Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 5 Runs | WI: 291/7 (149 runs required, RR: 5.82)

  • Jason Holder21 (25b)
  • Darren Sammy25 (41b)
  • Morne Morkel10-0-43-2
  • Dale Steyn10-0-29-1

A remarkable record-breaking day here in Johannesburg. The end result is South Africa are 2-0 up in the series and head to East London to try and snap this series up. 1.30pm start, see you then, take a few deep breaths after this today...

I don't think we need the Presentation to see who is Man of the Match but it will be nice to hear AB de Villiers' thoughts: "Lots of credit to Rilee and Hash up front, it allowed myself to free up. It was always going to be a lot of aggressive batting around Hash. He's a world class batsman, he's making it look easy and taking the pressure off us. I had a lot of time to warm up in the changing room, thinking about how I was playing. I actually wanted David Miller to go in but Russell made a great call, he told me to go in. I played my knock even before I came out to bat, I really wanted to go today. I was on 92 when I knew the record was close and I wasn't going to take singles!"

What does poor Jason Holder make of that? "Tough game, AB took it away from us. We weren't doing too badly in the middle overs but he took it away from us. I thought we could have nailed our yorkers better. A lot of the seniors guys have helped me out these that two games and we can move forward. It was commendable the way Sulieman bowled today, hats off to him. Credit to the two guys who did well with the bat, that's something to work with. We just need to put this behind us."

De Villiers' carnage came off the back of a record opening partnership for South Africa which included a maiden century for Rilee Rossouw and a career-best score for Hashim Amla. But both those knocks were blown out of the water by de Villiers who blasted it from ball one and timed everything in sight. His knock included 16 sixes and the ball disappeared to all parts courtesy of some incredible strokemaking.

They didn't need to do too much in this second innings but South Africa have bowled pretty well, Dale Steyn especially, to close out a 148-run win. But it was of course the carnage in the first innings that set this up. West Indies in fact lost by one fewer run than AB de Villiers made! And of course he made them in just 44 balls, going past 100 in 31 for the fastest ODI century, it was quite remarkable.

Morkel to Holder, no run, length ball on off stump, blocked back to the bowler, what a nondescript end!
Morkel to Holder, no run, short again, right at the batsman who's up on his toes to drop at his feet, well played
Morkel to Holder, no run, tighter line, gets a bat on this to drive to extra-cover
Morkel to Holder, no run, fuller length, moves away a tad and beats the outside edge with Holder trying to drive through cover
Morkel to Holder, 1 wide, shorter and now a wide
Morkel to Holder, no run, back of a length outside off, keeps the hands inside the line
Morkel to Holder, FOUR runs, full length on off stump and Holder strikes beautifully through the line, what timing, inside mid-off races away

One more to come then, not the best second innings, West Indies have never been remotely within a slight chance of chasing these...

49 | 7 Runs | WI: 286/7 (154 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.83, RRR: 154.00)

  • Darren Sammy25 (41b)
  • Jason Holder17 (19b)
  • Dale Steyn10-0-29-1
  • Imran Tahir10-0-60-1

Quality spell from Steyn...

Steyn to Sammy, no run, wide line and left alone
Steyn to Holder, 1 run, back on a full length wide of off stump, driven out to deep cover

And the dream dies!

Steyn to Holder, FOUR runs, drops the length and Holders pulls for four backward of square!!


Steyn to Holder, no run, tighter line, driven straight to backward point


Steyn to Holder, no run, two feet outside off on a length, left alone



This is the first time there has been three centuries in an ODI innings. There had been 116 instances of two centuries in an innings prior to this.



12th ODI score over 400. Of which five were by India, three by SA. Five of the twelve were in India, four in SA.



Number of half-centuries by Chris Gayle in his last 14 ODI innings, stretching back to June 2013. An average of 15.92