Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Superb all-round victory for England who win by 169 runs. Moeen and Root share five wickets in the second innings and Moeen takes five in the match, coupled with his runs, but no doubt who will be Man of the Match. What a game for Root. He leads the team off to a standing ovation.

Mark Wood the first to speak: "It's fantastic, to be 1-0 up is fantastic. The crowd have been immense. We bowled to our strengths. The atmosphere was amazing. They were singing 'if you're 1-0 up stand up' and I had to try and keep my professional face on."

I'll stay with you to bring the presentations shortly. Will be interesting to hear from Michael Clarke.

Justin: "Congratulations England. Australia, Watson has to go, pull yourselves together this is test match cricket and this series is alive, the worst thing for England is to over celebrate one victory and for Australia to be too negative about one loss, the important thing is learning from it."

England players sat on the balcony, already with a drink in hand (and don't think it's the isotonic type). I'm sure they'll have a few with the Aussies, too, later.

Don: "Guess Haddin finally learned what all the hype around England was. Well done to England though, many people, including myself, didn't give them a chance. "

sir don: "We are the champs. Will comrback strongly. Will trounce strongly. Will catapult strongly. #Aussies."

Michael Clarke "Cut a long story short, we were outplayed in all three facets of the game. England were exceptional. We have work to do. England deserve a lot of credit. We looked to play positive, but whatever we tried didn't work. When you get in, you have to cash in. I'm extremely excited that we have to play better at Lord's. We just haven't played our best cricket. [On Starc] He was able to bowl and get through, so that's a positive, hopefully he will be available for Lord's."

Alastair Cook "Brilliant performance, the crowd have been fantastic. English cricket this summer, we appreciate the support. This Test couldn't have gone any better, we'll enjoy the bat. Thought Joe Root was brilliant and the bowlers superb on a slow wicket. Everyone was talking about the past, but this is a different side. You can't change the past but you can learnt from it. We'll come back and try to put in back-to-back performances at Lord's. We worked really hard on our catching in Spain, quite a few soar hands coming back from that."

Man of the Match, no surprise, is Joe Root "Really thrilled to be part of this win, as a team we were exceptional. First up in an Ashes you want to put a marker down, hopefully we can back it up at Lord's. I managed to just get through early in my innings, but you just have to ride the wave. Thankfully it was my day. When they attack, I fell it's the best time to attack as well. I've always had someone at the other end to build partnerships, thought Gary and Ben were exceptional."

That just about wraps things up for our live coverage of this match. We'll be back on Thursday to bring you all the action from the second Test at Lord's. Can Australia bounce back or is the force with England? We'll soon find out. We'll have plenty of analysis and reaction through the evening, starting with the match report. For now, though, from Gnasher, Alan and Karthik it's goodbye and thanks for all your comments during the game.

Ali to Hazlewood, OUT, in the air...and it's all over! And who else would take the catch but Joe Root! Tossed up by Moeen, Hazlewood tries to go down the ground, gets underneath the ball and Root settles under it at long-off

JR Hazlewood c Root b Ali 14 (17m 17b 2x4 0x6) SR: 82.35

Morgan: "Are we sure Ashton Agar isn't able to come out and bat?"

Ali to Hazlewood, no run, a little fuller, on middle, defended
Ali to Hazlewood, no run, round the wicket, defended on the back foot

70 | (wicket maiden) | AUS: 242/9

  • Nathan Lyon0 (5b)
  • Josh Hazlewood14 (14b)
  • Joe Root6-1-28-2
  • Moeen Ali16-4-59-2
Root to Lyon, no run, a little wider outside off, onto the front foot and pats to silly point
Root to Lyon, no run, prods forward and blocks
Root to Lyon, no run, appeal for lbw, Lyon going for the sweep, got outside the line of off stump

Four men around the bat and a short midwicket

Root to Lyon, no run, gets forward and works this to short leg
Root to Lyon, no run, over the wicket, full at the stumps, defended to the leg side

One to go for England, for what would be one of the finest wins since, well, beating New Zealand at Lord's?

