Player of the Match
Player of the Match
323dThe Report by George Dobell in Aberdeen

England avoid Scottish slip-up

England's new era has begun with a workmanlike victory over Scotland in Aberdeen

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Commentator: Alan Gardner

20 | 11 Runs | SCOT: 133/9 (40 runs required, RR: 6.65)

  • Alasdair Evans9 (6b)
  • Majid Haq18 (16b)
  • Harry Gurney4-0-20-0
  • Chris Jordan4-0-24-1

7.45pm: Well, it was wet and it was murky but England have begun the Second Age of Peter Moores without any slips. Not the most satisfactory way for an ODI to be played, finishing with a soggy 20-over slog some 10 hours after it was supposed to begin; but England will take their positives as they find them, I'm sure. Don't think there are too many sage pronouncements to be made, other than Ian Bell played nicely and the bowlers ticked the boxes in avoiding an upset. Credit to Scotland for showing some grit and, particularly, to the groundstaff and umpires for getting any sort of game in. We'll be back for more when the Sri Lanka series starts in 11 days' time. Go tell your friends - cricket is back and so are England. Cheerio

Gurney to Evans, FOUR runs, full and straight, Evans backs away and clouts four past mid-on - the innings ends with a brief fart of defiance but can't prevent England recording a 39-run win
Gurney to Evans, no run, back of a length, pulls to mid-on, no run
Gurney to Evans, no run, does him with a change of pace, swings and misses as the ball bounces through
Gurney to Haq, 1 run, well-directed yorker, manages to dig it out for one on the leg side
Gurney to Haq, FOUR runs, short again and clubbed again, this time higher and harder for a one-bounce four to deep midwicket
Gurney to Haq, 2 runs, touch short and pulled firmly through midwicket for a couple

Gurney returns to complete his allocation, with Scotland requiring 51 off the final over