1st Test, Nottingham, Jul 10-14 2013, Australia tour of England and Scotland
215 & 375
(110.5 ov, target 311)
280 & 296
England won by 14 runs
Player Of The Match
AUS 2nd Innings
Full commentary
end of over 1110 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 296/10CRR: 2.67 
James Pattinson25 (57)
James Anderson31.5-11-73-5
Graeme Swann44-10-105-2

2.50pm Right folks, I'm going to sign off from here shortly. We'll have loads more analysis and reaction on the site over the next few hours. Thanks to you all for following the Test with us, it has been truly memorable occasion. And we do it all again from Thursday! For now, from Gnasher, Alex, Alan and Brydon it's goodbye.

2.45pm Some emotion in those chats. The Ashes means so much. It appears we are in for another epic. Here are a few more of your comments:

Pawan: "You can't really say that England "managed" DRS the best. They just used it what it was for (eliminating howlers) and Australia just failed to do that but England really did deserve to win. They were on top through the whole test bar few key moments but one the biggest moment of the match."

Picky Ronting: "forget DRS, the team that won was the one that managed a century and two michelles"

Deepak: "@Daniel: Some relatively ordinary batting yesterday and some top class bowling by Anderson through the match determined the outcome of this match. DRS played a role but Australia would be wise to focus on things like batting properly."

Mark Francome: "Great showing by Australia to even get close. Not sure it's really a controversial end to the match, the noise as the ball went by the edge is very clear and there's a Hot Spot mark. Maybe Clarke will save some of his reviews now for when they really count."

Tom: "Flummoxed as to how anyone can say that that constituted conclusive evidence."

RossMac: "The team that played better won. And while Cook managed the use of DRS better than Clarke, I believe it's usage should be expanded to all dismissals...even to check if it was a "no-ball". It's a 30 hour game, they have the time to use it in Tests and get the decisions right. This match has mostly highlighted it's inadequacies and/or inconsistencies."

2.35pm Presentation time: Michael Clarke "The boys can hold their heads high. It was a wonderful game. Credit to England, they fought really hard. The two best performers were Ian Bell and James Anderson so they deserved the win. Everybody, the players and the fans, have enjoyed this game. We get another crack in four days."

Asked about DRS: "I'm not happy with my use, as I haven't got many right. England have used it better than I have."

Alastair Cook "I said I would be the only England captain not to go bald, but days like today won't help! Without a doubt you are in control out there. Australia fought incredible hard, but we just hung in there. Jimmy was outstanding. He always wants one more over; 13 was quite a lot. He's a world-class bowler and sometimes you just use him. It happened to be Jimmy's day and Jimmy's game. He said the cramp was my fault.

On Bell: "Under that pressure it was a real innings of character, determination and skill. Australia bowled very well. The way the whole order batted, credit to all the guys. You've seen in this game what a good side Australia are."

Man of the Match is James Anderson "It had the nerves going a bit. The ground has been good to me over the years. It generally swings whether conventional or reverse, which ever way is a bonus. Cooky's catch [off Siddle] made up for the one he dropped before. If I'm bowling 13 overs spells it will be difficult! But I love playing cricket. The Ashes is right up there."

2.30pm So many wonderful performances in this match: Siddle, Agar, Bell, Haddin but the decisive one was Anderson. He is a herculean fast bowler. Keith Bennett echos the views of millions: "Oh, I don't know how I'll be able to take four more tests of this, let alone another nine!"

Jason: "Agree that the best team won, but isn't it a shame that comments like 'the team that managed DRS best won'. Shouldn't it be 'the team that played the best cricket won'?" I agree Jason, but DRS is now part of the game.

Daniel: "It's a sad day when the tactical usage of a flawed DRS determines the outcome of a test match. I don't think I am being too harsh in saying so either"

Matt Prior spoke a moment ago: "Huge amount of relief, to be honest with you. At lunchtime, 20 runs to go, you don't know. You always know you're one ball away, one wicket away."

