1st T20I (N), Dubai (DSC), Dec 4 2014, New Zealand tour of United Arab Emirates
(19.1/20 ov, target 136)
Pakistan won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
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That's all from today, but we will be back again in less than 24 hours for the second match of the series. Don't go away too far.. or too long. Ciao ciao.

Shahid Afridi: "It's difficult to come back after a long time, but this is how it has been for the last 18 years of my career. I have handled challenges all along. We had a long batting line-up so we were confident. But the credit goes to the bowlers for bowling brilliantly, then Sarfraz played an excellent innings. He is in great form. The atmosphere within the team is great at the moment and if it continues like this, Pakistan will do better in the coming days."

Kane Williamson: "We want to improve on our performance. There were things that went wrong today: we lost wickets early today and then couldn't pick up wickets with the ball. It's great to have a look at all the players with so much cricket to come. They had a bit of dew when they were playing, but they just outplayed us."

Sarfraz Ahmed is the Man of the Match. He says, "I want to give the credit to Vicky Bhai [Waqar] and Shahid Bhai for sending me at the top of the order. It's difficult in this format to come late because you have to hit every ball but it's easier at the top as you have time to play yourself in. The sweep shot gives me confidence.

Although they took their time, Pakistan were never really tested in the chase. Sarfraz Ahmed struggled to get going against the searing pace of the NZ trio earlier but once he got set, there was no stopping him What a year he has been having! New Zealand, on the other hand, lost early wickets during their innings and a few in the latter half to end up with a middling total.

valiant: "Neesham : 6 runs scored 6 runs spent ... Brilliant "

talha Hameed: "With this victory, Pakistan becomes the 1st team ever to win 50 T20I matches. "

Neil: "Well done Neesham, ends up withan economy rate of 36.00 Runs per over!"

Neesham to Umar Akmal, SIX runs
superb hit! It's full on the stumps and Umar Akmal just deposits it over long on with a beautiful straight hit. Pakistan win this comfortably. Just one ball for Neesham then...

And Neesham shows up finally..

end of over 198 runs
PAK: 134/3CRR: 7.05 • RRR: 2.00 • Need 2 runs from 6b
Umar Akmal21 (13)
Sarfaraz Ahmed76 (64)
Anton Devcich2-0-19-0
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-21-1
Devcich to Umar Akmal, 1 run
tucked away to square leg for another single
Devcich to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run
he waits in the crease and chops it towards point for another single
Devcich to Sarfraz Ahmed, no run
pushes this one wide outside off, the batsman, looking for the wide, leaves it alone
Devcich to Umar Akmal, 1 run
quicker delivery on the stumps, nudged to the right of midwicket for another single
Devcich to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run
paddles this to the left of short fine leg for a quick single

hadi: "will this come down to that one over where NZ would wish they had a Maxwell of their own in their team?"

Devcich to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR runs
tossed up delivery, that is murdered over the bowler's head. One bounce and four. Pakistan one shot away now

Just 10 runs needed. Plenty of T20 time for those runs. Devcich comes in

end of over 185 runs
PAK: 126/3CRR: 7 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 10 runs from 12b
Sarfaraz Ahmed70 (60)
Umar Akmal19 (11)
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-21-1
Nathan McCullum4-0-26-0
McClenaghan to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run
fuller delivery on the stumps, clipped to deep midwicket
McClenaghan to Sarfraz Ahmed, no run
short delivery, Sarfraz doesn't help himself by coming down the pitch.. Misses his pull shot

Ali Tabba: "And with the form he is in, and considering his experience as a captain, I expect Sarfaraz to replace (not displace) Misbah as a captain upon the latter's retirement."

McClenaghan to Umar Akmal, 1 run
comes down the pitch and gets a full toss, slices it to deep point
McClenaghan to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run
another slower delivery, bowled with a grunt. The batsman nudges it to backward square leg for another single
McClenaghan to Umar Akmal, 1 bye
superb slower delivery, beats the bat and bounces short of the keeper to beat him too.. it deflects to fine leg
McClenaghan to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run
slower bouncer, calmly clipped away to fine leg for a single

McClenaghan comes in to bowl his last

end of over 177 runs
PAK: 121/3CRR: 7.11 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 15 runs from 18b
Umar Akmal18 (9)
Sarfaraz Ahmed67 (56)
Nathan McCullum4-0-26-0
Matt Henry4-0-31-0
McCullum to Umar Akmal, 2 runs
clears his front leg and clubs it to deep midwicket

Irfan: "@farrukhshahzad...and hopefully because of that..Umar Akmal can solely focus on his batting and realize his potential and become a world class batsman!"

McCullum to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run
comes down the pitch and slogs it across the line to deep midwicket
McCullum to Sarfraz Ahmed, 2 runs
takes it on the full again but doesn't get the proper timing, couple to wide long on
McCullum to Sarfraz Ahmed, no run
comes down the pitch, takes it on the full but hits it straight to midwicket