Player of the Match
Player of the Match

The first match had been a walk in the park for India, this was a tougher contest, having to fight back after a top-order collapse and then after Zimbabwe's top three made a solid beginning. Between the 20th and 31st over though Zimbabwe lost five wickets and the contest was effectively over.

Unadkat was the pick of the Indian bowlers, showing off his slower ball and yorker on his way to a four-wicket haul. Mishra experimented with a quicker front-of-the-hand delivery, Jadeja was steady as ever and Mohammad Shami continues to impress. The one bowler they'd want to improve is Vinay Kumar, who was expensive early on.

Abhishek Purohit's match report has just been published, Give it a read as we wait for the presentation ceremony.

Mayank: "ouch!!no comment published today either...will try my luck in sa vs sl". Join mayank here, SL are in a bit of bother.

Presentation ceremony:

Brendan Taylor: "Good side like them, if you give them chances they make you pay. That partnership really killed us. Our top-order batters and senior players have to put our hand up and accept responsibility. We were too slow in the field, and there are some penalties in place for that."

Virat Kohli: "At 50 for 4, it wasn't looking good. Few mistakes from the batsmen, few tricky calls. There's two sides of being lucky, you cna think that I'm not batting well, or you think today is my day, credit to Dhawan for the way he played. A pity Karthik couldn't make his century, Unadkat has good hieght, he hits good lengths, change of pace as well. We're playing some really good cricket, we've got a new side out there to prove themselves, today the guys responded beautifully."

Man of the Match is Shikhar Dhawan: "Actually, it was one of my lucky days. I was playing well in earlier innings too, but I was getting out. The wickets wasn't easy to bat on. Me and Karthik just thought we should play on the merit of the ball."

That's a wrap from this game, thanks everyone for joining us, and the many mails. See you on Sunday.

Unadkat to Chatara, no run, no hat-trick, no five-for, but this has a superb day for Unadkat, he finishes off with a length ball on off stump, resolutely defended down the track, Unadkat finishes with 4 for 41, India are 2-0 up after a 58-run victory

Jose, you should have sent your comment earlier. It has clearly fired Unadkat up. Hat-trick ball coming up. Two slips, gully and a short leg in place, a slight delay as the short leg man waits for his helmet

Unadkat to Vitori, OUT, Unadkat gets another one, Brian Vitori has gone for a golden duck, looked to swipe that one to the leg side, he misses and again the stumps are disturbed

BV Vitori b Unadkat 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Unadkat to Jarvis, OUT, terrific delivery from Unadkat, homing in on the base of off stump, far too good for Jarvis, the stumps rattle, Jarvis is on his way

KM Jarvis b Unadkat 2 (8m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Mohammed Shami to Utseya, FOUR runs, short of length and outside off, that is powered past point for four more
Mohammed Shami to Utseya, FOUR runs, backs away from the stumps and a top edge sends the ball over slips for four
Mohammed Shami to Chigumbura, OUT, at long last India have dismissed Chigumbura, the first time they have managed to do it in four innings, it was a back of a length ball that rose up outside off, nicked through to the keeper, Chigumbura's resistance is over

E Chigumbura c †Karthik b Mohammed Shami 46 (76m 58b 4x4 1x6) SR: 79.31

Mohammed Shami to Utseya, FOUR runs, short ball again, on middle and leg stump, gloved towards the fine leg boundary for four
Vinay Kumar to Utseya, FOUR runs, Vinay Kumar continues to get punished, a full toss is thrashed to the midwicket boundary
Vinay Kumar to Chigumbura, FOUR runs, pitched up on middle stump and that is launched towards the long-on boundary
Mishra to Chigumbura, FOUR runs, that dropped a touch short, it was the legspinner, Chigumbura waits on the back foot and carves that through extra cover for four

Zimbabwe 2nd innings Partnerships

1st45V SibandaSikandar Raza
2nd64H MasakadzaV Sibanda
3rd0H MasakadzaBRM Taylor
4th18H MasakadzaSC Williams
5th3H MasakadzaMN Waller
6th3E ChigumburaMN Waller
7th88E ChigumburaP Utseya
8th15P UtseyaKM Jarvis
9th0P UtseyaBV Vitori
10th0P UtseyaTL Chatara