Player of the Match
Player of the Match
, play 00:28
16.2 Santner to Malan, SIX, ENG

Santner to Malan, SIX

, play 00:32
15.1 Sodhi to Willey, SIX, ENG.

Sodhi to Willey, SIX,

, play 00:32
11.3 Sodhi to Malan, SIX, ENG

Sodhi to Malan, SIX

, play 00:28
9.2 Munro to Vince, SIX. ENG

Munro to Vince, SIX.

, play 00:40
6.6 Sodhi to Hales, SIX. ENG

Sodhi to Hales, SIX

, play 00:29
4.5 Boult to Hales, SIX. ENG

Boult to Hales, SIX

, play 00:55
19.6 Boult to Rashid, FOUR. ENG

Boult to Rashid, FOUR

, play 00:39
17.6 Boult to Plunkett, OUT. ENG

Boult to Plunkett, OUT

, play 00:44
17.5 Boult to Jordan, OUT. ENG

Boult to Jordan, OUT.

, play 00:47
16.3 Santner to Malan, OUT. ENG

Santner to Malan, OUT

, play 00:43
14.5 Santner to Billings, OUT. ENG

Sandner to Bilings, OUT.

, play 00:49
11.6 Sodhi to Buttler, OUT. ENG

Sodhi to Buttler, OUT

, play 00:46
10.4 de Grandhomme to Vince, RUN OUT. ENG

de Grandhomme to Vince, OUT

, play 00:45
8.3 Sodhi to Hales, OUT. ENG

Sodhi to Hales, OUT

, play 00:39
2.1 Southee to Roy, OUT. ENG

Southee to Roy, OUT

, play 00:34
19.4 Jordan to Seifert, SIX, NZ

Jordan to Seifert, SIX

, play 00:28
19.3 Jordan to Seifert, SIX. NZ

Jordan to Seifert, SIX

, play 00:29
18.6 Wood to Chapman, OUT. NZ

Wood to Chapman, OUT

, play 00:40
17.6 CJ Jordan to KS Williamson, out

17.6 CJ Jordan to KS Williamson, out, played on! Jordan deserved that for this over. Full outside off, Williamson walking across his crease, tries to work to the leg side, misses, the ball takes the pad into the off stump

, play 00:38
16.5 DJ Willey to MS Chapman, 6 runs

16.5 DJ Willey to MS Chapman, 6 runs, into the stands (the empty bit of them)...moves across his crease, uses the angled into him with a length delivery, swings it mightily off his pads over deep backward square

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14AD HalesJJ Roy
2nd65DJ MalanAD Hales
3rd16DJ MalanJM Vince
4th14DJ MalanJC Buttler
5th20DJ MalanSW Billings
6th29DJ MalanDJ Willey
7th10CJ JordanDJ Willey
8th0LE PlunkettDJ Willey
9th4AU RashidDJ Willey
10th12AU RashidMA Wood