5th ODI (D/N), Mumbai, Oct 25 2015, South Africa tour of India
(36/50 ov, target 439)
South Africa won by 214 runs
Player Of The Match
South Africa
INDIA Innings
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end of over 365 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 224/10CRR: 6.22 • RRR: 15.35 • Need 215 runs from 14 overs
Mohit Sharma0 (4)
Kagiso Rabada7-0-41-4
Imran Tahir7-1-50-2

9.00 pm Presentation time. Where's your money on for the Man of the Series? AB or Rabada? Sachin Tendulkar is among the guests standing on the dais, and receives a huge roar again. Zak is also here, looking quite snazzy: Last 10 days have been very nostalgic. It's all coming back to me, where it all started. It was here, as a spare bowler, incidentally it was against South Africa in the Titan Cup. I feel proud. Come a long way. Just happy to play, things just happened for me. If even one link had been missing, I would not be here. So I am just glad and thankful and grateful for everyone here.

"Thank you very much for all the respected members on the dais. Its been very special for me to get felicitated in front of such a gathering. To MS, I know it was a tough day today. But keep working hard. I'm sure you are going to achieve quite a lot in the coming time. To AB and the team, you've always been tough opponents. Really enjoyed the challenge, you always bring out the best in me. Congratulations on the series win"

"its been amazing. Its been 10 days since the announcement of my retirement. Its been an amazing 10 days. Been really proud. The way everyone has shown their love and support, I can't thank you enough. To the special Mumba crowd, it all started here 10-15-20 years back. Just happy that my final speech is happening at Wankhede. Hopefully I continue to be associated with the game in some capacity or other. Just want to thank you all, to all the millions of follows of Team Indiaand the game. Keep supporting them, they need you.

"Just want to thank my Mom and Dad, for letting me chase my dream. I know it is that emotional for me. Thank you Sachin as well for sparing time and coming here. To all my colleagues, its been an amazing journey .I am going to miss all the celebrations when I walk away. Everyone has to move on. I am happy to walk away with so many happy memories and so many friendships to keep. Thank you so much"

MCA present a shield to Zak, which Sachin hands over. The BCCI also have a memento to give away.

Quinton de Kock is Man of the Match for his rapid hundred at the top of the innings and some great catches too. "Yeah, I dunno what to say actually. I guess they just make good wickets here. Just had a good series. Dunno what happened. Just happy about it. Growing up I've always tried to get better at keeping. Never been the best keeper around, so just worked hard at it. [Words to Faf and AB, the other two centurions] Recover well, and lets enjoy it later"

AB de Villiers is the Man of the Series with 358 runs in five matches including three centuries. "Obviously a very enjoyabvle performance today. We assessed the conditions nicely and the opening batters set it up for us to enjoy the innings. I thought Faf took control of the innings very nicely. KG is an amazing bowler, very young still, lots to learn and the potential in him is high"

"Once they had good partnership on top and once they looked ot accelerate, I thought it was impossible to stop them. Even if we had done exceedingly well, over 350 was on the cards, "says MS Dhoni, "All three innings were very good, you want to have a good start so Quinton's innings was very good. Faf came in at No. 3 and took over and AB as well. They got away in the first 25 overs and then it was difficult to stop. They only got one wicket in their favour. Specially this wicket, it was very true for the seamers. And we all know in Wankhede, there was a lot of runs. It would be unfair to say the spinners bowled badly. I think there were occasions where we should have done better. We were up and down, but still we were good. We put runs on the board and bowling also, we bowled well. This one game, it was completely taken away from us"

"Its the Mumbai heat, it was incredibly warm. I am not as strong as MS and those guys to hit sixes. So I had t orun a lot of twos. Unfortunately I could not take the field today. Would have been nice," says Faf du Plessis, "Suppose it is hard not to laugh at someone when they go through that [falling on his backside after hitting fours because of cramps]. I told to AB I was done, but AB told me to just keep going. The new guy would find it difficult. It was great to put up such a big score in the decider. Quinny was amazing, his strike rate was fantastic. Same with AB. My role was to just anchor the innings"

So that's how it panned out. A good pitch, short boundaries and a South African batting line-up that just would not leg up. Second time in ODI history - both by this team - to record three centuries in an innings. Quinton de Kock was excellent at the top. Faf du Plessis was resilient throughout, and brave when it came to the end as he was cramping up and still kept going. Then AB de Villiers knocked India out.

