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Player of the Match

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Scorer: Donald Nyoni | Commentator: Liam Brickhill

4.35 pm As they walk off they strike the stumps into the ground, as if hurling down a spear in victory. Afghanistan have certainly claimed the Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo as their own, with one-day and T20 series wins. Gulbadin Naib is the Man of the Match for his fifty, to go with his two wickets. And there you have it! Another historic win for Afghanistan, and they've thoroughly enjoyed this tour. I've also enjoyed covering it. Until my next return to ESPNcricinfo commentary, it's good bye from Queens Sports Club.

Abdul Satar Kha: "Does any one believe what just happened? Wooooow"

Shahid: "Though I'm happy for Afghanistan, I'm equally worried about cricket in Zimbabwe. Fan of the game there see nothing but defeats to their national team."

Srihari: "Arguably the best T20 match of the year could only be enjoyed by those that were at the ground, that's what's wrong with cricket. Well done to both sides for a fantastic and kudos Afghanistan for another historic scalp."

4.30 pm Afghanistan have pulled off yet another major victory, with a series win in the T20s to go with their success in the ODIs. Zimbabwe managed a much better 190 for 7, on the back of Sean Williams' quickfire fifty, but it still wasn't enough. Usman Ghani weathered Zimbabwe's short-ball attack, taking on their quicks to reach a maiden T20 fifty. Once he was out, Gulbadin Naib took over to register a first T20 fifty of his own, striking the winning runs with one delivery to spare. Once again it's Afghanistan who are seizing the stumps as mementos, with several members of team sprinting onto the outfield to congratulate the batsmen.

hrishikesh: "and this series will be called the CRICKETING REVOLUTION in afghanisthan..."

Danish Muneer P: "Wooow What a game of cricket Gulbadin came from nowhere and stunned Zimbabwe"

FAIZI: "I wonder what Inzi is teaching these boys..."

wali: "I wanna see their happy faces so badly, I wish I was there to huggg them, love you guys."

Mpofu to Gulbadin Naib, 2 runs, down the ground! That's the game! Afghanistan have won it! They have taken the series 2-0! Naib somehow got his bat underneath this full ball, and chipped it down the ground. The fielders sprinted in from long-on and long-off, but they couldn't stop the two!

Two from two. Could we see a tie? Plenty of tinkering going on with the field. The sweeper cover comes up now.

Hassan Nasir: "2 off 2...I could chew the rubber off a kookaburra at this very moment"

Mpofu to Shafiqullah, 1 run, swiped to long-on, Masakadza is around quickly and fires back a throw. They can only get a single!

Three from three. Afghanistan's game, you'd think. Fine leg goes down to the boundary now.

Aashir: "Plzzzzzzzz someone put the highlights of this match on youtube"

Mpofu to Shafiqullah, FOUR runs, the paddle sweep beats short fine leg! Brave shot! He got down very low, expecting the yorker, and beat Ervine with the shot.
Mpofu to Shafiqullah, no run, well bowled! Mpofu charges in and delivers a full pace yorker, curving in through the air and landing wide of off stump. Ball beats bat, and it's a dot ball.

Seven from five needed.

Mpofu to Shafiqullah, 2 runs, hammered down to long-off. They were always going to push for two, and they get them safely.

Afghanistan may have lost Naib, but they need nine runs to pull off a fantastic two-peat - adding the T20 series to their ODI series win against a Full Member.

It all comes down to the final over. Afghanistan need nine runs, and Zimbabwe are entrusting Mpofu with the final over. There's a chant of "Bobby! Bobby!" rising up from the stands on the Western side of the ground. Third man and fine leg are up.

19 | 14 Runs 1 Wkt | AFG: 182/4 (9 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 9.57, RRR: 9.00)

  • Karim Sadiq11 (5b)
  • Taurai Muzarabani4-0-32-1
  • Chris Mpofu3-0-35-0

Sifat khawry: "my heart is in my mouth now... Now this match can go either way. Excitements!!" --- And typos

Muzarabani to Gulbadin Naib, OUT, what reactions! The ball was smashed hard back at Muzarabani, into the ground. It seemed sure to go past him, but he stuck a hand out and caught it. Sadiq was way out of his crease at the non-striker's end, and Muzarabani immediately broke the stumps with a quick throw.

Karim Sadiq run out (Muzarabani) 11 (14m 5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 220.00

Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st95Mohammad ShahzadUsman Ghani
2nd0Gulbadin NaibMohammad Shahzad
3rd38Mohammad NabiGulbadin Naib
4th13Gulbadin NaibNajibullah Zadran
5th36Karim SadiqGulbadin Naib
6th9Gulbadin NaibShafiqullah