Player of the Match
Player of the Match


Faf: "Can't look too much into a seven-over game. For them to get 18 -20 in the first over was a big boost for them. I didn't know he could hit the ball that far. We didn't expect to be playing tonight."

Bailey: "Two biggest positives were our two old guys Hoggy and Hodgy. We knew it was going to be a short game so it was good to see our guys switched on. I think the crowd got their money's worth."

Brad Hodge is the Man of the Match: "Thought the old guys did well tonight. Just wanted to clear our minds, they bowled well and we were waiting for an opportunity. Feel grateful to be able to play T20 around the world. Test cricket didn't work out for me."

That leaves the series at 1-0 going into Centurion on Friday. The forecast there isn't great either so South Africa will hope the weather clears up so they can have a shot at squaring this. Thanks for your company tonight. Could have been frustrating with the delay but thanks for staying on. We'll see you soon!

End of match: The old fox Brad Hodge does it for Australia! We've seen him do this in franchise cricket and now for his country. After Warner got out South Africa had created a big dent but Hodge ensured he punished the bowlers each time they erred in length. That's what experience is all about isn't it? You don't fail to cash in when the opposition errs.

Good on those who stayed back for this game after all the rain. Must have taken a lot to sit through it all. It's past ten at night and Australia go into the third match with a 1-0 lead. You could argue for Abbott bowling the final over but in a seven-over game, anything can happen.

Parnell to Hodge, 1 wide, Hodge looks to smash this one too but it was too short and cleared the batsman and nearly cleared the keeper too, wide called, that does it for Australia
Parnell to Hodge, SIX runs, Advantage Australia! 12 off the last two balls, a low full toss, what a time for Parnell to bowl one, swung away and this was flatter, just enough to clear deep midwicket
Parnell to Hodge, SIX runs, oh well that went miles! This was pitched up on the pads, wrong length and line, swung away and that really went the distance over deep midwicket
Parnell to Haddin, 1 leg bye, well bowled! This was fired full and Haddin shuffled across the stumps and looked to force it to the on side, the ball clipped the pad and rolled away
Parnell to Hodge, 1 run, pitched up on middle and leg and lofted down to long-on, didn't get the distance and it goes on the bounce

Can Parnell defend 15?

6 | 13 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 66/5 (15 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 11.00, RRR: 15.00)

  • Brad Hodge8 (5b)
  • Brad Haddin4 (3b)
  • Beuran Hendricks2-0-31-0
  • Jean-Paul Duminy1-0-5-2
Hendricks to Hodge, 1 run, nice finish to the over, on the pads and he can only force it to deep square leg
Hendricks to Haddin, 1 run, fires that full on the stumps and he can only flick it to square leg
Hendricks to Haddin, 2 runs, this was pitched up and Haddin scooped it over cover and it was in the air and three players went for it, mistimed
Hendricks to Hodge, 1 run, another good delivery by Hendrricks and he can only clip it to mid-on
Hendricks to Haddin, 1 run, full outside off and he drives to cover
Hendricks to Hodge, 1 run, OUT, confusion in the calling! Hendricks does well to bowl it full on the stumps and Hodge clips it wide of midwicket, Bailey turned for the second run but Hodge wasn't interested, Miller fired the throw to de Kock and Bailey dives in vain

GJ Bailey run out (Miller/†de Kock) 2 (8m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Hendricks to Hodge, 1 wide, and he sprays it too wide this time, Hodge tries to dig it out outside off but misses
Hendricks to Hodge, (no ball) FOUR runs, and he begins the over with a no ball! Above waist high, Hodge stays back and slaps it over point

28 needed off 12

5 | 5 Runs 2 Wkts | AUS: 53/4 (28 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 10.60, RRR: 14.00)

  • Brad Hodge1 (1b)
  • George Bailey2 (2b)
  • Jean-Paul Duminy1-0-5-2
  • Wayne Parnell1-0-3-1

Sean: "Although you cant realistically be bowled out in this format, SA proving that getting in on this wicket and then not losing wickets (and vital balls) key"

Duminy to Hodge, 1 run, ends the over with a single, he can only dab it down to short third man
Duminy to Maxwell, OUT, turning out to be an inspired bowling change! Duminy continues round the wicket to the right-hander, fired that full and quick outside off, Maxwell ends up driving it hard to Faf at point

GJ Maxwell c du Plessis b Duminy 1 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Duminy to Bailey, 1 run,
Duminy to Maxwell, 1 run, drags it short and he pulls him down to Amla at deep midwicket
Duminy to Maxwell, 1 wide, comes round the wicket to the right-hander and he sprays it too wide, Maxwell doesn't play at it
Duminy to Bailey, 1 run, down the track and he pushes it to midwicket
  • Wet outfield worried both teams

    South Africa's coach Russell Domingo has suggested the second Twenty20 in Durban went ahead at the insistence of match referee Chris Broad, despite the captains and umpires agreeing the outfield was too wet

  • Hodge blows take Australia home

    Brad Hodge clubbed the third and fourth deliveries of the last over over deep midwicket to haul Australia home in a seven-over shootout against South Africa in Durban

  • Rain threat looms large in Durban

    With the World T20 less than two weeks away, there is a possibility that Australia and South Africa may not get much practice in the shortest format

  • Veteran Hogg unlikely for second T20

    Brad Hogg will have to wait for his first international as a 43-year-old, with a tight hamstring likely to keep him on the sidelines for the second Twenty20 against South Africa in Durban on Wednesday

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st21AJ FinchDA Warner
2nd25SR WatsonDA Warner
3rd2DA WarnerGJ Maxwell
4th4GJ BaileyGJ Maxwell
5th8BJ HodgeGJ Bailey
6th21BJ HodgeBJ Haddin