Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That is all for the moment from this Test match. The second and final one starts at the same ground from Tuesday, September 10, and we hope it goes ahead amid the Zimbabwe players' monetary issues. Abhishek Purohit signing off.

Misbah-ul-Haq: "It was a match-winning innings, they won the first three and a half days, that is the help you have when you have a senior like him, he changed the game. We need lot of improvements, played a Test after a long time, they made us work hard, we need to be on the money from the start. First two days we were left behind, we do not want to do this again and again. They are a really, really improving side."

Younis Khan is the Man of the Match. Younis: "Whenever the team needs me and I score a hundred, I feel good. This ranks high for me. They never gave us any easy runs. It was a nice effort from them."

Hamilton Masakadza: "The boys fought hard for three and a half days, it was only towards the end of the fourth day that things started to go away from us. We did compete and we were ahead at one stage. Bowling them out for 250, it could have been a bigger lead for us, their last wicket had a partnership. Dont think I would change my mind at all (on the toss)."

Zimbabwe have crumbled inside 40 overs on the final day. Junaid Khan started the demolition with an early double-strike. The middle order resisted very briefly before the spinners took over. Eleven wickets in the match for Saeed Ajmal, four in the innings for Abdur Rehman. After conceding a 78-run lead, Pakistan have won by a considerable margin of 221 runs, underlining Zimbabwe's utter lack of fight in the fourth innings. Pakistan were effectively 91 for 5 in the second innings when Younis Khan started the fightback along with Adnan Akmal. The fight back turned into total dominance as Younis motored to a double century

Saeed Ajmal to Chatara, OUT, gone this time, had a swipe and missed a full delivery, it was the doosra, hit the flap of the back pad right in front of middle

TL Chatara lbw b Saeed Ajmal 13 (24m 16b 3x4 0x6) SR: 81.25

over the wicket

Saeed Ajmal to Chatara, no run, beaten by the doosra on the sweep this time
Saeed Ajmal to Chatara, no run, defended off the front foot down the track
Saeed Ajmal to Chatara, no run, gets down on a knee and misses a heave to a doosra, there is an appeal for a stumping, the back leg is on the crease on one angle, but most of these replays are too grainy to be absolutely sure

46 | 9 Runs | ZIM: 120/9

  • Richmond Mutumbami16 (55b)
  • Tendai Chatara13 (12b)
  • Abdur Rehman13-5-36-4
  • Saeed Ajmal16-5-23-3
Abdur Rehman to Mutumbami, FOUR runs, a full toss into the pad, he moves forward and clips it to the deep midwicket boundary
Abdur Rehman to Mutumbami, no run, generously tossed up ball left alone outside off
  • We were on top for a long time - Masakadza

    Hamilton Masakadza has urged Zimbabwe "not to change too much" in the short turnaround ahead of the second Test against Pakistan starting Tuesday in Harare

  • Incremental gains squandered by Zimbabwe

    The final day was written off as nothing more than an exercise in time keeping and it became evident the clock had been speeded up as early as the eighth ball of the morning

  • Wanted Younis to reach 200 - Misbah

    Misbah-ul-Haq wanted Younis Khan to reach his double-century before calling an end to Pakistan's second innings but said the senior batsman would have been fine even if the declaration had come earlier

  • Spinners, Junaid rout Zimbabwe

    The probability of Zimbabwe holding out for a draw was extinguished early on the final morning, not by the expected threat Saeed Ajmal, but by Junaid Khan and Abdur Rehman

  • Experienced Younis wears Zimbabwe bowling down

    Zimbabwe will look to Younis Khan for inspiration as they set out to save the first Test against Pakistan in Harare

Zimbabwe 4th innings Partnerships

1st13TMK MawoyoV Sibanda
2nd1H MasakadzaV Sibanda
3rd5V SibandaSikandar Raza
4th30MN WallerSikandar Raza
5th9E ChigumburaSikandar Raza
6th31E ChigumburaR Mutumbami
7th1P UtseyaR Mutumbami
8th0R MutumbamiSW Masakadza
9th11T PanyangaraR Mutumbami
10th19R MutumbamiTL Chatara