Player of the Match
Player of the Match

111 | (maiden) | SA: 159/8

  • Vernon Philander27 (98b)
  • Imran Tahir4 (21b)
  • Rangana Herath45-30-40-5
  • Dilruwan Perera44-24-60-3

That is all we have for now. Abhishek Purohit signing off. Good bye

Amla takes the series trophy, and that is the end of the presentation

Hashim Amla: "It started raining a bit so took a few overs out, credit to the guys, tough battle, lasting 110 overs on that wicket with quality spinners was credit to the guys. When we conceded 400 in the first innings, that was a setback, and then we were 13 for 2. But it set it up nicely for the end. I have enjoyed the first two Tests. The players have responded brilliantly. We have done some special things last two years, and today was another example."

Angelo Mathews: "Disappointing not to end up on the winning side, credit to the team to how they responded after the first Test. One of the best innings I have seen from Mahela, Dickwella was good as well. We did everything right, we lost only about 13 overs. It was a different wicket, not the normal SSC, it was pretty sportive, the batters had to work hard, not the normal flat wicket where it becomes a batting paradise after the first couple of sessions. They are a very hard team to beat, whether home or away."

Mahela Jayawardene has been named the Man of the Match

Jayawardene: "Lucky winning the toss, wicket was decent to bat on, capitalised on that, later on it got tougher, was a good Test, would have been great had we won the game, but South Africa managed to hold together. We enjoy playing them, they get the best out of you. I guess the body says the time is right. Enjoyed my career journey, got a few more games to go, I will enjoy with the boys."


Phew. Sri Lanka whizzed through 94 overs today. They were thwarted by rain, but their over rate was extraordinary throughout. It is in vain, though, as Philander and Tahir have survived more than eight overs to close out the draw. Morne Morkel's services were not needed

South Africa knew they were all but out of the game after Sri Lanka posted 421, and they have batted for the draw from ball one of their first innings. Well done them, and well done Hashim Amla, who batted out 541 deliveries in the Test to win his first series as captain, in the place where South Africa last lost away, back in 2006. And as additional reward, South Africa regain the No 1 ranking

Their ability to withstand a barrage of spin under pressure was under question. And this was nothing other than a barrage, a relentless one. With over rates of 20-plus, there was little time to switch off between deliveries and overs, and the stop-start with the rain earlier in the day did not help. But they have shown they are so tough to crack, across the world, in various conditions, and they have showed it in one of the most difficult places this series

Sri Lanka have had a dream run this year, but have been brought down at home in both the ODIs and Tests. The timing of the declaration last evening will be debated, but 111 overs is a fair enough tilt


Tareq: "Whoever said Test cricket is dying, must be drunk. And hats off to both teams, specially SL. They produced 3 of the most exciting Test matches in the past couple of months."

Ramesh: "Felt like I watched the movie 300. SA resistance is unparalleled."

Aadil: "It would be injustice to say rain saved SA today!! What a fightback from them?!?! 111 overs to survive in final innings and 94 on a single day with rain breaks to disrupt them..!! Hats off to their fighting spirit!! Deserving candidates for No. 1 test team!! 90 overs batted out by Amla in the test...!!"

Stefan: "I am SO grateful to be a Proteas supporter! Not because we escaped in this match, but because SL's last 4 matches would have destroyed my nerves and left me in a mental institution if I were a SL fan! "

thanju: "Adelaide, Johannesburg and now SSC, proteas prove yet again that they are the most resistant and stubborn test team when playing under the pump.... its not even a flat track...its a snake pit..."

luke: "SL probably deserved a win here, but 111 overs should also have been enough on this wicket + the quality of their spinners + the alleged lack of SA ability vs spin. SA also, imo, are back to their rightful place at the top of the test table. They have a bit of work to do (resolve) with openers and specialist spinner but they're looking like they will cope with the loss of their two main guns!"

mudhabir : "Saving a test is a piece of cake.. ask the South Africans"

Mac: "It's worth mentioning that Mathews' captaincy might have been a bit ordinary; You can't win a test match (let alone a series) with two bowlers. He should have shown more faith in his other bowlers, particularly himself and Lakmal."

luke: "Having two comments published in one test is a result but I still gotta say I will miss Mahela a lot going forward"

Herath to Philander, no run, on the front foot to defend on leg stump, and South Africa take the series with one of the most hard fought draws
Herath to Philander, no run, tossed up outside leg, Philander calmly pads it away, that should do

over the stumps

Herath to Philander, no run, tosses it up, he comes forward, two more to go

round the wicket

Herath to Philander, no run, spits away from outside leg, he forces it back down the pitch
Herath to Philander, no run, tossed up just outside leg, he comes forward to smother it
Herath to Philander, no run, tossed up from over the stumps, he is forward to defend

110 | (maiden) | SA: 159/8

  • Imran Tahir4 (21b)
  • Vernon Philander27 (92b)
  • Dilruwan Perera44-24-60-3
  • Rangana Herath44-29-40-5

Tahir seems to be cramping badly. He is lying on the ground. Just an over remains. Mahela Jayawardene stares helplessly

Perera to Imran Tahir, no run, full on the stumps, Tahir has that forward stride going perfectly
Perera to Imran Tahir, no run, lets it spin in, just outside off, and punches off the back foot

Tahir takes his time, he has walked away towards square leg

Perera to Imran Tahir, no run, another massive lunge forward outside off to push to silly point

The batsmen have a chat, some more seconds gone

Perera to Imran Tahir, no run, full, driven to short extra cover
Perera to Imran Tahir, no run, Tahir lunges forward as much as he can, retains balance, and manages to smother it
Perera to Imran Tahir, no run, shout for a catch at silly point as he presses forward, the umpires converse, tossed up around off, Tahir lunges forward, pushes it onto the foot, it then hits the ground and goes to the fielder. This has taken a chunk out of the dying moments

About five minutes to go

109 | 6 Runs | SA: 159/8

  • Vernon Philander27 (92b)
  • Imran Tahir4 (15b)
  • Rangana Herath44-29-40-5
  • Ajantha Mendis13-8-17-0
Herath to Philander, FOUR runs, flicks it in but it is too short and Philander has put it away in front of square from the crease
Herath to Philander, no run, another forward stride to push to silly point
Herath to Philander, no run, pitches middle and off, and spins away quickly, he is forward to defend
Herath to Philander, 2 runs, tossed up too full around off, and Philander collects a couple with a drive through covers
Herath to Philander, no run, fuller one defended off the front foot
Herath to Philander, no run, loud appeal for caught behind as Philander pushes at one spinning across from outside leg, the edge does not seem to be near the ball

108 | (maiden) | SA: 153/8

  • Imran Tahir4 (15b)
  • Vernon Philander21 (86b)
  • Ajantha Mendis13-8-17-0
  • Rangana Herath43-29-34-5
Mendis to Imran Tahir, no run, ripper, 94 kph, angled in on off, he pushes at it, and the carrom ball turns away to beat the edge
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0, 1*, 165, 0

Mahela Jayawardene's recent scores at the SSC

Steyn moves up


Dale Steyn has now gone past Waqar Younis' tally of 373 Test wickets. Next in line is Malcolm Marshall's 376

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No of balls taken by Amla to reach his hundred, the second slowest of his career

The wait


Number of deliveries Tahir had been wicketless for till he dismissed Dilruwan Perera today