Player of the Match
Player of the Match

This Test was like a lorry plying though the unending dry desert highway till suddenly the landscape changed to a bumpy downhill road with potholes and craters and landslides and gorges to one side. Superb match all in all. The final report is up on the site, and there is a lot of post-match analysis to come. This is DF signing off till the next Test. Ciao ciao.


Jayawardene gets a special award from Jayananda Warnaweera.

Jayawardene: "It is a special place. The best thing is the team and that shows a lot of confidence. Emotions aside we will enjoy this win,the icing on the cake. Just focusing on winning the next."

Mahela was emotional and paused several times in his brief speech. The fireworks were an interruption. Mahela patiently waited till the crackers ceased.

Herath is the Man of the Match: "It was a batsman-friendly pitch and we bowled in the right areas. We played very well. As a spinner on the 4th and 5th day I knew there would be something. Congrats to Mahela and this is the best gift for retirement."

Misbah: "Tough one. Dropped catches cost us, especially of Sangakkara and that really us. Second innings batting could have been better. The better team won. SL were at the top of their game. Our first innings performance was good, especially after losing three early wickets. Ajmal was also a positive sign, Junaid too. We need to forgot these sort of games. Sangakkara really put the pressure back on us."

Mathews: "It was one of the best games I have taken part. Herath was unbelievable. Went down to the wire in the last five games and we never gave up till the end. What an unbelievable player Mahela is, hopefully we can win the next game as well. I was praying for a bit of sunshine and we got through at the right time."

Ramiz Raja calls this a "pathetic and listless performance from Pakistan." He also said he was glad the rain didn't spoil the show because "Sri Lanka richly deserved this."

5.39 pm The firecracker stock is still alive and they have all been set alight.. IT has started to pour down.. Take a bow Angelo, you have beaten the elements here and given a perfect farewell to Mahela Jayawardene.. Sri Lanka take a 1-0 lead in the two match series. The stage is set for Jayawardene's finale at the SSC.

What drama we have had here over the last two hours ! Only 99 runs to get in 21 overs, who would have thought that it would hold the cricket fans the world over hanging on the edge.. Rain, no rain, clouds, light.. few wickets..And Sri Lanka have beaten them all.

Rewind to two days back when this match was just trundling at a snail's pace, batsmen making merry, nothing for the bowlers. .. the only result that looked certain at that stage was a draw.. then came a familiar Pakistan collapse on the last day, the credit for which has to be given to Herath and Co.. Then the last session.. woof.. I have lost my fingers.. Hang on for the presentation.

Taraka: "My word. Sri lanka have made last minute finishes their "thing"!"

kruger: "holy smoke it's raining could you believe it; rain gods hung in there to see the home team through:"

Fahad: "What an epic response from Sri Lanka after their last match defeat against Pakistan at Sharjah.."

Kamal: "It should be acknowledged fact that there is no team better than Pakistan at giving thrilling matches!"

madura: "if you look back its pak defensive strategy cost them this game. It gave sri lankan spinner more opportunity and another 20-25 runs could have changed the outcome this game. "

Mohammad Talha to Mathews, 1 run, he has done it! Angelo has done it! he dabs it to midwicket and sets off.. A direct hit would have had him.. but he makes it through

It's all over for Pakistan.. they are checking the light.. . The field comes in.. He runs in and doesn't bowl.. Angelo is not impressed..

Mohammad Talha to Mathews, SIX runs, he brings the scores level with a mighty pull! That was shot and Angelo is not waiting for this cloud .. smashes it over deep square leg .. he is super pumped

Talha comes in..

16 | 17 Runs | SL: 92/3

  • Kithuruwan Vithanage11 (8b)
  • Angelo Mathews18 (11b)
  • Junaid Khan8-0-55-2
  • Mohammad Talha2-0-5-1

Muhammad Munsif: "it's raining sixes!!"

Shan Fastian: "Rain Where the DUCK are you? *Pakistani Fans*"

Junaid Khan to Vithanage, no run, superb yorker that just misses the off stump! But this has just come too late.. He has been very expensive in this over
Junaid Khan to Vithanage, SIX runs, another short ball! That has been carted for a massive six over cow corner.. Sri Lanka are driving the lorry through.. He gets proper connection with that pull

Pakistan know this is gone now.. the reaction of their fielders is saying it.. but they need to fight on

Junaid Khan to Vithanage, no run, short ball this time, the batsman looks to hook but makes no connection
Junaid Khan to Vithanage, FOUR runs, looks for the yorker but errs on the fuller side, Vithanage finally gets some bat on it and slices it through point for a boundary.. this is fast coming to an end
Junaid Khan to Mathews, 1 run, flat-bats this from wide outside off, slapped to the fielder in the deep, reaches him on one bounce.. for a second it looked like it was going down his throat.. phew

Angelo is doing it for his senior..

