Player of the Match
Player of the Match

5.41pm That's it, then, from Kimberley, where South Africa have gone 1-0 up with an utterly commanding performance. The next stop on this tour is Paarl, on Wednesday. Do join us for that, and keep sending in your comments. Until then, goodbye!

Quinton de Kock is the Player of the Match. "I was quite excited to get back out there. They didn't need me in the Test matches - I was just happy to get back to doing some batting. I think it did differ [between innings]. When we bowled it was quite slow. As the sun started beating, it got a bit flatter, started skidding on a little more. I'm just happy to contribute to the team. Excited to just get out there and bat, let alone score runs or anything else. I think I'm a calming influence on him [when asked if Amla is a calming influence]. It's always good to bat with him, it's a privilege."

Faf du Plessis: "We're playing really well. Another dominating performance - that's what we asked for and they delivered today. We're feeling a little sorry for the Bangladesh bowlers, they've had a hard tour, but that's what being ruthless is about. I thought the pitch was a little slow in the first innings, maybe the heavy roller made it better to bat on in the second innings. It was mostly to do with the wind today - you try and eliminate one side of the field [bowling slower bouncers]. I went to the coach and said, let's do something out of the box, send Andile in at 3, give him a chance to learn to finish the game. [Amla and QdK] were brilliant - they were greedy, and that's what you need to be."

Mashrafe Mortaza: "I think Mushy batted very well, and it was a good effort from the batters. The wicket was good, but we should have tried to bowl more defensively. We always knew it was a good wicket, we knew we had to take wickets, but we couldn't get an early breakthrough. One-day cricket, if you stop runs from both ends, we can put pressure and wickets will come, but we couldn't do that. All credit to Hashim and Quinton. We thought one of our seniors has to bat up the order with Tamim out. Mushy batted really well. We have to keep fighting. It happens in cricket, it happens in all games. I think Tamim should be fit for the next game."

Utkarsh: "This match just confirms what I've wondered about Bangladesh .. outside the subcontinent, who is/are their wicket taking bowlers? Batting is matching the rest of the world standards, bowling is far behind." -- Can't argue with that.

5.24pm Only once before has a side won an ODI by ten wickets while chasing 250 or more. Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla have bettered the feat achieved by Jason Roy and Alex Hales last year against Sri Lanka, by 26 runs. Bangladesh's attack looked toothless today, and at no point did they look like creating a genuine chance, until they dropped two catches late in the day.

Mashrafe Mortaza to de Kock, FOUR runs, length ball on off stump, and he clears his front leg and swipes it away to the left of midwicket. Four more, and South Africa have truly crushed Bangladesh here
Mashrafe Mortaza to de Kock, FOUR runs, full on off stump, and de Kock finishes with a six, or has he? Opens up at the hips and just hoicks it away over midwicket. This match is over if it's landed on the rope, but replays suggest it may have bounced just inside. It looks like it's yorked the rope
Mashrafe Mortaza to de Kock, 1 run, short outside off, and Nasir has dropped a catch at long-on. De Kock smashes it down the ground, a tennis-style forehand drive, and Nasir, jumping at long-on, gets both hands to it over his head, but can't hold on
Taskin Ahmed to de Kock, FOUR runs, bam. Slower ball outside off, back of a length, and de Kock opens up at the hips and flat-bats it over mid-on

Vijay: "Amla involved 7 times in top 10 highest partnerships for any wicket for south Africa shows how important he is for south African team"

Mashrafe Mortaza to de Kock, SIX runs, bang. Fullish on off stump, and de Kock shuffles across and gets down on one knee to sweep it high over square leg. Lands right on top of the boundary cushions, and gets stuck between two of them
Taskin Ahmed to Amla, FOUR runs, short, wide, and Amla uppercuts to the left of deep point to move to 99
Taskin Ahmed to Amla, 1 run, oh my, a chance! And Taskin puts it down. Full on off stump and Amla is a little early into his drive. Pops up a reflex caught-and-bowled at knee height, to Taskin's right, and he gets both hands to it but the ball pops out

Taskin returns.

Mohammad Saifuddin to Amla, FOUR runs, overpitched close to off stump, and Amla drills a drive into the gap between extra-cover and mid-off. This is getting too easy for South Africa now
Mohammad Saifuddin to de Kock, FOUR runs, full on off stump, and de Kock drives into the same boundary as the previous ball, a step forward and a high-elbow finish
Mohammad Saifuddin to de Kock, FOUR runs, full-toss on off stump, mid-off is inside the circle and fairly wide, and de Kock just punches it with a straight bat into the big gap to his left