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It did look a long way back for the Warriors when the Knights had reduced them to 10/3. Yet a 65 run fourth wicket partnership between Johnny Thompson and Andy McBrine lay the foundation to the win. The Knights bowlers weren't able to apply any sustained pressure to the batting, when ever the Warriors needed a big hit, the bad ball would come.

So the Warriors pick up their first win of the competion and move into second place in the table, on six points. With the Lightning completing a 59 run win over the Munster Red's, to stay unbeaten and pick up a bonus point for the size of the win. Moves the Lightning into a 8 point lead at the top.

With the next round of matches to be played next week, there is still alot to play for. Although we will only have to wait until Tuesday for the next Interpro game, when the Warriors will travel down to Wicklow to play the Lightning in the IPC. So hopefully you will be able to join me then for coverage of that game, until then this is Justin Smyth saying goodnight from Strabane.

Smith to Lazars, FOUR runs, Lazars steps into the shot and gets an inside edge on the ball, hits the pad and takes it fine past the keeper. All the fielders were in close and can't stop it, the Warriors win!
Smith to Lazars, 1 wide, too far outside off-stump and the scores are tied

19 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | NWW: 117/7 (2 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.15, RRR: 2.00)

  • Andrew Britton2 (3b)
  • Steve Vijay Lazars9 (6b)
  • Gary Kidd4-0-23-1
  • Shane Getkate4-1-18-1

Last over coming up, the Warriors need two runs. Lots of nervous faces in the crowd

Kidd to Britton, no run, goes back in the crease and looks to play the ball forward. Spins past the bat and its through to the keeper
Kidd to Britton, 2 runs, cuts the ball square on the off-side and manages to find a gap
Kidd to Britton, no run, defends the ball forward, all the fielders are in close

Another couple of wickets here could make things nervous....

Kidd to Gillespie, OUT, full ball, driven up to Shannon at mid-on. Sets off for the run and half way down Lazars sends him back. Gillespie slips over and can't make his ground as the keeper takes off the bails.

AP Gillespie run out (Shannon) 14 (10b 0x4 2x6) SR: 140.00

NW Warriors 2nd innings Partnerships

2DA RankinSR Thompson
1SR ThompsonImran Butt
7SR ThompsonJ Thompson
65AR McBrineJ Thompson
12AR McBrineAP Gillespie
5RL DoughertyAP Gillespie
23SV LazarsAP Gillespie
7SV LazarsSA Britton

Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy