Player of the Match
Player of the Match

4pm Shadab becomes only the second Pakistan player, after Afridi, to win the Man-of-the-match award on T20I debut. Danyal Rasool's report, which will be updated shortly, will tell you the full story of the day. What a weekend for wristspinners. Kuldeep Yadav let it rip on Saturday. Shadab let it rip today. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did bringing it to you. The series now moves to Trinidad. Do come back for the second T20I on Thursday. This is Deivarayan Muthu and Shashank Kishore heading off to roll our wrists over.

3.50pm Presentations

Brathwaite: He [Shadab] bowled plenty of googlies, wicket to wicket, and it was tough to come back from there. We got to 111, but it obviously was not enough. We will have to go back to the drawing board. We will have to find ways to counter spin. There was a little pressure off my shoulder [making 34*], but I would like my team to win.

Shadab, Man of the Match on debut. Pakistan's manager will act as the interpreter. "It is a dream debut," he says. "I hope I will play and perform as well as I did today for Pakistan. The wicket had sometime for spin and the PSL experience helped."

Sarfraz: I think credit goes to the bowlers. Young Shadab bowled really well. Mentally we are tough, and we hope to keep doing well. I said to Shadab 'just bowl like you did at the PSL.'

3.40pm So, Pakistan secure a 1-0 lead and set the early pace in the long Caribbean tour. The day belonged to 18-year-old Shadab Khan who befuddled West Indies with his variations. His 4-0-7-3 is the most economical figures on debut in T20Is (minimum two overs). He struck with his second ball, pinning Walton in front with a perfectly-pitched wrong'un. In the same over, he had Simmons dragging on a sweep with a legbreak. In his next over, Shadab dismissed Narine with a wrong'un as well. His wrong'uns were pretty difficult to pick at the PSL too. Shadab could have had four wickets had Kamran Akmal, returning to international cricket after nearly three years, hung onto a catch at backward point. Carlos Brathwaite then rallied the lower order with an unbeaten 34. But it wasn't quite like that 34 - including 6,6,6,6 - in the World T20 final in Kolkata last year.

Kamran and Shehzad, also making a comeback, fell early in the chase, but Babar and Malik put their team back on track by simply wedging the ball into the gaps. That is all you need when you're chasing 112. Though Babar was dismissed for 29, Malik and Sarfraz finished it off for Pakistan. I will bring you the presentations shortly.

Imran: "Sarfraz's domination continues with this win"

Osama Ishtiaq M: "Hafeez's lean patch continues. Think Zaman should get a go in place of the under-performing Hafeez."

Holder to Shoaib Malik, FOUR runs, overpitched and outside off, Malik stretches forward, creams a drive through the covers and seals a six-wicket win for Pakistan. Their form guide in their last five T20Is: W W W W W under Sarfraz
Brathwaite to Shoaib Malik, SIX runs, back of a length and outside off, Malik sizes it up and clobbers it across the line. Puts it into the second tier beyond midwicket

Daniyal: "I don't get the criticism of Babar Azam. Yes, he had some ordinary strike-rates during the PSL but they weren't easy pitches and he had an out of sorts Gayle batting at the other end. In my opinion, he coped with it tremendously well."

Holder to Babar Azam, OUT, slashed into the hands of short third man. Unlikely line, unlikely dismissal with both fine leg and third man in. But Azam hits it into the lap of Rovman. Very full and wide outside off, Babar throws his bat at the ball and skews it

Babar Azam c Powell b Holder 29 (30b 3x4 0x6) SR: 96.66

Holder to Babar Azam, FOUR runs, shuffles across off, gets inside the line of a back of a length ball. Picks it up and pulls it beautifully over short fine leg
Pollard to Babar Azam, FOUR runs, wide of the crease, and angled in on off, but the length is full. Babar gets under it and lofts it to the right of Rovman at long-on. Rovman was left wrong-footed and the ball winds the race
Williams to Shoaib Malik, FOUR runs, high short ball outside off, pulled away to the left of deep midwicket. Simmons looks to boot the ball back in and makes a mess of it. The ball rolls away to the boundary
Narine to Shoaib Malik, FOUR runs, short and kicks up outside off, Malik is equal to it. He leans back and late-cuts it away to the right of slip. Deftly done
Narine to Babar Azam, 1 run, this one goes the other away. Short and swerves away outside off, punched through cover


Brathwaite to Mohammad Hafeez, OUT, This is a skier. Both had ample time but neither called for the catch. Wicketkeeper Walton rams into the chest of his captain Brathwaite, who is thrown back by the impact. Man down now .Brathwaite, though, hung onto the overhead catch despite that nasty collision. Brathwaite is down. Banged in short and outside off, Hafeez is late onto the pull and top-edges it hiiiiigh into the sky. Drops down into the hands of Brathwaite. Walton gets an earful from an angry captain

Mohammad Hafeez c & b Brathwaite 5 (12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 41.66

Badree to Kamran Akmal, OUT, six and out. Kamran ventures outside leg, Badree follows the moving batsman with a dipping knee-high full-toss. Kamran can't control a slog-sweep and holes out to Lewis at deep midwicket

Kamran Akmal c Lewis b Badree 22 (17b 3x4 1x6) SR: 129.41

Abdullah Saleem: "Babar Azam starting from where he left it against West Indies. Three tons in a row in UAE and now in the mood again here in West Indies."

Badree to Kamran Akmal, SIX runs, floated up on off, Kamran clears his front leg and hoists it over mid-off. Classy Is this 2005 all over again?
Badree to Kamran Akmal, FOUR runs, Kamran ventures outside the leg stump for a sweep, this is full and fired down the leg side. Inside-edged fine past the keeper
Holder to Babar Azam, FOUR runs, hip-high short ball outside off, slower offcutter, Babar rocks back, picks it, and swats it away to the midwicket fence. That was stylish as well

Pollard calls for the helmet and moves into short leg

Holder to Babar Azam, no run, short, angled in, bursts off the surface, homing in on the chest. Babar throws his bat in front of his chest and fends it off


Holder to Ahmed Shehzad, OUT, Holder hits back. Back of a length and outside off - kicks up and seams away - Shehzad is up on his tippy toes as he wafts at the ball loosely. He only feeds an outside edge to wicketkeeper Walton. Waist-high catch

Ahmed Shehzad c †Walton b Holder 13 (13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Holder to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR runs, whoa. Shot. Shehzad runs down the track. Shorter on off, he swats it imperiously to the midwicket boundary. Nobody moved
Narine to Kamran Akmal, FOUR runs, width and he's smashed that into the point boundary. Too short as well, he picked the length early and put that away without much fuss
Holder to Kamran Akmal, FOUR runs, sliced between cover and point. Didn't get hold of it but he was hitting it towards the shorter boundary. That should get him going.
Badree to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR runs, hint of width, he rocks back and opens the bat face late to steer this between point and short third man. The distance between the advertising triangle and the hoarding is far too less. Rovman Powell smashes into the board and causes it much damage. Good to know he isn't hurt though.

Pakistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st25Kamran AkmalAhmed Shehzad
2nd15Kamran AkmalBabar Azam
3rd9Mohammad HafeezBabar Azam
4th46Shoaib MalikBabar Azam
5th20Shoaib MalikSarfraz Ahmed