Match Centre

Commentator: Justin Smyth

104 | 7 Runs | NWW: 234/7

  • Graham Kennedy73 (176b)
  • Graham Hume54 (105b)
  • Harry Tector23-8-48-3
  • James Cameron-Dow6-1-28-0

That's the 104 overs of the first day done and dusted. You would have to think that the Wsrriors will be the happier of the two teams. A 136 run partnership between Kennedy and Hume really has changed the face of the game, Knights have now gone 42 overs since taking a wicket and as the day went on seemed less and less able to take one. Looks like the wicket did flatten out as the day went out, much of the afternoon was a case of digging in and grind down the attack.

So its all evenly poised for day two tomorrow, so thanks for following the commentary today and hopefully you'll be able to join me tomorrow. This is Justin saying goodnight from Comber

Match State: Stumps - Day 1

Hello and welcome back to North Down Cricket Club, for Day 2 of the IPC game between the Knights and the Warriors. At this point in time I would have been hoping to tell you that the players were heading back out onto the field and that this evenly poised game was about to start again. Sadly I'm not able to tell you that, I can tell you that its raining and has been for most of the morning. It's not been heavy though, just a steady drizzle. The kind of rain that if you were out there you would probably stay out there. You wouldn't start in it though.

Unfortunately the strong wind that was blowing across the whole of th ground yesterday has disappeared today, do there is nothing to blow the clouds away. The good news is that it feels warmer today, the bad news is that there is no play. I will keep you informed if there is any changes.

Match State: Delay - Day 2 - rain

12pm Well the update here at the ground is that it really hasn't changed much. The light rain is still falling and until it stops, there really is nothing that the Umpires can do. The bad news is that its supposed to rain even harder after Lunch. So you do have to wonder if we are going to get any play here today.

1.15pm Lunch time has arrived, the rain has almost stopped. So hopefully I'll be able to give you some more news after the Lunch break.

1:55pm For the first tome today the rain has finally stopped falling. The Groundsmen are out working to try ans move some of the water off the covers. With the steady rain, there is a fair bit out there. The good news is that the ground here is normally fast drying, so as long as there isn't anymore rain we might actually get back out there. No idea of a start time yet. Will let you know when I get an information.

2:55pm The Umpires have been out in the middle and they are going to have another look again at 3:30pm. The outfield is damp still and they are worried about the ball getting damp and the players falling out there. Would guess that its unlikely to see any play before Tea at the earliest. Lets hope that there isn't anymore rain around....

3:50pm The Umpires have had a look in the middle and the conditions have improved out there. So after talking to the Captains we are going to be getting away at 4:30pm. Means that we are still going to have 40 overs left in play today. Good News.

Match State: Delay - Day 2 - Play to start at 4:30pm - 40 Overs left in play today

4:30 Your not going to believe this. Just as the Umpires were about to come out the rain has started to come down again. What a frustrating day this has been! The covers have been put back on and its actually raining heavier now then it has been all day. According to the many weather apps that we have checked, its going to be raining for at least the next 2 hours. Doesn't look good.

In fact the Umpires have grabbed an Umbrella and are wandering around the outfield with the Match Referee.

Match State: Delay - Day 2 - Rain

4:50pm Bad news I'm afraid, the rain has just kept falling and the Umpires think that there is no chance of any play today. So that's stumps on day two. We still have 104 overs of play left, weather permitting tomorrow so hopefully you'll join me then when play is scheduled to get underway at 11am. Goodbye from a very wet Comber.

Match State: Stumps - Day 2

10:50am Good Morning and welcome back to North Down Cricket Club for the third and final day of the IPC match between the Knights and the Warriors. Sadly yesterday we lost the whole day to rain, which never really stopped at any point yesterday. Arriving at the ground today the Covers are firmly in place and the rain is hammering down again. We are supposed to be starting in just under 10 minutes time, although if we do start today then its going to be much later then that.

Wonder if there is anything else on today that we can follow instead? As soon as there is an update I will let you know!

Match State: Delay - Day 3 - rain

12:05pm No real news to report, the rain has got a little lighter, although most of the players are in the clubhouse watching the World Cup on the TV. Looking at the weather forecast, the next couple of hours are going to be the driest part of the day. Before the heavy rain is due to return around 2pm.

12:45pm Looks like I'm going to bring you now bad news. The Rain is still coming down and the Umpires have had a look and decided that there is no chance of any further play in the match. So the first match of the IPC for 2019 ends in a draw, what can you do about the weather eh?

With more then 6 hours of play lost, both teams get 6 points for the draw. Add that to the bonus points that the teams received on Tuesday, it means that the Knights take a slender one point lead at the top of the table. Knights have 9 points and the Warriors 8.

After the hectic start to the season we have a three week break in the Interpro's, with the next game in Bready on the 17th June. When the Leinster Lightning come up to the North-West for the next game in the IPC. Hopefully the weather will be better then, until then this is Justin Smyth saying goodbye from Comber.

Tector to Kennedy, 1 run, helps the ball around the corner and they jog through for the single. That's stumps.
Tector to Kennedy, no run, another appeal comes in, although its spinning down leg again
Tector to Kennedy, 2 runs, slices the ball down to third man, deep point runs down the boundary to field
Tector to Kennedy, 4 byes, spins the ball down the legside, the keeper is unsighted and so can't get near the ball. Goes fine to the boundary
Tector to Kennedy, no run, loops the ball up, not going to tempt Kennedy now
Tector to Kennedy, no run, defends the ball back down the pitch

NW Warriors 1st innings Partnerships

1st11WTS PorterfieldR Allen
2nd9R AllenAP Gillespie
3rd6BI LouwR Allen
4th10DA RankinBI Louw
5th16BI LouwAR McBrine
6th35BI LouwKW Magee
7th11G KennedyKW Magee
8th136GI HumeG Kennedy