Following that South Africa's bowlers - Dale Steyn and Kagiso Rabada and Kyle Abbott and their sheer pace - ensured India could not take advantage of a fine batting track. A first bilateral one-day series win for SA and only Ajinkya Rahane stood against them for a little while with his half-century. The margin of victory - 214 runs - is India's worst at home and second-worst in history. A good team has shown its class, and has won fans everywhere they have gone in this series. Every ground welcomed AB de Villiers as if he were their own local boy. Meanwhile, another good team is wondering where it all went wrong. They have had a couple of players out of form. Their bowling lacks the X-factor on flat wickets. And their lower order remains a problem.

But keep in mind, India lost their main bowler early in the series and that must have also played a part. Having said that, South Africa lost JP Duminy and Morne Morkel to injuries as well. Just the depth in the squads showing.

Ali: "Cricinfo! you are confusing me... a wide ball was bowled after the 10th wicket?" ---- we apologise for that. Mild technical difficulties, which as you might notice now were sorted.

Rabada to Mishra, OUT
great reply from the standout bowler of the series Kagiso Rabada, a yorker that is much too good for the tailender, plumb in front, and South Africa complete their first bilateral series victory in India with something close to the perfect performance. The margin of victory is an astonishing 214 runs!
A Mishra lbw b Rabada 4 (12m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
Rabada to Mishra, FOUR runs
bravado from Mishra, or foolhardiness, he backs away from the stumps and throws his bat at that one, aiming the slog towards deep midwicket, he gets a top edge that flies high between the keeper and slip
Rabada to Mishra, no run
again the pace of Rabada pushing Mishra back, length ball angling in, Mishra looks to tuck it to the leg side, can't get much bat on it

This could be one India's biggest ODI defeats.

Rabada to Mishra, no run
blocked out towards the off side
Rabada to Mishra, no run
cuts in towards the pads, Mishra plays it from inside the crease, hit on the thigh pad as he looks to work it to square leg
Rabada to Mishra, no run
length ball around off, defended to the off side from within the crease
Rabada to Mishra, 1 wide
Rabada begins with a wide down the leg side
end of over 35Wicket maiden
INDIA: 219/9CRR: 6.25 • RRR: 14.66 • Need 220 runs from 14 overs
Mohit Sharma0 (4)
Amit Mishra0 (1)
Imran Tahir7-1-50-2
Farhaan Behardien8-0-55-0
Imran Tahir to MM Sharma, no run
works this towards backward point once more
Imran Tahir to MM Sharma, no run
googly starting from well outside off, bounces a bit more than Mohit expects, cut towards backward point
Imran Tahir to MM Sharma, no run
goes for the big sweep, bottom edges it on to his boot
Imran Tahir to MM Sharma, no run
length ball on off stump, defended back towards the bowler
Imran Tahir to Dhoni, OUT
got 'im! the Tahir googly is too good for Dhoni, he was charging down the pitch, but doesn't expect the ball to spin in, it slips past the inside edge and on to the stumps, this game is heading for a quick close now
MS Dhoni b Imran Tahir 27 (50m 29b 3x4 0x6) SR: 93.10
Imran Tahir to Dhoni, no run
drags it short, and that is thumped towards dee midwicket, not too well timed though
end of over 349 runs
INDIA: 219/8CRR: 6.44 • RRR: 13.75 • Need 220 runs from 14 overs
Amit Mishra0 (1)
MS Dhoni27 (27)
Farhaan Behardien8-0-55-0
Imran Tahir6-0-50-1
Behardien to Mishra, no run
full ball once more, outside off, driven by Mishra towards extra cover
Behardien to Dhoni, 1 run
full ball on off stump, Dhoni reaches out and works it towards deep extra cover
Behardien to Dhoni, FOUR runs
down the leg side, helped along to the fine-leg boundary, easy runs this for Dhoni
Behardien to Dhoni, FOUR runs
a Dhoni special, brute force there, a full ball is murdered down the ground, the umpire was dancing to get his feet out of that scorching hit
Behardien to Dhoni, no run
worked towards deep midwicket this time
Behardien to Dhoni, no run
full ball angling in towards leg stump, eased towards long-on
end of over 336 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 210/8CRR: 6.36 • RRR: 13.47 • Need 229 runs from 14 overs
MS Dhoni18 (22)
Imran Tahir6-0-50-1
Farhaan Behardien7-0-46-0
Imran Tahir to Kumar, OUT
drops it a touch short, Bhuvneshwar looks to swipe it from way outside off, hits near the bottom of the bat and holes out to Miller, India sinking fast but the crowd singing 'Sachin, Sachin' as the giantscreen shows Tendulkar in the stands
B Kumar c Miller b Imran Tahir 1 (13m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.50