Player of the Match
Player of the Match

And that is a wrap. West Indies stand in front of a sign that says "winners" with their nice and shiny trophy. With that image, I shall bug off. Thanks for feeding my narcissism.

"Very happy. Yesterday we asked for the batters to go out and experess themselves. I gave them the captain's incentive, whoever goes and gets a fifty gets half my match fee. We wanted to put smiles on the faces of the fans and that's what we come back to do," Carlos Brathwaite says after collecting the trophy. "We wanted to wrestle the game back against them. We've seen the IPL, we know how Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls at the death and we wanted to make him bowl more in the first few overs and that's a box ticked. Then Evin just played magnificently. He just played on, played through so big kudos to him. It was a good score on the board, but we always knew we could get it. Kestick Williams has produced a fantastic performance, carries it on from Pakistan to Afghanistan and here. His figures might not reflect it, but he got Kohli out, the direct hit, and in the sixth over he had two new batsmen in and that certainly helped"

Evin Lewis is Man of the Match. "It was a good game. Quality bowlers, and once you get a hundred against a team like India, it's a good hundred/ Five games in a row, in the ODIs, I didn't do well. But I kept believing in my ability and today I came out trumps. Chris going after the bowling makes it easier for me to score, so I'm thankful to bat with him and I hope I can keep doing my best for the West Indies"

"Even in the first innings, we could have added 25-30 extra. We were on course for 230. And in the field as well, we dropped a few chances and if you don't grab them you don't deserve to win," Virat Kohli says, "If you give a good start up the order, one batsman has to bat through. I think Dinesh was good, but we needed someone to get 80-90 which a team needs in T20 cricket, I think. Then we didn't start well with the ball and didn't field well either. All these games are good feeders of how guys react to situations. West Indies have a good T20 team, they have carried on with the same team for a couple of years. And in experimental stage, we'd have up and downs. But we need to keep going. One game in the ODis we lost, we won three convincingly. T20s is anyone's game, and one game doesn't make a series according to me. Overall, we enjoyed the tour"

2.15 pm It is (finally) presentation time. And Big Merv Dillion is among the people at the dais

1.55 pm Now how bout that for a Super Sunday, Jamaica? You might have wanted a Chris Gayle special. But hope you weren't too disappointed. He's getting hugs, a few are whispering in his ear and he's grinning like the kid caught staring at a naughty picture. Now why would you be embarrassed by all this attention? You worked hard for it! The third player after Gayle and McCullum to get two T20I centuries. The only player with a score as massive as 125 in a chase - 125 out of 194! That's 65% of the runs. And 57% of those came in sixes. There were 12 of them! And so West Indies achieve their highest chase at home, nine balls and nine wickets to spare.

"Top top top knock by Evin. Extremely well done bro. #keepitgoing" tweets ODI and Test captain Jason Holder.

Rajat Raj: "I missed bumrah"

Debajyoti: "If West Indies start playing ODI cricket like a T20, they might end up scoring more than what they actually do on most occasions.." Problem is, 50 overs is too long to bat like this.

Karan: "Will sound to harsh but it's a fact that jaddu and ashwin are not good spinners on good track. It's not one off day,if it would be england or south africa they would be all over them but with players of good spin bowling they never were any good just pick up the stats.We need wrist spinners more, when pitch is not offering something u must have them."

Abhishek Gupta: "Hey Alagappan .... Don't u think India is making their strength into weakness by not choosing the best bowlers just in quest of some extra 10-15 runs down the order..If you have to choose 4-5 bowlers they should be the best ones available.. Similar mistake india did in CT final " This was a flat pitch. I'm not sure too man bowlers would have come away with honours. I think, in T20Is, they need to change the way their batsmen play. They need to look to hit a boundary each ball. Kohli and Dhawan began like that - they hit 13 boundaries in the first six overs - their second-highest ever - but they needed more muscle in the middle-order.

Ray: "Its quite ironic that India cannot produce big hitters even from IPL. I think the world is benefiting more from IPL in terms of nurturing and finding players than India "

Abhishek Gupta: "Hey Muthu.. I disagree with u .. Good bowlers should be able to bowl everywhere.. Just see Bhuvi's figures.. I think India needs to re-think their strategy. They have arguably the best bowling pace attack in limited overs and they need to have faith in rather going the traditional way of picking 2-3 spinners. In CT20 they should have picked Umesh Yadav in place of Jadeja (as jadeja was not their best 4h bowler and for allrounder they had Pandaya). Here they should have picked Yadav in place of Ashwin (as Jadeja is in team as a all rounder)... Understand that this won't be published but just wanted to put my point across of India's mindless bowling selections in limited overs and turning their strength into weakness. Hope u don't block me after this :) "

Jadeja to Lewis, SIX runs, there we go! West Indies have won and Lewis finishes it off as he started it - with a six - and the highest score in a T20I chase. Length ball on leg stump, slog swept to smithereeeeeens
Jadeja to Samuels, 1 run, single to deep square leg, another slog
Jadeja to Samuels, FOUR runs, midwicket apparently is feeling left out so Samuels takes care of its needs as he swings a length ball across the line

18 | 5 Runs | WI: 183/1 (8 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 10.16, RRR: 4.00)

  • Marlon Samuels31 (27b)
  • Evin Lewis119 (61b)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-27-0
  • Ravindra Jadeja3-0-30-0
Kumar to Samuels, 1 leg bye, struck on the pads, but the ball is going down leg and the Indians don't even bother appealing

Ishan Jain: "I saw a lot of videos on Dhoni's greatest stumpings & sixes on his b'day a couple of days ago, only to witness him missing two stumpings and getting out fairly cheaply."

Kumar to Samuels, no run, wide yorker, perfectly executed. Samuels tries to scythe it through point but he cant

Andrew: "Lewis' innings should finally make India see the merits of going with some fresh blood for T20 at the very least. It is high time the thinktank realises that the ODI blueprint does not work and it is the big hitters that rule this game. With the right personnel, you can do with one swing of the bat what it would otherwise take three to four balls to achieve."

Kumar to Samuels, no run, heaves at a length ball, angled into him, misses it and it wanders between inside edge and thigh
Kumar to Samuels, no run, cramps Samuels with a back of a length ball on leg stump
Kumar to Samuels, no run, short ball, evades it
Kumar to Samuels, FOUR runs, oh, he's just so good. If it's all brutality at the other end, this is like a robot, calculating the angles, and making only the minimum of effort to get boundaries. Little late cut, right between point and short third man, using the pace of the bowler against him

17 | 14 Runs | WI: 178/1 (13 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 10.47, RRR: 4.33)

  • Marlon Samuels27 (21b)
  • Evin Lewis119 (61b)
  • Ravindra Jadeja3-0-30-0
  • Kuldeep Yadav4-0-34-1

Vishnu S: "Winning with huge wicket margin and dashing run chase, Is this WI's way of saying, We are one hell of a team!!" Or we are the world champions.

Jadeja to Samuels, 1 run, drivers over the top of cover
Jadeja to Lewis, 1 run, sweeps to deep square leg - oh, and he's past the highest score by a West Indies batsman in T20Is
Jadeja to Lewis, SIX runs, keep em comin! This is starting to feel like one of those six-hitting competitions at the park. Tossed up wide outside off, Lewis carves it over long-off much to the glee of the spectators there

Ezra Moseley: "see da ball, hit da ball!" Hear hear!

Jadeja to Lewis, SIX runs, don't you dare appeal against me! Or so he says with his 10th six of the day, this one over long-on. What a wicked innings
Jadeja to Lewis, no run, huge appeal for lbw, as Jadeja spears in a full delivery from over the stumps. Seems to be adjacent too - because it pitches in front of off stump and straightens enough too. Hits low on the pad. Everything seems to be going for it, just that the umpire doesn't agree.
Jadeja to Lewis, no run, oh he leaves a ball outside off. He's trolling the bowling!

16 | 15 Runs | WI: 164/1 (27 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 10.25, RRR: 6.75)

  • Evin Lewis106 (56b)
  • Marlon Samuels26 (20b)
  • Kuldeep Yadav4-0-34-1
  • Ravindra Jadeja2-0-16-0

"That is a pretty disrespectful gesture. Players kiss their helmets on reaching 100, not throw them on the ground." Naman finds fault with what has otherwise been a brilliant T20 innings

Kuldeep Yadav to Lewis, 1 run, another cut, this one to where most cuts go to, deep point
Kuldeep Yadav to Lewis, FOUR runs, waits for the ball to turn - and since this is short as well, he can hang back and wait. He can hang back, read a book, do his taxes, and then bring out the cut wide of long-off
Kuldeep Yadav to Samuels, 1 run, steps down, but has to deal with a high full toss. Plops it to long-on
Kuldeep Yadav to Samuels, 4 leg byes, Dhoni misses a stumping! He is blinded by the batsman racing down the pitch, put off by the ball clipping Samuels' pad and deflecting to his right.

The Centurions


Number of cricketers to make two centuries in T20Is. Lewis joined Chris Gayle and Brendon Mccullum to this feat . Lewis has made both his centuries against India.

Racing to 50


Balls taken by Evin Lewis to score his 50. His fastest in T20Is. He took 25 balls to score a fifty against Ind when they met in Florida last year.

Good comeback


Last instance of Dinesh Karthik playing a T20I. Incidentally that was also in WI during the T20 WC 2010. His highest score previously was 31

Tough place to Bat


Highest score by any team in West Indies in the last 16 innings. WI made 147 earlier this year against Afghanistan.

WI Slightly Ahead


Head to Head against India in favour of WI in T20Is. In the last three T20Is, West Indies have won two with one wash out.