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798dESPNcricinfo staff

All-round Bangladesh square series

A strong all-round performance by the Bangladesh Under-19s helped them win the second ODI against West Indies Under-19s in Georgetown and square the seven-match series 1-1

W Indies U19 2nd innings Partnerships

1st2T ChanderpaulLS Lugg
2nd70T ChanderpaulJL Solozano
3rd12T ChanderpaulTD Coleman
4th32TD ColemanSO Hetmyer
5th2FA AllenTD Coleman
6th6JC ArcherFA Allen
7th55JJ JonesJC Archer
8th3JC ArcherPAS McSween
9th1JC ArcherBNL Charles
10th13BNL CharlesG Moti-Kanhai