Player of the Match
Player of the Match

11.52pm Another terrific bowling display from West Indies means they take an unassailable lead in the T20 series. Badree started well with a one-run first over, and Afghanistan stayed behind the game thereon. Some of their shots were questionable, their decision-making substandard and their execution flawed. But that's the step-up in quality they're faced with. They'll keep improving. For now though, all they can do is move to game 3 and look for consolation.

Presentation time.

Asghar Stanikzai: "The target wasn't big. This is a good experience for us, West Indies are world champions. They played very well, and won the series."

Carlos Brathwaite: "Feels good to get a series win, no matter who the opposition. Conditions were tough, batting 11 overs thinking you're going to bat 20. Executed our plans to perfection. We were always ready, no matter how much rain falls, always a chance at Warner park. Switched off just enough to relax. Ticked all boxes. That's a display of professionalism."

Kesrick Williams is the Man of the Match: "When you put in a lot of hard work, it'd good to see doing well for the team. the team bowled well, about putting balls in the areas. All you need to do is train hard, work hard. T20 is not a bowler's game, trust your game."

Williams to Karim Janat, OUT, high, high, taken. Full delivery on off, Janat gets underneath that and sends it a mile into the air. Not good timing, not much distance. The ball lobs in the air for Brathwaite to get across from mid-off, a reverse-cupped catch gives West Indies the T20 series

Karim Janat c Brathwaite b Williams 20 (15b 1x4 2x6) SR: 133.33

Williams to Karim Janat, 2 runs, another slower ball down leg, a mis-timed sweep lobs over the keeper off the leading edge for a couple to third man
Williams to Amir Hamza, 1 run, a slow short ball outside off, carved to point

13 | 7 Runs 1 Wkt | AFG: 90/9 (33 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.92, RRR: 16.50)

  • Karim Janat18 (13b)
  • Amir Hamza5 (3b)
  • Jerome Taylor2-0-13-1
  • Carlos Brathwaite3-0-26-2
Taylor to Karim Janat, no run, full and wide outside off, goes past the bat for another dot

Afghanistan need a boundary here to stay alive

Taylor to Amir Hamza, 1 run, another yorker outside off, pushed towards cover

Kapil: "Shahzad missing from the top along with a couple of big hitters mean that Afg just don't get a good start."

Taylor to Amir Hamza, no run, full outside off, another yorker. Jammed out towards the bowler, who scurries to his left.
Taylor to Amir Hamza, FOUR runs, on the pads, just a nudge between square leg and fine leg. Finds four. The fielder can't track it down.

Hamza. All out again?

Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st15Noor Ali ZadranGulbadin Naib
2nd4Noor Ali ZadranAsghar Afghan
3rd0Samiullah ShinwariAsghar Afghan
4th15Mohammad NabiAsghar Afghan
5th6Asghar AfghanKarim Janat
6th1ShafiqullahKarim Janat
7th11Najibullah ZadranKarim Janat
8th3Rashid KhanKarim Janat
9th30Dawlat ZadranKarim Janat
10th8Amir HamzaKarim Janat