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Scorer: Justin Smyth | Commentator: Justin Smyth

At one point the Lightning were 34/2 and could have collapsed in the same fashion that the Knights did earlier in the day. Although a terrific 135 run third wicket stand between Balbirnie and Tucker meant that they never were really felt under any pressure. In fact Balbirnie getting run out was because he wanted to keep the strike to try and get to his century!

Coming into the game the Knights bowling attack looked weak because of the players that were missing from the team, so it proved. Adair was the only bright spark for the Knights, although he couldn't carry the attack on his own. The Lightning dominated the whole match and times like these they will be delighted to claim the extra bonus point for the win. Means that they have a six point lead at the top of the table, with only two games left in the competition, they are in pole position to retain their title.

Luckily we won't have long to wait until the next match, which is going to be this Thursday at North County between the Lightning and the North West Warriors. So hopefully you'll be able to join us then, when Ian Callender will be taking you through the action. Until then this is Justin saying goodnight from Stormont.

Adair to Tucker, FOUR runs, Its driven hard past the extra cover fielders and races away to the rope. Lovely way to win the game. Lightning win.
Adair to Tucker, no run, yet another full ball, Tucker traps it with his bat and wants the run. Simi isn't interested and he has to get back in his crease
Adair to Tucker, no run, Adair looks to for the slower ball, Tucker is through the shot too early although its wide of the stumps
Adair to Tucker, no run, full ball, blocked out towards point and they think about the run before deciding against it

32 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | LEINS: 175/3 (2 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 5.46, RRR: 0.11)

  • Simi Singh5 (3b)
  • Lorcan Tucker53 (60b)
  • Shane Getkate3-0-28-0
  • Mark Adair8-0-37-2
Getkate to Simi Singh, FOUR runs, gets up on his toes and punches the ball into the covers, it seems to pick up speed as it travels over the ground and races to the boundary
Getkate to Tucker, 1 run, leans onto the front foot and blocks the ball into a gap in the covers

Leinster 2nd innings Partnerships

9JB TectorGJ Delany
25A BalbirnieJB Tector
135A BalbirnieLJ Tucker
10LJ TuckerSimi Singh

Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup