ICC Champions Trophy Warm-up Matches at Birmingham, Jun 1 2013
(49/50 ov, target 334)
India won by 5 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
INDIA Innings
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end of over 4912 runs
INDIA: 337/5CRR: 6.87 
Dinesh Karthik106 (81)
MS Dhoni18 (17)
Shaminda Eranga9-0-60-2
Nuwan Kulasekara9-0-56-0

The bowling wasn't particularly good from either team, but both will be pleased with the performance of their batting units. Kusal Perera and Tillakaratne Dilshan both got big scores before retiring, and several other key batsmen got a good hit as well. For India, the new-look top order wobbled, before Kohli continued his golden run against Sri Lanka, and Dinesh Karthik staked his claim for a place in the XI with a superb century.

It's Karthik's birthday as well today, and the crowd is chanting 'Happy birthday to you' as he walks off the ground.

One thing to keep in mind, this track had very little for the swing bowlers, not likely to be indicative of the surfaces to be used in the Champions Trophy

Angelo Mathews: "More than the result, we wanted to give the opportunity to the guys. The openers started off briliiantly, followed by No. 3,4, 5. but I thought we were a little bit rusty on the field and with the bowlers. Spin is one of our strengths, Eranga was fantastic today, Kohli was brilliant today, he loves scoring against us, he and Karthik put on a brilliant show."

MS Dhoni: "We had already lost 3-4 wickets, and there weren't too many batsmen left (which is why we didn't retire our batsmen). I think the new ball, we didn't bowl really well. There was not much in the wicket for the fast bowlers. I think the spinners bowled really well, even in the second Powerplay it was nice. The innings will be a big morale booster for Karthik."

That's it for our coverage from this warm-up game. In the other one, Australia are 52 for 2 chasing 257 against West Indies.

Eranga to Karthik, FOUR runs
there's the victory, Karthik finesses the final ball of the over to the sweeper cover boundary to finish off the game
Eranga to Karthik, 2 runs
terrific stroke from Karthik, punches the ball down the ground, Dhoni has to jump to get out of the way of that one, looked like it might go all the way to the rope, but it is cut off by the man at long-on
Eranga to Dhoni, 1 run
full ball on the pads, Dhoni's whips it down towards fine leg for a single

Nanda Gunawardhana: "Since this pitch is not a typical English pitch this game is a waste for both teams."

Eranga to Dhoni, no run
full delivery from Eranga, squeezed out towards mid-off
Eranga to Dhoni, FOUR runs
length ball and that is smeared wide of long-on for four, a slower one from Eranga and that didn't pose too much of a problem for MSD
Eranga to Karthik, 1 run
a full ball just outside off, opens the face to steer the ball to third man and that's his hundred, Karthik has the widest of grins after reaching the milestone, took him a mere 79 deliveries to get there
end of over 487 runs
INDIA: 325/5CRR: 6.77 • RRR: 4.50 • Need 9 runs from 12b
Dinesh Karthik99 (78)
MS Dhoni13 (14)
Nuwan Kulasekara9-0-56-0
Rangana Herath7-0-44-0
Kulasekara to Karthik, 1 run
back of a length ball just outside off, Karthik guides the ball towards third man to get a single that takes him to 99

randy: "Why do I get the feeling that this pitch is red herring!! sub continent teams can be thrown off preparation course and lulled into a false sense of security for all I know" Is anything straightforward for a cricket fan?

Kulasekara to Dhoni, 1 run
pushed that down the ground for a single
Kulasekara to Dhoni, no run
full ball and that is punched towards mid-on by Dhoni

Stat_fan: "Had you guys taken off for a late dinner break during India's best partnership in ages? :-) missed the witty comments from you and other readers! Welcome back!!" Nope, our tech team said the problem had something to do with firewalls. Didn't follow their explanation

Kulasekara to Karthik, 1 run
shortish ball just outside off, guided towards backward point
Kulasekara to Karthik, no run
not the most assured of defensive strokes, that ball bounces in front of the stumps and then sails towards the keeper
Kulasekara to Karthik, FOUR runs
a slower ball from Kulasekara, bit of width there, too much to get away, Karthik waits for the ball to arrive and slaps it behind point for a boundary
end of over 477 runs
INDIA: 318/5CRR: 6.76 • RRR: 5.33 • Need 16 runs from 18b
MS Dhoni12 (12)
Dinesh Karthik93 (74)
Rangana Herath7-0-44-0
Nuwan Kulasekara8-0-49-0

piyush: "So even this match is going to go all the way till last over.Dhoni is here."

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Herath to Dhoni, no run
defended from the crease towards cover, India cruising
Herath to Dhoni, 2 runs
flighted and fullm heading for leg stump, Dhoni was looking to muscle it towards long-on, inside edges it towards midwicket
Herath to Dhoni, 2 runs
Dhoni charges down the track and is nearly done in by the turn, a leading edge sends the ball towards backward point , the throw is to the non-striker's end where Herath can't collect properly and they concede an overthrow as well
Herath to Karthik, 1 run
full and on the pads, defended towards midwicket for a single
Herath to Dhoni, 1 run
length ball on middle stump, Dhoni shuffles down the track and nudges the ball towards square leg for a single
Herath to Karthik, 1 run
angling in towards the pads, Karthik skips away from the stumps and launches it inside-out towards long-off
end of over 466 runs
INDIA: 311/5CRR: 6.76 • RRR: 5.75 • Need 23 runs from 24b
MS Dhoni7 (8)
Dinesh Karthik91 (72)
Nuwan Kulasekara8-0-49-0
Rangana Herath6-0-37-0
Kulasekara to Dhoni, no run
a length ball on leg stump, defended towards short cover
Kulasekara to Dhoni, FOUR runs
a low full toss and that is hammered past mid-off, crashes it past the fielder there
Kulasekara to Karthik, 1 run
slower ball, superbly done by Kulasekara, a legcutter that is pushed towards mid-on for a single, terrific over so far from him
Kulasekara to Dhoni, 1 run
searching for the blockhole, gets his line slightly wrong, slanting towards the pads and that is clipped towards square leg
Kulasekara to Dhoni, no run
short of length ball on middle and off, defended back down the track to the bowler