Player of the Match
Player of the Match

44 | 20 Runs | ENG: 350/3 | RR: 7.95

  • Joe Root106 (97b)
  • Ben Stokes19 (12b)
  • Mitchell Santner4-0-32-0
  • Tim Southee10-0-70-1

Phew. Well, to sum up: Morgan brilliant. England record. Series level. See you at Durham, Saturday, 10am BST...

Presentation time, before we get to the captains a mention of Steve Davis who is retiring from umpiring and walks off having stood in his last game here Cheers Steve. Onto the skippers, what does Brendon McCullum make of all this: "Incredible run chase, I thought we had a whole lot of runs on the board but we have been blown off the park. We need to be a bit better. We lacked a bit of accuracy with the ball and against good players there is no room for error. Trent is a big loss but we're still confident with the attack we've got, we just weren't good enough. I was confident with 349 on the board, I didn't think the wicket would play as good as it did, they got off to a great start and we weren't able to drag them back. Throughout 50 overs you are always going to have a lull, we had that in the Powerplay but still, I thought we had enough runs up. Eoin is a champion bloke and in the form of his life, credit to him. We came here to try to win this series and I'm sure there's one more cliffhanger to come. Just thanks also to Steve Davis, he's been an outstanding custodian of the game."

The Man of the Match is, of course, Eoin Morgan: "Full credit to the boys, we set the tone early playing unbelievable cricket. We thought their score was 25 over par but we played out of our skins. I thought our bowling was reasonable, we tried to be flexible and change our plans and angles but we got together after drinks and said if we can keep them to around 340 we can chase that down. Woody and Finn were outstanding. The carefree attitude is helping my batting, concentrating on the process rather than the result and I've really enjoyed going up to No. 4. I still think the style is most important than the result now up at Durham. It's very encouraging at the moment."

There was almost nothing New Zealand could do. They are missing Trent Boult and Corey Anderson but could they actually have done much against batsmen in such form and conditions stacked in their favour? You have to simply say they didn't get enough runs and that poor second Powerplay - just 23 runs scored - has probably cost them here. 375 has to be considered a score to be confident with based on the evidence in this series. Once again we've had a cracking wicket and a truly memorable game.

This chase was given a rollicking start by Alex Hales and Jason Roy, their best alliance of this series so far and then Joe Root and Eoin Morgan took over with a wonderful partnership, continuing the superb attitude to batting England have taken in the series. This was their best effort. Root played with his usual dependency but Morgan has been a revelation this series, playing with such fluency and style, striking of the highest order, everything timed perfectly. It was a majestic hundred, surely he hasn't played better than this.

Mark: "Russell Crowe, Wilson Winnery, Glenn Turner, Jonah Lomu, Martin Crowe... Your lads took one hell of a beating!" haha we'll let you have that one tonight...

Utterly incredible, England have won by seven wickets and pulled off the highest chase in their history and the fourth-highest ODI chase ever. Quite unbelievable for an England team, so miserably awful just a few months ago, to come out and do something like this. I and everyone else I'm sure cannot believe this. Not only have England chased down 350, they have absolutely cruised home with six overs to spare. Just outrageous.

Santner to Root, FOUR runs, length ball, Root down on one knee pulls and that will do it, four through midwicket
Santner to Stokes, 1 run, fired in and this is just tapped out to deep cover
Santner to Stokes, FOUR runs, and another, this straighter and hammered in front of the deep midwicket this time, such power
Santner to Stokes, SIX runs, goes again and nails this properly, way back into the bleachers
Santner to Stokes, FOUR runs, slog sweep off the stumps, smeared leg side and finds the gap at midwicket
Santner to Root, 1 run, low full toss, this is clipped out to deep midwicket

43 | 3 Runs | ENG: 330/3 (20 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 7.67, RRR: 2.85)

  • Ben Stokes4 (8b)
  • Joe Root101 (95b)
  • Tim Southee10-0-70-1
  • Mitchell Santner3-0-12-0
Southee to Stokes, no run, length just outside off, this is driven off a thick inside edge up to mid-on
Southee to Root, 1 run, wider on the bowling crease, goes to pull again, this comes off the gloves wide of the keeper for a single
Southee to Root, 2 runs, back of a length, pulled away, oh it's a top edge towards midwicket, fielding running back dives...and can't get there! Root goes to a century, a lovely innings
Southee to Root, no run, two feet wide of off stump, this is driven to cover going to his left, dot again
Southee to Root, no run, back foot punch inside mid-on but again no run available
Southee to Root, no run, back foot drive back to the bowler

Root two for a ton...

42 | 1 Run | ENG: 327/3 (23 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 7.78, RRR: 2.87)

  • Ben Stokes4 (7b)
  • Joe Root98 (90b)
  • Mitchell Santner3-0-12-0
  • Ben Wheeler8-1-75-0
Santner to Stokes, no run, gentle flick from leg stump to short long leg
Santner to Stokes, no run, goes for the reverse sweep, misses and it goes past leg stump
Santner to Stokes, no run, full on middle and leg, this is whipped to midwicket
Santner to Root, 1 run, wide outside off, leans out to drive this to deep cover
Santner to Root, no run, not quite as full, tries to whip this leg side and finds mid-on

An upcoming First


Runs that Brendon McCullum needs in order to become the first NZ batsman to score 1000+ ODI runs against ENG

Racking them up


Number of innings per 50+ score for Martin Guptill, the best ratio for any New Zealand opener (min. 30 inns)

Enjoying batting together


Runs scored by Tayor and Williamson. The 2 other NZ pairs to post 2000+ runs together are Astle-Fleming and Guptill-McCullum

Williamson fastest to 3000


Innings in which Kane Williamson reached 3000 ODI runs, the fastest by an NZ batsman and the 5th-fastest ever

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Number of times Kane Williamson has scored 300+ runs in a bilateral ODI series, more than any other NZ batsman

England to make history?


The biggest target successfully achieved during an ODI in England - India v England, 2002 (Natwest Series Final)

Quick 100 runs


Number of overs (or 63 balls) in which England reached 100, their second-fastest in ODIs (since 2002). Fastest is 56 balls (v IND, 2011)

Leading from the front


Number of 50+ scores for Eoin Morgan this series, the most by an England captain in any ODI series

At a canter


Balls to spare when England achieved victory, the second-most in ODIs where 350+ has been successfully chased down