Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Pakistan win by 74 runs. It's been the Babar and Hasan show. A career-best century for Babar Azam followed by a career-best 5 for 38 for Hasan Ali. There was much debate about how Pakistan were batting for 40 overs, but in the end they had more than enough after Babar and Imad Wasim added 99 in 11 overs. That's where West Indies let the game slip and then they go no sort of platform with the bat, falling to 75 for 6 before the lower order showed some fight. So that all means we have a series decider, back at this ground, on Tuesday. It should be a terrific end to the short series. We'll be back to bring you all the action but, for now, from Andrew McGlashan and Andrew Miller it's goodbye and thanks for joining us from wherever the world you are! See you next time.

Hasan Ali to Holder, OUT, he finishes with five! A back-of-a-length delivery, he may have taken the pace off the ball, and Holder can't get hold of it, just manages to club it down to long-off where, quite fittingly, Babar Azam takes the catch

JO Holder c Babar Azam b Hasan Ali 68 (87b 6x4 1x6) SR: 78.16

Hasan Ali to Joseph, OUT, it's Hasan again! Tries to go down the ground, was a back of a length delivery, aimed to clear mid-off who was inside the circle but it came off near the bottom of the bat and mid-off was able to track the ball down just outside the circle

AS Joseph c Babar Azam b Hasan Ali 15 (29b 0x4 0x6) SR: 51.72

75 off 36 needed

Hasan Ali to Holder, FOUR runs, heaves across the line of a full delivery and gets an inside edge past the stumps which runs down to fine leg

Fahad: "It's 23.52 here in Uganda. Fresh from an easy game day. As Uganda prepare to host ICC Division 3." Good luck!

Amir: "Watching at work, 8'30 am in New Zealand!" Have a trim flat white for me

Mohammad Amir to Holder, FOUR runs, another boundary! Full outside off, he plays a push-drive, not great force, and the thick edge flies through the vacant slip cordon. Actually, much more credit to Holder. That was very deftly played. Opened the face late

Ahmed: "6:39 am in Brisbane and haven't missed a single bit of this commentary so far. Was supposed to study for the exam which is in couple of hours but clearly been procrastinating." Morning down there!

Mohammad Amir to Holder, FOUR runs, now he drives through the off side and has the placement to beat the sweeper...super way to reach a half-century

Saad: "See scored being followed on cricinfo from all over the world, from China to Germany including dubai and Ireland ;) " Great fun, isn't it

Mohammad Amir to Holder, SIX runs, that's big! Enough of the tapping around, he's taken a stride out of his crease and swung a back-of-a-length ball over deep midwicket with a straight bat
Imad Wasim to Holder, FOUR runs, full at leg stump, clipped through midwicket and that's a wonderful piece of timing and placement as he finds the rope

Imad Wasim returns

Shadab Khan to Bishoo, OUT, and that's stone dead! A skiddy delivery traps Bishoo on the back foot and it was heading for middle (and maybe leg) stump. The fellow leggie didn't read his opposite number

D Bishoo lbw b Shadab Khan 16 (18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

Shadab Khan to Bishoo, FOUR runs, this time it's a full toss and gets swept firmly to deep square leg
Hasan Ali to Bishoo, FOUR runs, edged again, and perfectly placed in the gap between keeper and first slip! Didn't carry to either, but Hasan is righteously indignant all the same

Here endeth the Nurse puns. It's been emotional. Three more wickets for Pakistan to square the series... here's Bishoo

Hasan Ali to Nurse, OUT, strikes the back pad, and up goes the finger! It's reviewed but this is surely smashing the stumps... indeed it is... Hasan gave up a few runs but made the incision soon enough!

AR Nurse lbw b Hasan Ali 44 (43b 6x4 1x6) SR: 102.32

Hasan Ali to Nurse, FOUR runs, a fraction too short, and that's another tremendous belligerent strike, off the back foot and hoisted through midwicket
Hasan Ali to Nurse, FOUR runs, pounded high and hard through the grasp of point to snaffle a welcome boundary and bring up the fifty stand. In the slot, using the pace, and walloping it square. Effective

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st22CAK WaltonE Lewis
2nd5E LewisSD Hope
3rd19KOA PowellSD Hope
4th5KOA PowellJL Carter
5th5JN MohammedJL Carter
6th19JL CarterJO Holder
7th58AR NurseJO Holder
8th23D BishooJO Holder
9th52JO HolderAS Joseph
10th0JO HolderST Gabriel