Player of the Match
Player of the Match

1.35pm: Looks like there won't be an interview of Younis, so that brings an end to our coverage of this game. A historic win for Pakistan, some incredible records set over the course of the series, and it's been a pleasure to bring it to you. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, it's goodbye from me and Raghav. We'll leave you with a few more comments:

Imran: "I was waiting desperately to see how many "Really" misbah uses in his speech. By the look of it he only used the word twice this time. "

naveed: "In the process, Zulfiqar and Yasir made us forget that Pakistan's great spinner, Saeed Ajmal, was banned from international cricket"

Dabeer Hasan: "@Najam: Plzzz take more showers when New Zealand is Batting during Pak vs NZ series :p"

Misbah: "It's really an honour for me to lead this side, the way everybody played. Every individual performed and I'm really happy about that. I can't describe my feeling. We were working really hard and playing good cricket but not winning, we just ensured that we would keep on doing the basics. It hurt us the way we lost the [ODI] series and we were determined to come back and it's been remarkable for our side. It's really good to have a youngster like [Yasir]. Playing a side like Australia, for the first time, he's got really good temperament, and in the coming future he can really deliver for us. The way Azhar Ali, Ahmed Shehzad and Asad Shafiq have batted, and Sarfraz is really a find. These guys are going to play for the next 7-8 years and we have a side for the future. Everybody is in form [ahead of the New Zealand series], everyone is full of confidence, and after that the World Cup."

Lots of awards for Pakistan's players, including "most colourful innings" to Azhar Ali. The big ones: Misbah-ul-Haq is the man of the match and Younis Khan is the man of the series.

First up, Michael Clarke: "They played outstanding cricket in both Tests and we have been outplayed. Unfortunately, all three facets [failed]. It's been the track record of Australian cricket [in Asia] for a long time, unfortunately."

1.25pm It's time for the presentation.

1.20pm Australia lost their last five wickets for eight runs. And that meant some of you missed the climactic moments:

Najam: "Went away to take a shower and before I returned it was all over. Perhaps the only half hour of play I missed in this match -_-"

Arjmand: "Is it one of those times, when a different Pakistan breaks out? Or a new era, where a new breed is gelling well with their seasoned veterans? Whatever, be the case, it is a much needed performance for all the fans who endured a really bad phase of Pakistan cricket. Very well done Team Pakistan. This is more like the Pakistan, Imran, Javed, Wasim and Others had built..."

Richard: "At the point that Pakistan had scored 507 runs - Australia's total for the entire match - they had only lost 3 wickets."

Hadi: "If nobody realized, Zulfi picked up his second 5 for!" Indeed. I was a bit too caught up in the excitement to notice :)

1.13pm Pakistan win by 356 runs. It's their biggest win over any team by a runs margin. There was never really any doubt they would wrap it up. Smith and Marsh batted well in the morning but there was just too much time left in the match for them to be able to pull off the draw. Once Pakistan got through to the lower order, their spinners just ran through them. Clever captaincy from Misbah to keep them on in tandem with the second new ball. They really made that extra grip and zip count.

Zulfiqar Babar to Lyon, OUT, lbw appeal, becomes a bat-pad appeal as it pops to silly point, and it's been given out caught. It seemed to slide on with the angle as he pressed forward to defend, and that looked like pad onto bat and Azhar takes it after a bit of a juggle. Lyon doesn't review, and Pakistan have wrapped up the most dominant series victory possible. They are now No. 3 in the Test rankings.

NM Lyon c Azhar Ali b Zulfiqar Babar 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Zulfiqar Babar to Siddle, 1 run, down the track now and he hits it, or mishits it, uppishly towards long-on but it drops well short of him
Zulfiqar Babar to Siddle, no run, length ball outside off. Siddle goes on the back foot to defend

Here's Lyon, who batted pretty well at No. 3 in the first innings. Australia still have a 0.000000000001 per cent chance of saving this game.

88 | 2 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 245/9

  • Peter Siddle3 (9b)
  • Yasir Shah22-4-44-3
  • Zulfiqar Babar32-2-119-4
Yasir Shah to Starc, OUT, got him! this was straighter and tossed up slowly, and Starc went for the big hit over the leg side. He missed, and the ball turned past his inside edge and left his stumps in an awful mess

MA Starc b Yasir Shah 2 (16m 21b 0x4 0x6) SR: 9.52

Yasir Shah to Starc, no run, big appeal for caught behind as it beats the outside edge again, through to the keeper. Given not out, no review
Yasir Shah to Starc, no run, angles it in from wide of the crease, doesn't turn as much, and Starc is beaten stretching forward to defend

back around the wicket now

Yasir Shah to Siddle, 1 run, googly, back of a length outside off, and he goes deep in his crease, lets it come on, and dabs it away towards third man
Yasir Shah to Starc, 1 run, tossed up high outside off and he drives powerfully down the ground and uproots middle stump at the other end. The bowler appeals, having got his foot on it, but Siddle was safely in his crease. They check with the third umpire anyway
Yasir Shah to Starc, no run, full, angled across towards off, defended off the front foot

stays over the wicket to Starc

  • 'I was trying to hit every ball for four or six' - Brendon McCullum

    Brendon McCullum has insisted that he was not aware of breaking the record for the fastest Test century until it had been announced over the Hagley Oval loudspeaker and flashed up on the big screen

  • 'We haven't learned from India defeat' - Clarke

    Michael Clarke has conceded that Australia appear not to have learnt from their crushing 4-0 defeat in India last year after losing 2-0 to Pakistan in the UAE

  • Trashing the brand

    Australia's aggression backfired spectacularly in the UAE but they do not seem ready to learn the lessons of their travel bagging

  • Bowlers were remarkable - Misbah

    Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq credited his side's belief and work ethic for the 2-0 series win in the Tests against Australia

  • Haddin cleared of shoulder fracture

    Australia are hopeful that Brad Haddin will not only be fit for the first Test against India at the Gabba next month, but also for part of the ODI series against South Africa that precedes it

In the realms of possibility?


Most balls that Australia have played to draw a Test (v WI, 1961). They need to play about 828 balls (or 138 overs) to save this Test

Toying with the Aussies


Number of times that Pakistan have declared both innings of Test - their first time against Australia

World Record, again


Misbah scored his hundred off 56 balls, equaling Viv Richards record for the fastest hundred in Tests

World Record Alert


Number of balls in which Misbah got to 50, a world record for the fastest fifty. He needed only 24 mins, also a world record

Historic High for Younis


Number of runs scored by Younis Khan in this series - the most by a Pakistan batsman in a two-match series

Third wicket triple


Number of times that a Pak pair has posted three 50+ third wicket partnerships in a series - the first was Younis/Yusuf v India (2006)

Change of gears


Runs scored by Pakistan in the first five overs. They scored 21 in the next ten.

Bang bang poof


Runs scored by Pakistan in the first over of the innings - the most runs since 2001 by any team in the first over when a wicket has fallen

Massive lead looming


Number of years since Pakistan have secured a 300+ first innings lead against Australia - this has happened twice (1988 and 1982)

The Tumbling Top


Number of times this series that Aus have lost 5 wickets for 100 runs or less

What's with No. 6


Steven Smith's average batting at No. 6 in 14 inns; he averages 52.17 batting at 5 and 60.50 batting at 7

Familiar troubles


Australia have failed to reach 100 before the fall of their fourth wicket in five of their last eight innings in Asia

Not quite the Don


No. of centuries at No. 3 by Australia's batsmen since Ponting retirement (41 innings) - both by Shane Watson.