Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 21 Runs 2 Wkts | INDIA: 383/6 | RR: 7.66

  • Ravindra Jadeja0 (0b)
  • Clint McKay10-0-89-1
  • Nathan Coulter-Nile10-0-80-0

At the 30 over stage, things were looking rather balanced with the score on 188 for 3. 101 runs have come off the last five overs. 101!! And 10 overs ago we were contemplating if Australia could hold India to 320. Rohit Sharma has played one of the legendary innings. He says that this is a small ground and it's easier to hit and he just took his chances. Rohit became the third batsman in the world to cross the 200-mark in ODIs, became the record-holder for most sixes in a match, crossed 1000 runs this year, crossed 3000 runs in his career and no one would have complained off the noise that this Diwali cracker created in the ground. Some of those hits were monstrous. Dhoni played his part too and brought out the helicopter to send the ball flying out of the ground. This was, if i may say, some spectacle and that comes after watching two high-scoring chases...

Australia have some tasks in their hands, but in this series, you never know what's a good score... Watson, I don't know if he is going to bat, highly unlikely.... . Vishal Dixit will take over at the start of the next session..I need to find a masseur.

charles: "Following commentary sitting in Kandahar Base with fellow Aussie stationed here. He just wore Indian jersey for losing the match already."

Hassan: "6-4-6-4-0-6-0-2-4-6-4-2-1-0-0-4-6-6-4-w-6-6 ........ ! am I watching international cricket are stick cricket."

Humayun: "That was Pakistan's score last night, 209. Well played Rohit"

Akki: "Why did Australia bowl with 5 Ishants???"

Melvin: "This is the fastest 200 runs record which you have missed out to note down and the other fact is Sachin Tendulkar had already said that only Rohit or Virat can break his records plus Dhoni is the Captain just because Sachin asked the Board to make him and he proved right. So I believe that Sachin also should be praised for his expertise in the game."

Graham: "I wonder what's going through Henriques' mind right now. He gets credit for catching Sharma on 209, but missed the catch when he was on 120. On the other hand, we've witnessed a truly special innings - so perhaps Henriques knew something we didn't!"

Abu: "At last Dhoni's persistence with Rohit Sharma has paid off !Take that those who were doubting his technique. Take a bow Rohit . What an innings. Sheer hard work. !"

Jake: "As an Australian staying in India, if Australia manages to chase this down, I will wear my Australian cricket shirt through New Delhi all through next week."

Srinivas: "@Jake, truly worth doing it. At the same time bow to the both teams playing some incredible batting. So you may also prefer doing the same even India wins it."

Samuel: "Why don't they let India bat the next 50 overs as well? Isn't that what the groundsmen, the board, the whole country want - watch their team piling up runs for fun regardless the outcome of the match?"

Jacob: "This series has been absolutely awful. Scores almost always in excess of 300, batsmen going to hundreds in 70 balls at will. A good cricket wicket should provide an even contest between bat and ball. If India continue to play on wickets like this, they'll never post more that 300 in tests against England, Australia or South Africa."

Matt: "I know this hasn't been brilliant bowling but is there any point actually having bowlers on pitches like this with rules like this? Pitch is dead straight with even bounce, balls stay hard so they're easier to hit, bats are becoming better so mishits go further. This game is stupidly boring, there is no contest any more."

Gaz: "If this series is anything to go by, in a few years cricket will be like ten-pin bowling: every ball that isn't a strike is a failure... just substitute strike for six... I'm not necessarily saying that this is a bad thing, but imagine the over rates!"

McKay to Dhoni, 1 run, OUT, full delivery on the pads and he flicks it to deep square leg and Dhoni calls for a couple, but there is none there.. He is out of the last ball to end the madness that has prevailed in the last few overs..

MS Dhoni run out (sub [Henriques]/†Haddin) 62 (73m 38b 7x4 2x6) SR: 163.15

McKay to Dhoni, FOUR runs, short delivery and Dhoni pulls it past the short fine leg fielder, he wasn't in control.. But what the hell.. runs nonetheless
McKay to Dhoni, FOUR runs, he bowls it full outside off and Dhoni chooses violence this time, murders it back over bowlers head and McKay somehow gets out of the way
McKay to Sharma, OUT, he comes round the wicket and bowls a full delivery on the pads and Rohit flicks it beautifully to fine leg where the fielder takes a forward diving catch. He gets a wink from McKay as he goes back, a wink of appreciation ... Australian fielders congratulate him as he trudges off the pitch..What an innings!!

RG Sharma c sub (MC Henriques) b McKay 209 (222m 158b 12x4 16x6) SR: 132.27

McKay to Sharma, SIX runs, length delivery on the stumps and this one has been flicked over deep midwicket for yet another six, this is mental hitting, this is manic.. McKay is not even reacting anymore as he goes back to the mark

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st7AJ FinchPJ Hughes
2nd57BJ HaddinPJ Hughes
3rd6BJ HaddinGJ Bailey
4th4BJ HaddinAC Voges
5th58AC VogesGJ Maxwell
6th6JP FaulknerGJ Maxwell
7th67SR WatsonJP Faulkner
8th6NM Coulter-NileJP Faulkner
9th115CJ McKayJP Faulkner
10th0XJ DohertyJP Faulkner