3rd Match, Cartagena, Apr 25 2019, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup
(46.5/50 ov, target 291)
Leinster won by 6 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)
Match centre 
Commentator: Justin Smyth
Scorecard summary
Northern Knights290/8(50 overs)
Leinster Lightning294/4(46.5 overs)

At the end of the Knights Innings I felt that the score was probably a little below par, looking at the fact that the Lightning managed to chase these total down with 19 balls to spare, you'd have to think it was right!

The 162 run third wicket partnership between Balbirnie and Tucker really wrestled the game away form the Knights.

Balbirnie played a chanceless innings to be the first player this season to score a century in the Interpros,showing his international class.

With Kevin O'Brien coming in to hit a breezy 49 off 33 balls, the result was never really in doubt.

The Knights bowlers never managed to capitalise on their early breakthrough's and the heads started to go down as the runs started to flow.

So the Lightning get four points for the win and take 1 one point lead in the competition back home.

Over the next four weeks its going to be International action that takes precedence, with England, West Indies, Bangladesh and Afghanistan coming visiting.

The Interpros will then start again on the 23rd May when the Warriors take on the Leinster Lightning at Bready. So hopefully you'll be able to join me then.

Until then, thanks for following my commentary over the last couple of days in La Manga. This is Justin Smyth saying goodnight!

Adair to Simi Singh, FOUR runs
its a full toss and Simi clips the ball off the pads it flies to the rope down here at long leg. That's the winning runs and the Lightning win!
Adair to Simi Singh, no run
Simi hammers the ball down the ground, looking to hit the winning runs. Hits the stumps at the other end. Unlucky
Adair to O'Brien, 1 run
hits the ball down the ground
Adair to O'Brien, 1 wide
too far outside off-stump
Adair to Simi Singh, 1 run
chips the ball down the ground and it lands just before mid-off
Adair to O'Brien, 1 run
clips the ball through square leg
end of over 469 runs
LEINS: 284/4CRR: 6.17 • RRR: 1.75 • Need 7 from 24b
Simi Singh10 (6)
Kevin O'Brien45 (31)
James Cameron-Dow10-0-79-0
Mark Adair9-1-55-1
Cameron-Dow to Simi Singh, no run
defends the ball back to the bowler to end the over

Only 7 needed now for the win

Cameron-Dow to Simi Singh, FOUR runs
sweeps the ball fine, short fine leg puts in a desparing dive but can't stop it
Cameron-Dow to Simi Singh, 2 runs
slices the ball in he air over the top of point, it plugs as it lands and they come back for a second
Cameron-Dow to Simi Singh, no run
back in the crease, watches it carefully and defends
Cameron-Dow to O'Brien, 1 run
runs the ball down past short third man, takes the single
Cameron-Dow to O'Brien, 2 runs
clips the ball into the legside and the shout is two, KOB wants to be on strike and Simi turns quickly to be back in time. Think O'Brien sniff's a fifty here
end of over 4511 runs • 1 wicket
LEINS: 275/4CRR: 6.11 • RRR: 3.20 • Need 16 from 30b
Simi Singh4 (2)
Kevin O'Brien42 (29)
Mark Adair9-1-55-1
Shane Getkate8-0-43-0

Only the 16 runs needed for the Lightning, this could be ending rapidly

Adair to Simi Singh, FOUR runs
Simi comes down the pitch to Adair, hits the ball past short extra cover and there is no one out there to stop it
Adair to Simi Singh, no run
firts ball for Simi, angles the bat and plays the ball out to Tector at point
Adair to O'Brien, 2 wides
down the legside and the keeper can't stop it

Its been a brilliant innings from Balbirnie, they crossed whilst the ball was in the air so KOB is on strike

Adair to Balbirnie, OUT
Balbirnie's mammoth innings comes to an end. He goes for another big hit, this time it doesn't have enough on it and McCollum takes the catch on the square leg boundary.
A Balbirnie c McCollum b Adair 125 (163m 126b 14x4 4x6) SR: 99.20

Yet another lost ball it seems, there have been plenty of them today!

Adair to Balbirnie, FOUR runs
Balbirnie shows no sign of stopping out there, smashes the ball down the ground and the fielder at long-off can't stop it.
Adair to O'Brien, 1 run
rocks back in the crease and pulls the ball up to long-om, JCD does the fielding
Match details
La Manga Club Top Ground
TossNorthern Knights , elected to bat first
SeriesCricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup 2019
Match days25 April 2019 (50-over match)
Paul Reynolds
Alan Neill
PointsLeinster Lightning 4, Northern Knights 0