2nd ODI (D/N), Abu Dhabi, Nov 13 2015, England tour of United Arab Emirates
(45.5/50 ov, target 284)
England won by 95 runs
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10.20pm So, England bounce back from their six-wicket drubbing with a 95-run thumping. Performances from every member of the team - Hales hundred, Roy and Root fifties, key new-ball spells from Topley and Willey, four wickets in the middle overs from Woakes, and a fine spell of 10-0-32-1 from Adil Rashid, to name but the main men.

For Pakistan, Wahab Riaz was magnificent with the ball and Sarfraz defiant with the bat, but much like England in the Test series, a handful of outstanding contributions couldn't atone for a whole load of not-a-lot.

aadil140: "DARPOOK (coward) innings? seriously bro? i'd rather say BAHADUR ( brave) innings" For what it's worth, I thought he battered it like a badmash. But what would I know?

Anyhow, that's your lot for this evening. Thanks for dropping by. Have a read of David Hopps' match report before you go, and from myself, Andrew Miller, and Gnasher, good night and see you next week for match No. 3.

Topley to Mohammad Irfan, OUT
yorker! That's the way to bring down skyscrapers, denotate them at the foundations ... Irfan's timbers tumble, and it's 1-1 with two to play!
Mohammad Irfan b Topley 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Peter: "Len Hutton? What about Peter May....." Nah, I can never forgive him for his stint as chairman of selectors

Topley to Mohammad Irfan, no run
thumped into the leg side

Irfan calls for another bat. Perhaps he'd prefer to use a stepladder

Osama: "sarfaraz I salute you....such a DARPOOK (Urdu) Innings " I assumed it wasn't Swahili...

Topley to Yasir Shah, 1 run
flat-batted into the leg-side again
Topley to Yasir Shah, no run
another big wind-up, but no contact this time, other than ball on thigh pad