3rd ODI, Harare, Oct 13 2015, Ireland tour of Zimbabwe
(46.5/50 ov, target 188)
Ireland won by 2 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)
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5.10pm Another cracking finish to a match that ended up much closer than one might have expected after Zimbabwe struggled to 187 all out. Ireland seem to be cruising in the early stages of their chase, but Zimbabwe kept on chipping away and kept the pressure on with some electric fielding once they got the opening. Ireland crept closer and closer, and it was eventually up to their tail to secure a consolatory win. Importantly, this was another good, hard game of cricket between these two teams, who've never produced a boring day out. Why don't they play each other more often? Why aren't Zimbabwe playing a Test match at Stormont next summer?

Thanks for tuning in to another engaging day of cricket between Zimbabwe and Ireland. Your commentator today has been none other than Liam Brickhill, live from Harare Sports Club. I do hope you've enjoyed my coverage, and see you again next time. Until then, goodbye!

Vidy: "It would have been a great week for Ireland if they had won the series as their Rugby team beat France to moved to QF in Rugby WC AND their soccer team beat current champion Germany."

Muzarabani to McBrine, FOUR runs
edged! It beats the keeper, it beats a diving short third man, and that's the game!

Mark: "Now you know why Middlesex fans call Tim Murtagh "The Lambeth Lara". He used to be almost a geuine allrounder in his younger days."

Muzarabani to Murtagh, 3 runs
Ireland are on the brink now, Murtagh finding the gap between midwicket and mid-on with a firm clip to get three more.
Muzarabani to Murtagh, no run
a huge heave, and he's missed it completely! No need for that shot. Murtagh just slogged across the line at a full one.
Muzarabani to Murtagh, no run
fuller and straighter from the bowler, and Murtagh steps forward to drive to mid off.
Muzarabani to Murtagh, FOUR runs
crunched to the cover boundary! Murtagh is taking his side home here. The ball was wide of off, so the shot was on, but he had to beat a packed inner ring.

Chigumbura is cycling through his bowlers, and now he brings Muzarabani back on from the Golf Course end. No slip in place.

end of over 465 runs
IRE: 178/8CRR: 3.86 • RRR: 2.50 • Need 10 runs from 24b
Andy McBrine10 (20)
Tim Murtagh12 (9)
John Nyumbu9-0-37-0
Luke Jongwe9-1-35-1
Nyumbu to McBrine, no run
pitching on middle, spinning towards off, and the batsman leans forward to defend it back down the track.
Nyumbu to McBrine, 2 runs
edged, but it's quite far to Raza's left at slip and he can't reach it.
Nyumbu to McBrine, 2 runs
swept to fine leg! Raza is after it from slip, and hauls it back in.
Nyumbu to McBrine, no run
defended back down the track, the ball bang on target.

Nyumbu also doesn't have any protection on the cover boundary, so he's being asked to do a difficult job here.

Nyumbu to Murtagh, 1 run
too straight again from Nyumbu, and he's flicked to midwicket.
Nyumbu to Murtagh, no run
almost chipped back to the bowler! Murtagh wanted to drive down the ground, and almost popped it straight back to the bowler.
end of over 454 runs
IRE: 173/8CRR: 3.84 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 15 runs from 30b
Andy McBrine6 (16)
Tim Murtagh11 (7)
Luke Jongwe9-1-35-1
John Nyumbu8-0-32-0
Jongwe to McBrine, no run
and Jongwe ends with a sharp bouncer to have the batsman ducking for cover. Good, aggressive delivery, and importantly it's on target.
Jongwe to Murtagh, 3 runs
that's a great shot for a no. 10! Zimbabwe have a packed off-side field, with only three men on the leg side, and Murtagh whipped the ball through midwicket in fine fashion. It didn't have the legs to reach the boundary, but they don't need it to.

Ireland can do this in singles, no need for any big shots.

Jongwe to McBrine, 1 run
full and on the legs again, and McBrine works him through midwicket for one.