Root to Johnson, OUT, edged to slip! Root and Lyth again. Johnson on the charge, this time it's more of a wild heave than a controlled shot and he gets an inside edge which is a much simpler catch this time for Lyth

MG Johnson c Lyth b Root 77 (124m 94b 9x4 2x6) SR: 81.91

pradeep: "Dont lose hope yet... Josh Hazlewood has the highest average 53.50, among Australians!"

69 | 5 Runs | AUS: 242/8

  • Josh Hazlewood14 (14b)
  • Mitchell Johnson77 (93b)
  • Moeen Ali16-4-59-2
  • Joe Root5-0-28-1
Ali to Hazlewood, no run, tries to drive again, this out squirts off a thick inside edge to the leg side
Ali to Hazlewood, FOUR runs, over the in-field again, effortlessly dispatched down to long-off, one bounce...lovely strike
Ali to Hazlewood, no run, inside edge, but just wide of short leg...pushing forward, but the ball actually went quite straight of the fielder
Ali to Hazlewood, no run, same again, into the off side
Ali to Hazlewood, no run, forward on off stump, blocks carefully
Ali to Johnson, 1 run, goes back to a short ball, pulls strongly to deep midwicket

68 | 5 Runs | AUS: 237/8

  • Josh Hazlewood10 (9b)
  • Mitchell Johnson76 (92b)
  • Joe Root5-0-28-1
  • Moeen Ali15-4-54-2
Root to Hazlewood, 2 runs, and now he goes in the air over the off side, a confident shot by Hazlewood but it's out of the rough so England won't mind that
Root to Hazlewood, no run, big spin! Lovely delivery, pitches outside off and spits past the outside edge, turns straight to slip
Root to Johnson, 1 run, down he drives straight down the ground, beats Root's dive, finds long-off
Root to Johnson, no run, down the pitch, not to the pitch so pads it away
Root to Johnson, no run, full from round the wicket, pushed to the on side
Root to Johnson, 2 runs, driven inside out through the covers, wide of long-off and they get back for a second despite Stokes' strong arm

Derek N: "Where's Lyon?" At No. 11

67 | 9 Runs | AUS: 232/8

  • Josh Hazlewood8 (7b)
  • Mitchell Johnson73 (88b)
  • Moeen Ali15-4-54-2
  • Joe Root4-0-23-1

Daniel: "Wow, English cricket people seems to be obsessed with Yorkshire.. Boycs, Vaughn, Andrew McGlashan, George Dobell et al" It was just a fact!

Ali to Hazlewood, no run, left alone outside
Ali to Hazlewood, 2 runs, full this time, neatly pushed through the covers for another brace
Ali to Hazlewood, no run, full outside off, driven back to Moeen

Johnson on the cusp


Number of Australian batsmen who have scored a 4th innings century when batting at No. 8 or below

Take lead, win Ashes


Number of times in the last 17 Ashes that the team taking a 1-0 lead has won the series. Exceptions were in 2005 and 1997.

A persisting problem


Number of times Shane Watson has been dismissed LBW, the most for any Australian batsman in the last 10 years

Smith does have a weakness


Steven Smith's batting average in the 4th innings of a Test match. He averages 89.6 in the first innings

Costly? we'll find out


Chris Rogers' score when he was dropped by Joe Root off James Anderson's bowling in the 3rd over of the inns

Twin Successes


Instances in the last 22 years of an England batsman making a hundred and a fifty during a home Ashes Test - Root & Bell

An Innings of 2 halves


Balls faced by Ian Bell for his first 31 runs. He needed 57 balls for his next 29 runs

All or nothing


Runs scored by England between the 12th and 16th overs (run rate of 9.8). The 11th and 17th overs were maidens

Jimmy jumps Curtly


Number of Test wickets for Anderson, overtaking Ambrose (405) to go 11th on the overall list of top wicket-takers in Tests

Australia up against it


Instances of ENG losing an Ashes Test at home after gaining a lead of 100+ runs in the 1st innings - at Old Trafford, 1961

Brad the Bunny


Number of times James Anderson has dismissed Brad Haddin, more than any other bowler

not capitalising


Instance of Nos. 3, 4, 5 & 6 being dismissed in the 30s - happened to Smith, Clarke, Voges and Watson in the 1st innings