done and Maxwell gets four! Short outside off, he sits back and ramps just clear of the keeper, bit of a thick edge, could have gone wrong... but he gets the reward

"This is unfair," yelps Soobo. "Australia is under pressure 95 from 90 and they're one short of Powerplay over." Like I said before, the risk-reward equation tips in their favour

Santner to Lynn, FOUR runs, flat on off, Lynn manufactures a bit of room and hammers a drive past cover, such power from a short backlift and it races all the way
Santner to Lynn, FOUR runs, quicker ball but dragged down and Lynn is across, clubs it away through square leg, in the air for a bit safely into the wide open spaces for four
Boult to Lynn, FOUR runs, fired full outside off and he carves it away for four more over point, back-to-back boundaries for Lynn calm any Australia jitters
Boult to Lynn, FOUR runs, short, angled across, Lynn flays it over cover point... almost goes all the way! A brutal stand-and-deliver hit
Boult to Warner, OUT, bouncer, Warner swings it leg side... and Bruce juggles the catch smartly on the rope! Went right down his schooner but he was off balance, had to step back over the boundary, but had the presence of mind to lob it up and get back inside the playing area to complete the dismissal. Two in two for NZ and this chase has just got interesting

DA Warner c Bruce b Boult 6 (11m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

Southee to Short, OUT, picks out midwicket! It's a short showing from Short, latched on again to the pull, seemed to middle the shot but hit it straight to Ross Taylor, who stayed low and snagged it well

DJM Short c Taylor b Southee 4 (9m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Southee to Short, FOUR runs, dug in, boshed for four! Short swivels and rams his first boundary in Australia colours to the deep midwicket fence - went like a rocket
Southee to Warner, FOUR runs, short, wide and 128kph, which gives Warner time and room to welly it over cover and away for the first boundary of the innings

Tim Southee from the other end... One slip

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10DA WarnerDJM Short
2nd0DA WarnerCA Lynn
3rd77GJ MaxwellCA Lynn
4th9GJ MaxwellAT Carey