Player of the Match
Player of the Match

46 | 10 Runs | ENG: 365/9 (14 runs required, RR: 7.93)

  • Steven Finn6 (4b)
  • Chris Jordan3 (2b)
  • Grant Elliott1-0-9-0
  • Nathan McCullum9-0-86-3

Another amazing game and we have three more to come. Sunday at the Ageas Bowl is the next stop, join us at 10am BST for that one. From Gnasher and myself Alex Winter, bye for now...

Presentation time. Ross Taylor for Man of the Match do you think? Indeed he is. "I was probably trying a little too hard in the Test series but here I'm just concentrating on going out to express myself and so far so good."

Eoin Morgan: "Epic game to play in, the style of cricket we emulated today, I am very proud of. Our fielding was a little disappointing but credit to New Zealand for the way they structured their innings. The chase wasn't a problem for us, it was a case of keeping that up into the late 30s, early 40s overs. When you chase a big score the manner in which you play and the way you take the game to the opposition is important. I struck it well today and it's close to my best again. The mood in the camp is superb. Personally I think D/L will change as the game changes but we were just glad we got back out there. It's such exciting cricket to play."

Brendon McCullum: "I was terrified at times! England are playing a totally different brand of cricket to what they have played recently. Credit to us for holding our nerve at the end there. I though 398 was a good start but the wicket was excellent. There were times when I though we were in front but they came back at us. The weather helped us but it was a tremendous game of cricket. Kane was superb and Ross combined with a few partnerships to accelerate the score, it was outstanding from Ross and we knew we needed a big score and he delivered. The next three games promises to be cracking cricket again. The crowds in the games to come should be excited."

The Kiwis put up a superb innings having won the toss. It was all-go from ball one yet again with Brendon McCullum firing before Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor took over in a superb stand with Taylor going through to a brilliant century - his best for some time really. Unlike the first rubber, this was excellent batting from New Zealand and that's where they have ultimately won the game, despite England's game pursuit, a mention also for their outstanding fielding, in particular that late catch...

New Zealand level the series in an outstanding game. Another belter of a wicket has seen the highest aggregate of runs in an ODI in England. Remarkable once again. England made 400 on Tuesday and were going exceptionally well in pursuit of the target here, only for the rain to cut short their momentum and they were left with a nigh-on impossible target with those revised conditions. Who knows what might have happened without that rain? All we know is that New Zealand have won and the series heads to Southampton on Sunday all square...

Elliott to Finn, no run, length ball, swing and a miss
Elliott to Finn, 2 runs, another leg side heave, this time deep midwicket comes to his left to field
Elliott to Finn, FOUR runs, full toss wide of off stump, Finn whacks it wide of midwicket
Elliott to Jordan, 1 run, plunked down the ground, to long-off and that will do it, just a single

Jordan is in pain here...

Elliott to Jordan, 2 runs, full outside off, slapped to deep cover and they come back for two
Elliott to Finn, 1 bye, full between the batsman and stumps, Finn swings and misses, Jordan runs a bye and Finn scrambles up the other end in time

So it's now 24 to win from six balls and Grant Elliott to bowl and Steven Finn on strike, surely there's no final twist in this?

45 | 10 Runs 2 Wkts | ENG: 355/9 (24 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.88, RRR: 24.00)

  • Chris Jordan0 (0b)
  • Nathan McCullum9-0-86-3
  • Tim Southee9-0-68-0
NL McCullum to Rashid, OUT, slapped down the ground has Rashid done this here, no!! Long-on come around to take the catch but he's running over the rope so throws it back and then another catch! What a superb piece of fielding and surely that's the game. Tim Southee with the initial catch, realised he was going over the rope so flicked the ball back at the last second but Boult was there in time to reach up with a left-hand and make the second grab. What a bit of work, typically brilliant from New Zealand

AU Rashid c Boult b NL McCullum 34 (42m 26b 6x4 0x6) SR: 130.76

Another boundary needed...

NL McCullum to Rashid, FOUR runs, steps to leg and slaps this over cover, great timing and a badly-needed boundary

NZ's triple century


ODI wins for New Zealand. They are the eighth team to achieve this milestone

A mountain of runs


The match aggregate, the highest in an ODI in England, and the third-highest overall

Mid-innings high


England's score midway through their innings, their highest 25-over score in a 50-over ODI since 2001

Back to old ways


Number of 50+ scores for Williamson in his last 10 ODI innings. He had thirteen 50+ scores in the 17 innings before that

Shifting down


New Zealand's run rate during the first 7 overs (60 runs). They only scored at 4.7 in the next 7 overs (33 runs)