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  • When kiwis flew and tigers roared

    How Bangladesh's batsmen made a mockery of a big total and the commentators

  • NZ players need better coaching - Siddons

    Jamie Siddons, the former Bangladesh coach who is now in charge of Wellington, has questioned whether coaching standards in New Zealand are up to providing players, particularly batsmen, for the national side who can cope in alien conditions

  • Finisher Nasir adds to reputation

    The successful 300-plus chase against New Zealand was the latest proof of Nasir Hossain's strength to bat according to his team's needs

  • 'Wasn't nervous in 90s' - Shamsur

    Where once he felt nerves in the nineties, Shamsur Rahman said he didn't feel any butterflies as the chase took precedence over personal achievement in the third ODI

  • Fading light, unfading resolve

    A reduced dependence on the big stars and the confidence derived from past successes are driving Bangladesh's progress

Bangladesh 2nd innings Partnerships

1st61Ziaur RahmanShamsur Rahman
2nd65Shamsur RahmanMominul Haque
3rd3Shamsur RahmanMushfiqur Rahim
4th75Naeem IslamShamsur Rahman
5th50Naeem IslamNasir Hossain
6th35MahmudullahNasir Hossain
7th20Nasir HossainSohag Gazi