Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Time for the presentation:

Misbah: We lost wickets and in first 10 overs we were nowhere, had no momentum and they bowled really well. We were 70-80 runs short and 280-290 would have been a good score. Really pleased to see Shahid Afridi bat well, he's bowling too. I'm getting better in the practice games, scores some runs and it was difficult to come after two months but I have scored runs. When you defend this sort of total, you have to try to take wickets but sometimes you give away runs.

Brendon McCullum: Pretty professional bowling and fielding was outstanding, probably the best this summer, the intensity was good. The seamers were able to swing the ball today and it's nice when you get the rewards. Guppi has been playing really nicely, especially in the nets, doesn't look like he's away from a big score. Taylor always finds ways to score runs and it was a well-thought out partnership.

Elliott is the Man of the Match: Trent, Millsy and Milne were outstanding at the top and I was lucky enough to get a couple of wickets. Never experienced anything like that (Irfan's bowling), he's an outstanding bowler. It's an outstanding environment to be involved in, in this team.

That's all we have from the first ODI in Wellington. NZ are up 1-0 and the action will move to Napier on February 3rd. Do join us again that day, and the World Cup will be here before you know it. Until then, ciao!

9.15pm That's a comprehensive win from New Zealand, they were better in all three departments today. Bowled tight lines, took wickets regularly, fielded very well, and chased down 211 with more than 10 overs to spare. They are looking strong as ever.

Pakistan's batting will have to pull up their socks if they wish to do well in the World Cup, only one more match to go for them. They also need to see if this combination of four bowlers only and Haris Sohail as fifth bowler will work in these conditions, or if they should play an extra bowler.

johnc: "NZ, AUS, SA look great. Hard to understand how IND don't have a solid team with the amount of cricket they play/have played in the last 12 months. "

kailesh: "south africa ....they lack confidence in their spinners ... and more importantly their pace attack hasnt performed that well in australia ... their batting is just perfect"

Ehsan Adil to Elliott, FOUR runs, this one's fuller and Elliott finishes it with a crunching drive through cover point and point
Ehsan Adil to Elliott, no run, slashes at this one outside off, point dives to his right and stops it
Ehsan Adil to Taylor, 1 run, length delivery outside off, steered to deep point for one

Bowling change - time for Ehsan Adil

39 | 5 Runs | NZ: 208/3 (3 runs required from 10.3 overs, RR: 5.33, RRR: 0.27)

  • Grant Elliott60 (66b)
  • Ross Taylor58 (80b)
  • Mohammad Irfan10-2-60-1
  • Shahid Afridi10-0-39-1
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, no run, tries to pull the short ball again and he takes it on the body this time
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, FOUR runs, errs on the short ball and Elliott pulls it behind square on the leg side for four in the gap
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, no run, back of length around off, defends it solidly on the off side

Kailesh: "this nz team looks to be the most complete team of this world cup" How about South Africa?

Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, no run, pushes at this one outside off as it angles away, and misses
Mohammad Irfan to Taylor, 1 run, around length on off, pushed to point for one
Mohammad Irfan to Taylor, no run, beats him with the away-swinging delivery outside off, nearly squaring up Taylor

Srihari: "Elliott once again showing just why he is the perfect No.5, rotating strike, building partnerships, but also the power hitting in the end along with some good bowling, its hard to see why everyone wanted the hit-and-miss Neesham ahead of the ever-reliable Elliott"

38 | 6 Runs | NZ: 203/3 (8 runs required from 10.3 overs, RR: 5.34, RRR: 0.66)

  • Grant Elliott56 (62b)
  • Ross Taylor57 (78b)
  • Shahid Afridi10-0-39-1
  • Mohammad Irfan9-2-55-1
Shahid Afridi to Elliott, no run, short and flat outside off, he cuts but doesn't middle it
Shahid Afridi to Taylor, 1 run, touch short of length on middle, pushed down to long on

Down to single digits now

Shahid Afridi to Elliott, 1 run, full on the stumps, driven down to long off for one
Shahid Afridi to Taylor, 3 runs, fullish on the pads, clipped away to deep midwicket, far from Irfan and they take three to bring up the 100 partnership
Shahid Afridi to Elliott, 1 run, flat and angling in from outside off, punched to sweeper cover for one
Shahid Afridi to Elliott, no run, flat outside off, inside edge off the cut goes to short fine leg

37 | 8 Runs | NZ: 197/3 (14 runs required from 10.3 overs, RR: 5.32, RRR: 1.07)

  • Grant Elliott54 (58b)
  • Ross Taylor53 (76b)
  • Mohammad Irfan9-2-55-1
  • Shahid Afridi9-0-33-1
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, 1 run, fullish outside off, drives it on the up to third man for one
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, no run, 118kph, beats him with the slower ball! It was a length delivery from leg stump with the angle, Elliott looked to defend and missed it completely
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, 2 runs, full outside off and he drives it in the air, but just past cover for two in the gap
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, FOUR runs, short ball again, Elliott hooks and sends it fine enough down the leg side to beat fine leg. That's his fifty, he's been in good form recently
Mohammad Irfan to Elliott, no run, bouncer towards the batsman, he looked to hook and let it go over him
  • Afridi - 231, rest - 53

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New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st31BB McCullumMJ Guptill
2nd44MJ GuptillTWM Latham
3rd26LRPL TaylorMJ Guptill
4th112GD ElliottLRPL Taylor