2nd T20I, Auckland, Jan 10 2016, Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand
(10/20 ov, target 143)
New Zealand won by 9 wickets (with 60 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
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end of over 1020 runs
NZ: 147/1CRR: 14.7 
Colin Munro50 (14)
Kane Williamson32 (21)
Dushmantha Chameera3-0-46-0
Isuru Udana3-0-34-0

5.35 pm Phew, that was brutal from New Zealand. Sri Lanka did not help themselves by batting like they did - all brawn and no brain apart from Mathews, who was superb. And then Guptill, Munro and Williamson just caned them during the chase.

go2jain: "Here it is. Record for Munro. For Guptill as well, record for having the record for fastest NZ fifty for the shortest duration.....One for Kane as well, seeing two fastes NZ fifty records being made form the non-strikers end...."

Shakeena Samadh: "Guptill's record lasted just 20 minutes. Is that a record too ?"

Selvan: "Looking forward to seeing a lot more of Colin, Guptil and Williamson in the future. Very entertaining cricket!! Bring on Pakistan!!"

Dave: "@Dan cause Kane uses excellent timing and shot selection rather then raw power. If Williamson was born in Australia or India he'd be one of the most popular players in the world, he is somewhat ignored when in comes to greatest current player discussion because he is a Kiwi" I don't think he does get ignored, Dan. The world is very aware of his genius. I'd put him just behind AB de Villiers at present, ahead of everyone else.

It's begun to drizzle a bit at Eden Park to cool things off just before the presentation.

Colin Munro is the Man of the Match, beating Guptill and Elliott to the award. "It went pretty good, really fast it went, I didn't know how many balls I had faced until the end. to beat that record is pleasing for myself. the boys have welcomed me back after a bit of a break and I've been given freedom at No. 3 ... enjoying it, given me a bit of a license to play my natural game."

Dinesh Chandimal: "I am really disappointed with the way we played, bad batting, thanks to Angelo for getting a total, really disappointed with the way we played ... We had ups and downs in all three formats, the conditions as different, as a team we enjoyed but couldn't get the results. We have to regroup."

Kane Williamson: "I think the last match was a tough match and to build on that ... it was a complete performance. We have a pretty strong squad, the bowlers have an understanding that it is sometimes horses for courses but they are all contributing when they get the chance ... a great effort today. the way the two local boys batted today was special, I thought it would be a scrap on that wicket, it was holding up a bit, but it wasn't a problem for them ..."

And with that Williamson receives the T20 trophy, to go with the ones for the ODI and Test series against Sri Lanka. His team-mates join him and it's celebration time at Eden Park.

Sri Lanka's tour is over, Pakistan's is about to begin. We'll bring that to you from the 15th onwards. Thank you for your emails today, and thank you for reading. Cheers.

Chameera to Munro, SIX runs
and he's done it! That is amazing from Munro, he's hit seven sixes in 14 balls. Guptill's 19-ball record for fastest NZ fifty has lasted all of 20 minutes. Munro ends the game by mowing the ball off the front foot over deep square. The slaughter of Sri Lanka is over. Munro's 14-ball fifty is the second fastest 50 in T20 internationals, behind Yuvraj Singh's 12-ball innings

If Munro hits this ball for six he will break the record for fastest T20 fifty for NZ, which Guptill set earlier today.

Chameera to Munro, FOUR runs
a full toss outside off stump, Munro hits it flat over the infield at cover for a four

Dan: "Williamson has a curious habit of being able to bat at around a 150 SR in T20s despite not appearing to have the power game of the rest of the NZ top order."

Chameera to Williamson, 1 run
full toss, Williamson drives past the bowler for a single
Chameera to Munro, 1 run
a full ball outside off stump, chopped into the ground and towards the keeper
Chameera to Munro, SIX runs
catch it in the stands beyond long off! Munro gets under a full ball and slams it high and far, and it has been caught in the crowd
Chameera to Munro, 1 wide
sprayed wide outside the off stump from over the wicket ...
Chameera to Williamson, 1 run
fuller ball on the pads, played through square leg for a single, Williamson slipped as he turned for the second so they did not run it

Zia Abbasi: "The way Guptill treated Srilankans is appreciable, but his real capability will be tested against imminent series against Pakistan, where a electrified Wahab, gentle giant Irfan and nascent rehabilitated and rejuvenated Aamir will be attacking ribcage with furious pace."

end of over 911 runs
NZ: 127/1CRR: 14.11 • RRR: 1.45 • Need 16 runs from 66b
Kane Williamson30 (19)
Colin Munro33 (10)
Isuru Udana3-0-34-0
Jeffrey Vandersay2-0-41-0

Amar: "252 strike rate is replaced by 371. And 162 is the slowest. Go kiwis."

Udana to Williamson, 1 run
short of a length ball, pulled through square leg

Michael: "I'm a little disappointed to see Sri Lanka struggle today, they have been skilled and entertaining throughout the tour and when on the back foot have not been willing to roll over and capitulate. However, as a Kiwi I'm loving this display of batting and hope the form can be carried into the T20WC."

Udana to Munro, 1 run
tries to hit on the leg side but gets an inside edge on the pad towards the off side
Udana to Munro, SIX runs
Munro charges again, and dispatches the slower ball from wide outside the off stump over the cow corner boundary, incredible hitting
Udana to Munro, no run
the slower ball, Munro is beaten by the change of pace and the ball bounces over his stumps
Udana to Williamson, 1 run
a length ball with lots of width outside off, Wiliamson reaches for it and hits the ball through cover