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Commentator: Justin Smyth

The Knights have put a commanding performance today, they put the Warriors batters under pressure from the beginning of the innings and never really let go. The Warriors lost 6 wickets before scoring fifty and there was no coming back from that. Both Tector and Adair bowled very well and I'm sure that Wilson will be delighted on how his new team has started the season. If it wasn't for the last wicket partnership of 69 betwen Britton and Young, this day would have been a complete disaster for the Warriors. I'm sure that it will give the Warriors management a lot to think about as they make their way back home.

So the Knights pick up an extra bonus point for the size of the win, with five in total to move themselves to the top of the table. With the next game scheduled for 10:45am tomorrow against the Lightnig. a They will know that a win tomorrow will give them a commanding lead in the competiton. That just leaves me to thank you for following the commentary from a very windy La Manga today. I'm hoping that you'll join me tomorrow morning, at 10:45am, for the final game in the La Manga series. That's 9:45am UK/Ireland time. Goodnight!

Tector to Young, OUT, Tector does get his five for! Young moved his front leg out of the way and looked to hammer the ball into the legside. He was through the shot too early and can only look back and see his middle stump knocked back.

CA Young b Tector 27 (33m 23b 2x4 1x6) SR: 117.39

29 | 13 Runs | NWW: 147/9 (118 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 5.06, RRR: 16.85)

  • Andrew Britton36 (33b)
  • Craig Young27 (22b)
  • Shane Getkate5-0-36-0
  • Harry Tector6-0-36-4
Getkate to Britton, SIX runs, Britton stays deep in the crease and hammers the ball back down the ground, it smacks into the sightscreen for another six.
Getkate to Young, 1 run, clips the ball off the pads and deep square leg has to run in and field
Getkate to Britton, 1 run, chipped back over the bowlers head
Getkate to Britton, no run, missed run out! Britton nurdled the ball into the off-side and set off for the run. The fielder was in quickly from point, there was never a run there. Rather then throw it to Wilson, he went for the stumps and missed!
Getkate to Britton, FOUR runs, its in the slot and Britton hammers the ball towards cow corner, no fielder out there to stop it

NW Warriors 2nd innings Partnerships

1st6WTS PorterfieldDA Rankin
2nd7WTS PorterfieldAP Gillespie
3rd17WTS PorterfieldSR Thompson
4th0SR ThompsonAR McBrine
5th13AR McBrineW McClintock
6th5AR McBrineG Kennedy
7th24AR McBrineA Austin
8th0WB RankinA Austin
9th6SA BrittonA Austin
10th69SA BrittonCA Young

Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup