Player of the Match
Player of the Match

2:20pm: That is that from the first Test. New Zealand have opened their home summer with an impressive performance. Sri Lanka battled hard and will look to step up further to pull level in the second Test in Hamilton, starting December 18. Do come back then. George's report will tell you the Dunedin story. Look out for videos and analysis from Fernando. Cheers and ta, ta for now.

McCullum: It was a professional display but it was pretty hard to get 20 wickets. The guys bowled well and we batted well too. Overall, a professional performance. Sometimes, you have to risk losing to win. We desperately needed some time to beat Sri Lanka. The way the bowlers went about it was outstanding. The way Guptill and Latham started, it was tricky and the batsmen hit the ball down the ground and we got to a four-an-over start on the first morning. Wagner with the pace and bounce even on day five was a testament to how good the surface was. Overall, the pitch definitely suited us. When you know you have guys like Wagner who can bowl hostile spells, you are always in the game. We will have to make sure we put up another thorough performance in Hamilton.

Mathews: I though we fought hard. They got off to a flier and we had too many loose balls. I thought we were too cautious in the first innings. We will have to be more positive. There was a lot of grass on the wicket but we did not land in the right areas. We did not bowl pretty well. We did well in the second innings but it was too late. We did not show much intent in the first innings. Not really, It was a tough wicket to get 20 wickets and they needed time to get us out [on Baz's declaration]. We showed guts and it was exciting to see the batters bat too. We don't have Sanga's and Mahela's in the team, we are inexperienced, but it's all about the mindset.

Guptill, Man of the Match: This is my second Man-of-the-match award, I can celebrate with the guys. I did not feel too much pressure and played a few shots. Tommy and I have been batting well lately. It has been good and hopefully we carry on next week. There was a bit of one-day cricket in the game. If you get yourself in and adjust to the pace and bounce of the wicket, you can take it from there.

2pm: New Zealand extended their unbeaten home streak to 12; they have not lost a Test at home since March 2012. Wagner was the man this morning, hustling Sri Lanka with lifter after lifter with the old ball. He burst the gates open with Mathews' wicket before Boult and Southee took over with the second new ball. Santner and Bracewell then performed the final rites on Sri Lanka.

The visitors' raw, inexperienced batsmen countered, ducked, and fended the short-ball barrage but the fight wasn't enough.

Rich: "And this is why NZ should have taken Wagner to Oz."

Bharath Seervi, our statsman: "NZ are unbeaten since 2012, in 12 consecutive Tests at home. "

Bracewell to Lakmal, OUT, Bracewell wraps up a 122-run victory for New Zealand! He finally has some reward to show for some probing bowling. Overpitched ball, on about middle and off, driven directly at bowler, who takes it easily around thigh height

RAS Lakmal c & b Bracewell 23 (29m 27b 4x4 0x6) SR: 85.18

Bracewell to Lakmal, FOUR runs, Lakmal reaches his highest Test score with a four. Crumbs of consolation for the visitors

95 | 5 Runs | SL: 278/9

  • Suranga Lakmal19 (25b)
  • Nuwan Pradeep4 (10b)
  • Mitchell Santner22-6-53-2
  • Doug Bracewell19-5-42-0
Santner to Lakmal, 1 run, full and outside off, hit to mid-off as Lakmal sets off. Pradeep makes a sprawling dive and beats the throw
Santner to Lakmal, no run, Santner gives this more air, pushed back
Santner to Lakmal, no run, popped to short leg, Latham moved to his left but the ball did not stick
Santner to Lakmal, no run, length on middle, worked to backward square leg
Santner to Lakmal, FOUR runs, dropped short and outside off, Lakmal skips back and cracks it behind point
Santner to Lakmal, no run, pushed through outside off, chopped towards point

94 | 5 Runs | SL: 273/9

  • Nuwan Pradeep4 (10b)
  • Suranga Lakmal14 (19b)
  • Doug Bracewell19-5-42-0
  • Mitchell Santner21-6-48-2
Bracewell to Pradeep, no run, pitched up and on off, prodded in front of mid-on
Bracewell to Pradeep, FOUR runs, full and outside off, Pradeep fishes and threads the slip cordon for four
Bracewell to Pradeep, no run, left alone outside off
Bracewell to Pradeep, no run, full and on middle, pushed back to the bowler
Bracewell to Pradeep, no run, full and outside off, poke and a miss

Richard: "That stop by Santner was unbelievable. Has to be the run saving 'catch' of the century... "

Bracewell to Lakmal, 1 run, Santner nearly pulls off a blinder. He catches it, then swats it back into the field of play even as he falling over the rope in a side-on position. Whoa, what an effort! He saves five runs for his side. Dug in short on middle, rocked back and pulled but Santner is in the way

Round the stumps.

