The rain has just started coming down again and the Umpire's have taken them off the pitch. So three deliveries is all that we managed to fit it. That's got to be it now surely??

The covers are over the strip, the rain is coming down very heavy. If we don't get back on then the Lightning will end up getting 11 points for the draw, the Warriors 8.

5:40pm With the rain still coming down, the Umpire's have come to the right decision and decided that there is no chance of getting back out before 6pm. So the game ends in a draw, The Lightning do finish on 11 point and move into second place in the table. The Warriors collect 8 points and move to the top of the IPC table. Its a shame that the weather has decided to take an active role in the season so far, although what can you do?

The good news is that we won't have long to wait for some more domestic action as this weekend sees the first IP20 tournament of the year. As all four of the T20 teams make their way down to Pembroke cricket club for three days of Crash, Bang, Wallop. Ian Callender will be covering all six games down there, so I hope that you will be able to join us then.

Until then, thanks for following both Ian and my commentary over the past couple of days, this is Justin saying goodnight from Bready.

Kennedy to Simi Singh, no run, full ball, gets hit back to the bowler.
Kennedy to Dockrell, 1 run, thick edge down to third man, field is spread now to stop the Lightning scoring quickly. Get a 2nd bonus point for 200 runs
Kennedy to Simi Singh, 1 leg bye, Simi decides to come down the track to the bowler, clips the pad and rolls towards square leg

With that the players start to charge off the pitch. The rain has just come down a little too heavy. It's only light, so hopefully its not going to cause too much damage out there. Tea was supposed to be pushed back, although it looks like we are going to be taking it at its normal time after all!

Will let you know when there are any changes!

Match State: Tea - Day 3

4:35pm We should be back out there after Tea, its stopped raining. The Umpires are a little bit worried about a huge black cloud that seems to be drifting towards the ground. Think that they are a little worried if they all head out there, that its going to bucket down again.

Looks like the Umpire's were right, the rain has started hammering down. The covers are being rushed on, although if there is of this then you would have to wonder if we are going to get back on again.....

4:50pm Well the rain that was hammering down has come and gone, to be replaced by bright sunshine. The Umpires have gone out into the middle to see how much damage that's done to the outfield. There seems to be alot of talking and pointing doing on out there.

4:55pm Ok, well the news from the inspection is that the Umpires are going to go out again at 5:15pm. If it looks ok then the teams will be heading out at 5:30pm. They could then fit in another 10 overs before the final hour starts at 6pm.

Match State: Delay - Day 3 - Inspection at 5:15pm - due to wet outfield

5:25pm Ok, the news from the latest Inspection is that we are going to be starting again at 5:30pm. Means that we have 10.5 overs to fit in before the final hour. At that point, you would expect that the two Captain's would probably shake hands on the draw. Although you never know, we can play on till 7pm....

We are ready to go again after an 80 minute break. Kennedy has to finish his over, Simi on strike

Kennedy to Simi Singh, no run, driven hard towards mid-off, he can't gather the ball cleanly but they decide against the single

55 | 6 Runs | LEINS: 152/5

  • George Dockrell25 (42b)
  • Simi Singh34 (103b)
  • Craig Young13-0-45-3
  • Graham Kennedy2-1-4-0

Rain looks to be closing in here, can see it coming down the valley towards us

Young to Dockrell, FOUR runs, Dockrell gets forward to the ball, it takes the edge and goes in the gap between the slips and gully. Very streaky
Young to Simi Singh, 1 run, blocks the ball into the on-side, Porterfield has to run forward from mid-on so they judge the run very well
Young to Simi Singh, no run, outside off-stump again, Simi steps forward and looks like he is going to play at the ball. Then lets it go
Young to Simi Singh, no run, full ball, Simi doesn't use his feet and pushes the bat out at the ball. Lucky not to edge it
Young to Dockrell, 1 run, gets up on his toes and plays the ball out towards the cover sweeper, played the short ball very well there
Young to Dockrell, no run, stays deep in the crease to Young's first ball, leans back and defends the ball towards extra cover

Leinster 2nd innings Partnerships

1st24CMJ McLoughlin-GavinJB Tector
2nd45A BalbirnieCMJ McLoughlin-Gavin
3rd36A BalbirnieSimi Singh
4th3KJ O'BrienSimi Singh
5th5LJ TuckerSimi Singh
6th41GH DockrellSimi Singh