2nd ODI (D/N), South Africa tour of India at Indore, Oct 14 2015
(43.4/50 ov, target 248)
India won by 22 runs
Player Of The Match
SA Innings
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end of over 444 runs • 2 wicket
SA: 225/10CRR: 5.15 • RRR: 3.63 • Need 23 runs from 38b
Kagiso Rabada19 (23)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar8.4-0-41-3
Umesh Yadav8-0-52-1

De Villiers: They pulled it off across the line, credit to India. The target was manageable and a poor batting performance from us. We couldn't extend it after the opening partnership and we have the experience. You have to stay positive no matter what total you are chasing, we couldn't execute well. Very good performance from out bowlers, would have loved to chase something like 200. Nothing too serious about my back, just pulled my lower back a bit and should be fit for the next match.

Dhoni also the Man of the Match: Not an easy game played, a lot of people wait with open swords and want you to make mistakes. We should have got more with the bats and we didn't start well with our bowling but our spinners did well and pacers also came into action later on. Overall not a very convincing win but good win, we can play a lot better. We're not playing to our capacity, not even 80%, in batting or bowling. As a complete batting unit we didn't perform well but we bounced back well. We knew we needed two good deliveries when Tahir and Rabada were batting. I won't say the game was in our hands but we had a good chance if we bowled in the right areas and needed only two good deliveries. It doesn't always go your way (talking about his batting), the top order has been scoring loads of runs in the last 2-2.5 years so lower order doesn't get a big chance to bat. Apart from Suresh there's nobody who loves to do that kind of a job when you go out and you just have to go for the big hits. The pace was very important on this wicket and the length too. Axar is not a big turner of the ball and he pitched it in the right areas. Bhajji has the experience and they didn't try too many different things and flighting or under-flighting the ball was needed and overall they did a good job.

Phew! Dhoni spoke the way he batted a bit today, as if he was waiting to let out. That's all we have from the coverage of the second ODI. The series is level 1-1 and what more could you ask for. Do join us for the third match on the 18th, that's in Rajkot. Until then, goodbye and good luck from Vishal and Nikhil. Ciao!

8.45pm What a turnaround in the match from India! They were 124 for 6 at one point and an out of form Dhoni in the middle. He put together an unbeaten 92 and then the India bowlers, much criticised for not defending very well, bowl SA out for 225. Dhoni knew it had to be spin to put them in trouble and brought them on early on. The spinners not only took wickets but kept the pressure on...

Harbhajan: "Dhoni was fantastic with his captaincy. The wicket was nice to bat on and the ball was turning only when you bowled it slower. Here and there a few sixes went but we kept the pressure on and Axar took two crucial wickets. We felt we were 30 runs short and Dhoni said in the huddle that if we kept the energy up and saved 25-odd runs we could do it."

Baba Fasi: "I hope this will put Dhoni's critics to rest, at least for some time now.."

Nalsar: "SA gift the match to india. Poor decision by indian umpire!"

Ravi: "What a fantastic series this is turning out to be. Better for fans of cricket. "

Kumar to Morkel, OUT
edged again, taken with both hands by Raina at slip, India have won, Indore erupts! There was some room outside off and MM wanted to force it through the off side. He got a thick edge and Raina caught it over his head at slip
M Morkel c Raina b Kumar 4 (1m 2b 1x4 0x6) SR: 200.00
Kumar to Morkel, FOUR runs
just short of length and MM punches it down the ground, Dhawan dives to his left from mid-off but can't get to it. That's four!

Only one wicket, and 27's Morne Morkel

Kumar to Imran Tahir, OUT
outside edge this time, there was a sound and this time it goes to Dhoni, he leaps and throws the ball high! It wasn't too wide outside off, Tahir pushed at it without moving his feet and got a faint edge
Imran Tahir c †Dhoni b Kumar 9 (17m 12b 0x4 1x6) SR: 75.00
Kumar to Imran Tahir, no run
Tahir tries to cut it outside off and gets an inside edge close to the stumps and it goes to Dhoni

Under 30 to get now, this is getting tight with only two wickets. Harbhajan and Axar are done with their overs, so only pace left unless MSD goes back to Raina. Bhuvneshwar continues...

end of over 438 runs
SA: 221/8CRR: 5.13 • RRR: 3.85 • Need 27 runs from 42b
Kagiso Rabada19 (23)
Imran Tahir9 (10)
Umesh Yadav8-0-52-1
Bhuvneshwar Kumar8-0-37-1
Yadav to Rabada, no run
on length on the stumps now, he defends it back easily

Nes: "Rabada only 20 years of age. What composure and the likely MoM. "

Yadav to Rabada, FOUR runs
too short on the leg side, Rabada pulls it late and gets some glove on that to send it fine on the leg side for four more!
Yadav to Rabada, no run
length delivery around off and he turns it to mid-on. Tahir wants one but is sent back just in time

Mid off goes to wide long off

Yadav to Rabada, FOUR runs
slightly short and wide outside off, Rabada takes a tiny step forward and slashes that over the covers and in the gap for four
Yadav to Rabada, no run
on the pads from Umesh and it's tucked to midwicket

No slips anymore for Rabada

Yadav to Rabada, no run
short of length outside off and Rabada swings and misses
end of over 423 runs
SA: 213/8CRR: 5.07 • RRR: 4.37 • Need 35 runs from 48b
Imran Tahir9 (10)
Kagiso Rabada11 (17)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar8-0-37-1
Umesh Yadav7-0-44-1
Kumar to Imran Tahir, no run
not too wide outside off and the drive is mistimed a bit to find cover
Kumar to Rabada, 1 run
on the pads now and it's tucked away easily wide of midwicket for one
Kumar to Imran Tahir, 1 run
Tahir gets room outside off and he flays it off the back foot between point and cover point for one
Kumar to Rabada, 1 run
shorter on middle and leg, tucked towards midwicket for a quick single