2nd ODI (D/N), Dhaka, Jul 12 2015, South Africa tour of Bangladesh
(27.4/50 ov, target 163)
Bangladesh won by 7 wickets (with 134 balls remaining)
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Bangladesh have struck back to force the series into the decider in Chittagong. Do join us for the climax on Wednesday. Until then, goodbye and good night.

Himel: "How Ban are through"? --- Ban are currently on 94, and even if they lose the 3rd ODI they'll be on 93, which will still be enough to get them through. It's not possible for both Pak and WI to go past 93.

Soumya Sarkar is the Man of the Match

Mashrafe Mortaza: This was a much-needed win. The last eight months we have been playing well, we lost last four matches but we have come back. Toss is becoming a concern in Bangladesh but the bowlers restricted them. The way Mustafiz bowled was fantastic to see. Nasir delivered and Shakib is a big player. It is a good sign for us and the batters stepped up as well. After coming back from injury, Mahmudullah did well and hopefully he will continue. As long as our process is right we will play well.

9:30pm: Hashim Amla: It was not a 160-wicket, we had a really bad day and did not apply ourselves. Credit to Bangladesh. The key on this wicket is to get in and make it count. We did not do that today. We had a chance when they were 20 for 2 but Soumya played well. Rabada is a wonderful talent. Hopefully, he goes from strength. 160 is difficult to defend.

9:18pm Kagiso Rabada punched early holes in the chase, leaving Bangladesh at 24 for 2 inside five overs, but Soumya Sarkar collared the attack and led the chase with 88* off 79 balls, punctuated by some lashing drives and cuts through the off side. Mahmadullah took a back seat to Soumya's positive approach, before opening up and reaching a fifty of his own. It was only fitting that Soumya finished the chase with a six with seven wickets and more than 20 overs to spare.

Nayeem: "This is Bangladesh's biggest margin of victory against any test playing nation in terms of balls remaining."

Shibly: "Congratulations Bangladesh Tigers. They have beaten Pak, Ind and now SA. This is the new Bangladesh."

Saad: "So, who is going to miss out for champions trophy? Pak or WI?"

Milton: "It is Bangladesh's first ODI win over South Africa?" --- Nope, second

zeeshan : "Yesterday malik finished with a six and today sarkar finish it with a six "

Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, SIX runs
Bangladesh win, they square the series, and secure their Champions Trophy spot! Soumya seals it with a six. Tossed up and outside off, he goes for a slog-sweep. Rabada at deep midwicket leaps, gets both hands but can only parry it over the boundary, leaving the fans grooving and jiving. Mirpur in full blast...
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, no run
Variety from Tahir. Wrong'un, floated up on middle and rips away sharply with extra bounce. Beaten
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, no run
darted full, kept out
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, 2 runs
slid through short on the leg stump, Soumya rocks back as he pulls through backward square leg
end of over 274 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 159/3CRR: 5.88 • RRR: 0.17 • Need 4 runs from 22 overs
Shakib Al Hasan0 (4)
Soumya Sarkar80 (75)
Kyle Abbott5-0-22-1
Imran Tahir8-1-32-0

Abu Obaida Imon: "@Nes, He's becoming one for Ban! "

Abbott to Shakib Al Hasan, no run
another full toss, Shakib misses out again as he drives it straight to mid-off
Abbott to Shakib Al Hasan, no run
low full toss on middle, tamely tapped back to the bowler
Abbott to Shakib Al Hasan, no run
speared full and on a fourth-stump line, Shakib squeezes out a drive to mid-off
Abbott to Shakib Al Hasan, no run
very full and on middle, Shakib seeks to turn to leg, gets a leading edge to off


Abbott to Mahmudullah, OUT
and he perishes next ball. Fullish and on middle, right in the flicking radar. He does not connect properly and lobs it to Amla at short midwicket. Abbott's footing is okay. Consolatory wicket for Abbott
Mahmudullah c Amla b Abbott 50 (98m 64b 6x4 0x6) SR: 78.12
Abbott to Mahmudullah, FOUR runs
Mahmudullah gets to a fifty of his own. He raises his bat and acknowledges the cheers. Banged in short, Mahmadullah controls a pull over backward square leg


end of over 2610 runs
BDESH: 155/2CRR: 5.96 • RRR: 0.33 • Need 8 runs from 22 overs
Soumya Sarkar80 (75)
Mahmudullah46 (62)
Imran Tahir8-1-32-0
Kagiso Rabada7-0-45-2
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR runs
full toss drifting down leg, Soumya sinks to one knee and put it away to long leg with a sweep
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR runs
full and outside off, Soumya dances down the track and drills it in the gap beween the covers and mid-off. The man at covers dives in vain
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, no run
googly outside off, pokes and misses
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, no run
good length on off, driven to extra cover
Imran Tahir to Mahmudullah, 1 run
overpitched and outside off, lashed away towards mid-off. The fielder dives to his left and stops the ball
Imran Tahir to Soumya Sarkar, 1 run
down the track and driven to mid-on
end of over 255 runs
BDESH: 145/2CRR: 5.8 • RRR: 0.72 • Need 18 runs from 22 overs
Mahmudullah45 (61)
Soumya Sarkar71 (70)
Kagiso Rabada7-0-45-2
Imran Tahir7-1-22-0

mohi hossain: "Well, Soumya could be the future of Bangladesh, at least in ODIs."

Rabada to Mahmudullah, 2 runs
too full and straight, clipped to the right of short midwicket. They hare across for the second
Rabada to Mahmudullah, no run
bumper with more legs on it. Ducked under
Rabada to Soumya Sarkar, 1 run
short and on the hips, Soumya swivels on the back foot as he pulls it to deep backward square leg
Rabada to Mahmudullah, 1 run
another full toss, whipped to midwicket. Amla dives as he makes a half-save, deflecting it to mid-on
Rabada to Mahmudullah, no run
full toss on off, whisked to short midwicket without any power and timing

habib: "wimbledon: 1-1 tie, game continues"

Rabada to Soumya Sarkar, 1 run
back of a length and on middle, down the track and drags it to long leg off a bottom edge

nes: "In Hindi, Soumya Sarkar means - I am the boss..."

end of over 246 runs
BDESH: 140/2CRR: 5.83 • RRR: 0.88 • Need 23 runs from 22 overs
Mahmudullah42 (57)
Soumya Sarkar69 (68)
Imran Tahir7-1-22-0
Kagiso Rabada6-0-40-2
Imran Tahir to Mahmudullah, 2 runs
tossed up and outside off, Tahir held this one back. Chipped to the left of short cover