Player of the Match
Player of the Match

3.25pm India dominate another Test in this series at home. Started the Test just three days back with a good opening stand and they did not look back from there. South Africa's impressive nine-year record ends. Ashwin takes 12 in the game, seven in the second innings to skittle SA out for a combined score of 264 in two innings. India also dismissed SA for 79 in the first innings which was the lowest total India have bowled a side out for. Lot of talk throughout the Test has been about the pitch, which was a minefield on the first couple of days and played slightly better today. So it is SA 2, India 1 in terms of series wins on this tour. The batsmen struggled throughout the match but it was good to see the application of Amla and Faf today. Nowhere close to enough though and India take an unassailable 2-0 series lead.

Ashwin is the Man of the Match: "The wicket slowed up a bit today, there was help in the wicket but the way Faf and Amla played, we had to put some good balls. One team was trying to fight, one team was trying to win. batsmen go out to make 100s, I go out to get five-fors. I thought Amit bowled a wonderful spell after lunch, we prized out a couple of wickets in that post-lunch session. Anybody who goes out there and trusts his defense can play well.

Hashim Amla: "Obviously very disappointing. It was a hard game. Whether we win or lose, we have to fight honorably and well done to the guys. We tried to dig deep as long as we can. The pitch was a difficult factor, it was turning and bouncing whether the new ball or the old one. Three day matches are difficult.

Virat Kohli: "Very pleasing indeed, especially because they won the ODI and T20 series. Some good cricket in Mohali, Bangalore and here. feels very good. we played some good cricket. Ashwin is a world-class spinner, he stepped up in a big way for us, maybe the best in the world at the moment, we expected them to string in a partnership or two. This is what Test cricket is, we need patience with the ball and believing a chance will come. Mishra showed great character in that period. I think it was a challenging wicket, the batsmen applied better in Mohali. It is all about application. There are no sorts of excuses on that, our batsmen showed character in three innings. Sometimes you have conditions where it is going to be bowler-friendly, chances can be created. Spinner s have had an upper hand in the series. Sealing the series was very important, Delhi will be an opportunity for us to be more consistent.

Ashwin to Morkel, OUT, bowled im. Ashwin gets seven. And India take the series. SA's nine-year record ends. May have been the carrom ball or the slider but the ball drifts on and snakes through the gap between bat and pad to clatter into leg stump. Morkel did not pick that. India complete a 124-run victory and an unassailable 2-0 series lead going to Delhi

M Morkel b Ashwin 4 (6m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Ashwin to Morkel, no run, that was better, slowed up on off, outside half of the bat goes to silly point
Ashwin to Morkel, FOUR runs, low full toss on leg, whacked with a drive to the long-on boundary. Easy runs to add to Morkel's tally

Pratik: "Nice to see that SA won the second inniings"

Ashwin to Harmer, 1 run, flat and short, enough time for Harmer to go back and clip to deep backward square leg
Ashwin to Harmer, 2 runs, flat on leg, a thick inside edge goes through and past leg slip for a couple to fine leg

89 | 1 Run | SA: 178/9

  • Morne Morkel0 (5b)
  • Simon Harmer5 (22b)
  • Amit Mishra20-2-51-3
  • Ravichandran Ashwin29-7-59-6
Mishra to Morkel, no run, flat outside off, Morkel keeps it out with a defense
Mishra to Morkel, no run, flat on leg, hits Morkel on the pad
Mishra to Morkel, no run, flatter on leg, Morkel keeps it out with a block
Mishra to Harmer, 1 run, Vijay makes a good diving stop, fuller and wide outside off. Harmer drives elegantly to wide mid-off.
Mishra to Harmer, no run,
Mishra to Harmer, no run, almost a run-out, sent back just in time, shortish on leg, turned to square leg. they think of one but Morkel sends him back just in time

88 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | SA: 177/9

  • Morne Morkel0 (2b)
  • Simon Harmer4 (19b)
  • Ravichandran Ashwin29-7-59-6
  • Amit Mishra19-2-50-3
Ashwin to Morkel, no run, fantastic from Ash, Fired in quick on a good length, plenty of turn takes it past the outside edge
Ashwin to Morkel, no run, 80 kph, overpitched on middle, driven to mid-off

India just one wicket away from a series win

Ashwin to Rabada, OUT, edged and gone this time. Kohli is happy, he has taken one. Full delivery on off, a hint of turn which is enough to take the outside edge of Rabada's bat. Kohli at gully takes it in front of his stomach.

K Rabada c Kohli b Ashwin 6 (17m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 35.29

Ashwin to Rabada, no run, shortish on middle, defended
Ashwin to Harmer, 1 run, swept through deep backward square leg
Ashwin to Harmer, no run, too much bounce, too much turn. Tossed up on off, Harmer goes to flick but the ball sneaks through and hits him on the pad. There is an optimistic appeal

87 | 2 Runs | SA: 176/8

  • Kagiso Rabada6 (15b)
  • Simon Harmer3 (17b)
  • Amit Mishra19-2-50-3
  • Ravichandran Ashwin28-7-58-5
Mishra to Rabada, no run, tossed up on off, Rabada opens up his bat face and tries to hit to cover but hits it back to the bowler who fires back a throw to the keeper

Long standing


Overs played by the previous longest stand in the series, between Vijay and Pujara. This is now the longest.

Amla's longest


Most balls faced by Hashim Amla in his previous 9 inns on this tour. This is the first time he has faced 100+ balls in an inns.

SA show greater patience


Dots played by South Africa batsmen in the first inns. They have already played more in this innings.

Faf's done it before


Runs scored by Faf du Plessis the last time the batted against India in the fourth innings of a Test, in Johannesburg, 2013.

A fifty for the year


Last time an India bowler took 50 Test wickets in a year - Harbhajan Singh took 63. Only 12 instances including Ashwin's.

SA again


Last time before this 25 or more wickets fell in the first five sessions in a Test: SA v Pak, Cape Town.

Only once before


The only other time Ind surpassed their opposition's 1st inns total for the loss of 2 or fewer wkts in the 2nd inns: v WI 1978-79, Kolkata.

A new low, again


The previous lowest total against Ind in Tests, SL in Chandigarh in 1990. SA were bundled out for 3 runs short of that in this inns.

A new low


This is the lowest score on which SA have lost half their side in a Test innings. Previous lowest was 14, v Aus in 1902

Ashwin - the opener


The last time a spinner took more wickets than Ashwin's 56 in Tests when he opened the bowling. Colin Blythe took 74.

Harmer's milestone


First-class wickets for Simon Harmer; Among SA spinners, only Imran Tahir has taken more wickets since Harmer's debut.

At home with the bat


Ashwin's bat ave in home Tests. Only 3 India batsmen - Pujara, Kohli and Vijay - have scored more than his 630 runs in India.

Same opposition


Last time India were 6 down for fewer runs in the 1st inns of a home Test - also against SA, in Ahmedabad. They were 55/6 then.