4th Investec Test, Australia tour of England and Ireland at Nottingham, Aug 6-8 2015
(72.4 ov)
60 & 253
England won by an innings and 78 runs
Player Of The Match
AUS 2nd Innings
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end of over 735 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 253/10CRR: 3.48 
Adam Voges51 (118)
Mark Wood17.4-3-69-3
Ben Stokes21-8-36-6

So there we go England win the Ashes on this third morning of the fourth Test with victory here at Trent Bridge by an innings and 78 runs, quite incredible and, worth noting, Joe Root has moved to become the No. 1 batsman in the world. Deep breath, take it all in, and we'll see you again at The Oval on August 20. Stick around for all best analysis and reaction but goodbye for now...

England have cracked open the champagne in the dressing room, there will be more champagne to spray at the Presentation. The officials get their medals, easy gig for them this week. Man of the Match goes to Stuart Broad for a most incredible display of bowling in the first innings. 8 for 15 he took, the best figures by a fast bowler in Ashes cricket. "It's been an amazing series. I wanted to bat first! But it turned out a good toss to win and the catching was spectacular. A lot of hard work has gone into these last four weeks. Our last four innings, different guys have got five-fors and that shows have well we have bowled as a group. The balance of the bowling unit has been perfect - the first time we've been able to settle into a five-man attack since Freddie was around."

Alastair Cook: "To Michael from the England team, you should be remembered for being a fantastic cricketer, congratulations. But I can't believe what we have achieved this week." Cook now getting emotional. "When you lose five-nil, there's a turnover of players but you see what talent there is in the country and we saw the end potential here. Ben Stokes was fantastic here. Joe Root has gone from strength to strength - they have driven this side forward - and the senior players have led so well. Broad and Jimmy, the support I receive from them means a lot. It comes down to hard work and a lot has been done over the past months. Peter Moores isn't here but the development started with him. Today is about the team going through that 'journey' and the tough times and that moment when Woody gets the last wicket is what you play for. The players have embraced showing off their talent and I had to try and follow that too. Trevor has just turned up so let's not give him too much credit! He has allowed us to go out and play the way we have. Paul Farbrace has been the constant and has led this turnaround. We want to go to The Oval now and put on a good display."

Clarke again: "It wasn't from lack of trying, the Australian boys have given it their all but we've been beaten by the better team. When you think you're doing well, you're just one duck away from playing poorly. When England have had the momentum they have run with it. Anderson, Broad and Stokes in this game showed what you need to do in conditions like this. A tour too far? Maybe for the captain. I'll always hold myself accountable and I have been nowhere near where I want to be and certainly haven't lead from the front. Retirement isn't the hardest decision when you perform as I have performed over the last series. It's the right time to walk away now. I've been very lucky to play over 100 Tests. I've had the chance to learn from some older players and now have had the chance to give back." Clarke pauses getting a little emotional. "There's so much talent in that dressing room, the guys can bounce back. The potential is there." Clarke gets a warm hand from the crowd...

Here's Michael Clarke: "England showed us how to execute with the ball in this series, we have to be honest and say the have outplayed us in this series. I will have one more Test in my career and then retire. I don't want to jump ship now so I'll have one last Test. You never want to walk away from the game but my performances have not been acceptable to me. You build yourself up for the big series, I've tried my best but now it's time for the next captain to try and get the team ready for the next Ashes."

For Australia, they have been routed against all predictions, no-one anticipated not just this scoreline but the results we have seen too. Some news, Michael Clarke has confirmed he will retire at the end of the series. Where does that leave him for The Oval? He might not get in the side on form and might it be the perfect chance to hand the reins over to Steven Smith? Either way, the have to find some kind of a response for the fifth Test but that's for another day. Peter: "Simply the worst Australian series performance in decades. Not much else can be said"...

From ball one in this Test they have totally dominated the match. #Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves...# sings the crowd as England parade around the ground, Jimmy Anderson among them too, he's hoping to be fit for the celebration at The Oval in a couple of weeks but England have done the business here without their leading wicket-taker in Tests. Eight for Stuart Broad in the first innings, six for Ben Stokes in the second - both Test bests. Mark Wood played his part too and brings out his imaginary horse impression in front of the Radcliffe Road stand...

A quite remarkable turnaround for England from the hammering they received in Australia 18 months ago and the humiliation at the World Cup more recently but this is some of the best cricket have produced, three mighty wins in four Tests - what on earth happened at Lord's you might say! - but the Ashes regained and the new coaching team of Trevor Bayliss and Paul Farbrace have worked wonders already...

Always a little strange when you know what's coming but still a wonderful moment for

England, they come together in a big huddle on the outfield and celebrate another thumping victory. The margin here by an innings and 78 runs and England have won the Ashes the fourth series in succession they have won at home. "Incredible," says the England captain Alastair Cook...

Wood to Lyon, OUT
full length outside off, goes to leave and drags it into the stumps!! And England have regained the Ashes! Lyon couldn't get the bat out of the way in time, a thick bottom edge cannoned into the middle and leg stumps and Lyon is removed, Wood the man to finish the job and it's taken 41 minutes this morning for England to polish the Australians off
NM Lyon b Wood 4 (15m 12b 1x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Wood to Lyon, FOUR runs
awww Ly-no! Leg glance for four fine of long leg
Wood to Lyon, no run
wide line outside off stump and let go
Wood to Voges, 1 run
back of a length, short-arm pull away wide of mid-on but just a single so five balls at Lyon coming up

Alex: "Would be good for Broad to finish off what he started, don't you think?" Might not get the chance...

end of over 72Maiden
AUS: 248/9CRR: 3.44 
Nathan Lyon0 (9)
Adam Voges50 (117)
Ben Stokes21-8-36-6
Mark Wood17-3-64-2
Stokes to Lyon, no run
floaty wide one this time, Ly-no not tempted and Australia survive another over
Stokes to Lyon, no run
much too wide and Ly-no can forget about this one
Stokes to Lyon, no run
swings back into off stump, safely defended again
Stokes to Lyon, no run
back across the off stump to block into the covers, touch short from Stokes
Stokes to Lyon, no run
wide line and left alone here
Stokes to Lyon, no run
full swinging away from the right-hander, this is poked at by Lyon and plays and misses

Sunshine poking through now...

end of over 71Maiden
AUS: 248/9CRR: 3.49 
Adam Voges50 (117)
Nathan Lyon0 (3)
Mark Wood17-3-64-2
Ben Stokes20-7-36-6
Wood to Voges, no run
full back towards off stump, this is blocked to mid-on
Wood to Voges, no run
bumper, first this morning, ducked
Wood to Voges, no run
full length two feet wide of off stump, this is let go
Wood to Voges, no run
back on off stump, this is dug out back to the bowler
Wood to Voges, 4 byes
full swinging way down leg and whistles away past the keeper, no chances for Buttler