93 | (wicket maiden) | SL: 268/9

  • Nuwan Pradeep0 (5b)
  • Suranga Lakmal13 (18b)
  • Mitchell Santner21-6-48-2
  • Doug Bracewell18-5-37-0

Bharath Seervi, our statsman: "This is the 31st Test played together by Boult and Southee and they have taken 249 wkts between them. 1 to go for 250. "

Santner to Pradeep, no run, 92ks, Santner fires it on off, kept out
Santner to Pradeep, no run, poked to second slip off a soft outside edge
Santner to Pradeep, no run, full on middle, heaved to midwicket
Santner to Pradeep, no run, full toss on off, pushed to mid-on
Santner to Pradeep, no run, darted outside off, ignored

No.11 Pradeep

Santner to Chameera, OUT, bowled'em. Slides in with the arm, Chameera hunts for a wild slog sweep. He can't lay bat on it. Santner strikes middle. It gets tilted back

PVD Chameera b Santner 14 (27m 13b 3x4 0x6) SR: 107.69

Santner comes on. He will be supported by a slip and short leg. Mid-on and mid-off up.

92 | 6 Runs | SL: 268/8

  • Suranga Lakmal13 (18b)
  • Dushmantha Chameera14 (12b)
  • Doug Bracewell18-5-37-0
  • Trent Boult15-2-58-2

Dilshan: "If this was a game of two halves... NZ won first innings and SL won second the final result is a Draw.... just dreaming." Day dreaming

Bracewell to Lakmal, no run, not all that short and down leg, pull and a miss
Bracewell to Lakmal, no run, banged in, Lakmal gets into an awkward tangle and wears it on the arm-guard
Bracewell to Lakmal, no run, bouncer outside off, Lakmal ducks his head out of the way

NZ's streak


Last time NZ lost a Test at their home venue - by 9 wkts to SA in Hamilton in March 2012. They are unbeaten since then in 12 consecutive Tests.

SL's 4th inns troubles


Sri Lanka's highest successful run-chase against New Zealand in Tests, in Galle 2012-13 (won by 10 wkts).

Chandimal's double


No. of times Chandimal has scored 50-plus in both inns of a Test, including in this Test. As a wicketkeeper Only Flower (7), Knott (5) and Dhoni (4) have done it more.

Double for the 2nd wkt


No. of previous instances of century stands for the 2nd wkt in both inns of a Test for NZ, before this match - v Eng, Lord's 2004 and v Ban, Chittagong 2013-14.

Another milestone for Kane


No. of 50+ scores for Williamson in International matches this year (43 inns), including this innings - joint-highest with Joe Root (45 inns).

NZ's rare opening double


The last time before this NZ had two fifty-plus stands for their first wicket in a Test - against Pakistan in Napier.

Watling's record


No. of inns where Watling has taken 5 or more catches in Tests, including this. This is now record a for NZ beating McCullum's 4 such hauls

Twin 80s at top


No. of previous instances of 2 of SL's top 4 batsmen getting out in 80s in a Test inns; Karunaratne and Chandimal produce the first such instance for SL.

Huge difference in two days


Run rate on Day 2 of this Test, 219 runs in 87.1 overs. On Day 1, the runs were scored at 4.54 runs per over, 409 in 90 overs.

SL's opening misery


Number of 50-plus opening partnership for Sri Lanka in Tests this year; only West Indies have fewer (0). Lowest for SL in a year since 1995 (0 50-plus stands then)

NZ going strong on day 1


No. of times New Zealand made 400 or more on the opening day of a Test, before this - 452/9 vs Zim, Harare, 2005-06 and 429/7 vs SL, Christchurch, 2014-15.

New Zealand's Permanent


Consecutive Tests played by McCullum for NZ since his debut in March 2004. Equals AB de Villiers' record of most consecutive Tests for a team from debut.