2.20pm Blimey folks. I still can't quite my head around all that. Apologies if that wicket is a little garbled. The basic details are: Haddin caught behind. Anderson has 10 wickets in the match and England win by 14 runs. Anderson's match figures the best for England in an Ashes Test since Andrew Caddick and Sydney in 2003. Spare a though for Brad Haddin and James Pattinson. An epic, wonderful, gusty, effort to get them so close to history. Not quite two runs, but so, so close. One though, too. England have reviews left.

Chris Howard: "Extraordinary game! DRS ends on a good note, doing what it's meant to do. And the team that won was the one that managed DRS usage the best."

Karl Correa: "Let's get this straight. It was clearly out the nick and the hot spot. Straightforward decision. The commentators on are talking about controversy. Third umpire got it right. That's that England go up 1-0."

Anderson to Haddin, OUT
ENGLAND HAVE WON! Amazing scenes. There was only really half an appeal as Haddin drives and Prior takes the catch low. There was a review but it didn't look like England believed. Cook decided to gamble and after rocking and rolling the pictures, and after asking for multiple replays, Marias Erasmus, a man at the centre of so much this game, told Aleem Dar there was definite evidence to overrule. Here's a replay of what happened: Haddin drives, it goes past the inside edge. There is a noise. Is there a mark? There is something on the inside edge? Oh boy, what a moment. The third umpire wants to hear the sound too. There is a noise. I can't believe this. IT'S OUT
BJ Haddin c †Prior b Anderson 71 (215m 147b 9x4 0x6) SR: 48.29
Anderson to Haddin, no run
slightly short again, pushed off the back foot to cover
Anderson to Haddin, no run
short of a length this time, Haddin places it into the off side and wants the single but after some deliberation turns it down as Bairstow scurries across
Anderson to Haddin, no run
driven firmly to short cover and Ian Bell dives to his right to get a precious right hand out to stop it
Anderson to Haddin, no run
full on off stump, defended to cover

Australia chipping them away...Anderson again. achint: "Tension on the field, Tension on twitter, Tension everywhere!! Love the ashes!"

end of over 1105 runs
AUS: 296/9CRR: 2.69 
Brad Haddin71 (142)
James Pattinson25 (57)
Graeme Swann44-10-105-2
James Anderson31-11-73-4
Swann to Haddin, 1 run
flicked from outside off and another gold-dust single as he squeezes past Cook at short midwicket which means he keeps the strike to face Anderson
Swann to Haddin, no run
touch shorter outside off, Haddin goes back and across to defend
Swann to Haddin, no run
full outside off, works back to Swann with a turn of the wrists
Swann to Haddin, no run
lunges forward on off stump and pads this away

Three out of 19 is a decent chunk

Swann to Pattinson, 3 runs
big inside edge! Past the stumps and it's three priceless runs down towards fine leg. Going for a drive, it scooted past leg stump. England actually appeal for something

Three men around the bat...slip, silly point and short leg. Also a short cover

Swann to Haddin, 1 run
very full outside off, worked easily down the ground to long on...still happy to trust Pattinson as he has all innings

Will Cook persist with Swann? Who go for Broad? It's Graeme Swann

end of over 109Maiden
AUS: 291/9CRR: 2.66 
James Pattinson22 (56)
Brad Haddin69 (137)
James Anderson31-11-73-4
Graeme Swann43-10-100-2
Anderson to Pattinson, no run
gets forward to a delivery on off stump, plays it very comfortably into the covers...over to Haddin
Anderson to Pattinson, no run
back of a length around middle and leg, worked to midwicket
Anderson to Pattinson, no run
hiding the ball as he runs in, it's full on off, defended to the off side
Anderson to Pattinson, no run
just a hint of shape for Anderson, away from the left hander, but Pattinson remains solidly behind the line and defends to mid-on
Anderson to Pattinson, no run
oooh! So close! Pattinson almost chops into his stumps as he feels away from his body...dribbles past the timber