Junaid Khan to Mathews, SIX runs, that has gone all the way! Angelo you beaut! It was on the length, he smashes it over the cow corner for a huge hit

24 off six..

15 | 2 Runs 1 Wkt | SL: 75/3

  • Kithuruwan Vithanage1 (4b)
  • Angelo Mathews11 (9b)
  • Mohammad Talha2-0-5-1
  • Junaid Khan7-0-38-2

Hashim: "Pakistan take two reviews.. good time to use a review? will take a min or two away :P"

Mohammad Talha to Vithanage, no run, here comes the bouncer and the batsman somehow gets away from the line.. he was looking to play a shot initially.. appeal for caught behind.. but there is nothing on that
Mohammad Talha to Vithanage, no run, oh another superb delivery! Widish outside off, it's quick and it's full, the batsman fails to get bat on that

Mike: "Wouldn't mind seeing a couple of dil-scoops in honour of another great Sri Lankan batsman!"

Mohammad Talha to Vithanage, no run, beautiful yorker outside off at this stage! Vithange is too late to bring his bat down, misses it completely

It's getting dark again ladies and gentlemen

Mohammad Talha to Mathews, 1 run, length delivery on the stumps, they take a single to deep midwicket

Jason : "Sangakkara is out ?! It shows he is only human people. Phew !"

Mohammad Talha to Vithanage, 1 run, short ball outside off, similar delivery that Sanga slapped to long on, Vithanage arches back and upper cuts it to third man

Vithanage is the new man..

But Sri Lanka are still ahead.. As long as there is someone to hit around, the wouldn't care.. Win is more important.

Sohaib: "GOT HIM - GONE!! The rain seems to have short circuited the batteries on the run machine."

Mohammad Talha to Sangakkara, OUT, he is gone! would you believe it! He looks to pull a short delivery from wide of off and only manages to top edge it to long off. What have you done Sanga!

KC Sangakkara c Khurram Manzoor b Mohammad Talha 21 (40m 22b 3x4 0x6) SR: 95.45

26 runs off seven.. Sri Lanka seem to be winning this race against the rain gods..

14 | 11 Runs | SL: 73/2

  • Angelo Mathews10 (8b)
  • Kumar Sangakkara21 (21b)
  • Junaid Khan7-0-38-2
  • Mohammad Talha1-0-3-0
Junaid Khan to Mathews, FOUR runs, that has been smashed through point! It was an attempted yorker but ended up being a low full toss, Angelo gives it one mighty thwacks and slices it though backward point.. manages to beat the fielder in the deep
Junaid Khan to Sangakkara, 1 run, length delivery on the stumps, Sanga has calmed down a bit, he punches it quietly to long on for a single
Junaid Khan to Sangakkara, no run, bowls it full on off, the batsman punches it down the ground forcefully but can't beat the bowler's outstretched left hand

It is a touch brighter than ten minutes ago..

Junaid Khan to Mathews, 1 run, length ball outside off, he punches it to long off for an easy single

All eyes on the skies..

Junaid Khan to Mathews, FOUR runs, goes round the wicket, the batsman pulls this bouncer really hard, the fine leg dives but can't get to it.. he tried that shot in the last over but makes a proper connection this time

hashim: "haha tables have turned.. last match these two teams played.. very similar situations but Lankans wanted the bad light.."

Junaid Khan to Sangakkara, 1 run, looks for the yorker but it's a low full toss, punched down to long on

37 runs, eight overs..

13 | 3 Runs | SL: 62/2

  • Angelo Mathews1 (5b)
  • Kumar Sangakkara19 (18b)
  • Mohammad Talha1-0-3-0
  • Junaid Khan6-0-27-2

D: "For the love of God Russell!!! Stop talking about the weather!!!!!!!"

Mohammad Talha to Mathews, no run, down the leg side, the batsman swings and meets only the grim air of Galle..

Russell Arnold says that the cloud is probably going away..It's getting bright according to him

Mohammad Talha to Mathews, no run, another bouncer and this is well down the leg side, Angelo swings is bat at that but makes no connection

cric-lover: "gotto to luv SL Test matches... last three have been nail biters.... "

Mohammad Talha to Mathews, no run, bowls a bouncer on the leg stump line, the batsman has to take his eyes off.. I am sure the batsmen are struggling to see the ball clearly but they wouldn't complain

Gibbo: "Easy! Six sixes and a four does it from here. Then they can beat that rain too!"

Mohammad Talha to Sangakkara, 1 run, short outside off, the batsman cuts it past point to the fielder in the deep.. The fielder is complaining he couldn't see the ball
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Taming the Best


Number of runs scored by Sangakkara against Ajmal - the most by any batsman against a single bowler (since May 2001)

Toiling for Rewards


Saeed Ajmal's most expensive five-for

Mt Misbah


Number of times Misbah-ul-Haq has been unbeaten in the fourth innings in drawn games, with three fifties in six innings