Latham to Carters, OUT,

RGL Carters c †Watling b Latham 209 (458m 364b 18x4 0x6) SR: 57.41

121 | 2 Runs | CAXI: 503/0

  • Ryan Carters209 (363b)
  • Aaron Finch288 (363b)
  • Ross Taylor2-0-10-0
  • Brendon McCullum10-0-46-0
Taylor to Carters, 1 run,
  • Hesson unhappy with 'Abu Dhabi' pitch

    New Zealand's coach Mike Hesson has equated the Blacktown Oval pitch with "day four in Abu Dhabi" and defended his team's insistence that the strip was unsafe for play after the Cricket Australia XI ran up a tally of 1 for 503

  • New Zealand tour game abandoned over pitch concerns

    Pitch concerns raised by the New Zealand touring team have led to the abandonment of their tour match against a Cricket Australia XI at Blacktown Oval in Sydney's west

  • Finch and Carters dominate New Zealand

    New Zealand failed to take a single wicket on day one against the Cricket Australia XI as Aaron Finch and Ryan Carters demoralised the bowlers by batting throughout the day