Australia tour of England and Scotland at Cardiff, Jun 4 2013
(23.3/50 ov, target 309)
India won by 243 runs
AUS Innings
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India have rolled up Australia for 65, with only two of their batsmen scoring in double figures. Yadav was the star, knocking over the first five wickets to fall even before he'd finished bowling five overs himself. This would have been the biggest loss for Australia in a One-Day game, if this was an official match.

Stay with us for thoughts from both captains

George Bailey: It was a really disappointing performance, but if you have to have a day like this its better its on a practice game. This was not the result we were after. Dhoni and Karthik batted really well and we couldn't get that sixth wicket. Our new ball attack was good. We discussed that after the last game and everyone who took the new ball bowled really well

Dhoni: Well, to start off Dinesh batted really well. That partnership between me and him got us to a respectable score and then the bowling was up to the mark. We used five bowlers and all of them got wickets. Umesh is one of the quickest bowlers we have and with the two paced pitch here, the ball was holding up, not much, but just enough which was why there were so many inside edges. (When asked on his batting) I was looking to get to the best place on the field- the non-striker's end and Karthik is a great runner between the wickets. Thats something all the batsmen should work on, getting those one and a half runs into twos. (On the selection dilemma with Karthik in such good form) I think he has earned his place in the side and we'll just have to see who misses out when we play against South Africa. I'd like him to play at the top of the order but we'll see.

Well, thats about it from us here. Thanks for joining us today, but wait, there's another match still in full flow in Birmingham where Sri Lanka are putting on a fight against West Indies who put up 297 in the first innings. So stay tuned to that.

Ashwin to Voges, OUT
And its all over. Another Aussie batsman plays on. He goes deep in the crease but the ball turns and there is not enough width to play the cut shot and the inside edge is taken and it crashes into the stumps.
AC Voges b Ashwin 23 (49b 2x4 0x6) SR: 46.93
Ashwin to McKay, 1 run
on the stumps and its hit out to mid-on

Ashwin goes round the wicket

Ashwin to Voges, 1 run
shortish ball. Moves back and pulls it out to deep square leg
end of over 232 runs
AUS: 63/9CRR: 2.73 • RRR: 9.11 • Need 246 runs from 26 overs
Clint McKay3 (8)
Adam Voges22 (47)
Ravindra Jadeja4-0-10-0
Ravichandran Ashwin1-0-2-0
Jadeja to McKay, no run
drifting into the pads and he defends it out to midwicket
Jadeja to McKay, 2 runs
flighted but angled down leg and he flicks it backward of square
Jadeja to McKay, no run
good lines. Jadeja's at the stumps as usual and McKay flicks it to the on side
Jadeja to McKay, no run
goes back on the crease and pushes it back to the bowler
Jadeja to McKay, no run
shorter ball on off stump and its pushed out to mid-off
Jadeja to McKay, no run
angles it into the stumps and is defended safely back down the wicket

Two slips for Jadeja, leg slip moved to second slip

end of over 222 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 61/9CRR: 2.77 • RRR: 8.85 • Need 248 runs from 26 overs
Adam Voges22 (47)
Clint McKay1 (2)
Ravichandran Ashwin1-0-2-0
Ravindra Jadeja3-0-8-0
Ashwin to Voges, no run
another leading edge as he looks to play through midwicket. The ball goes out square on the off side
Ashwin to McKay, 1 run
is that the carrom ball? He plays for the off spin but the ball straightens and takes the outside edge to go down just behind point
Ashwin to McKay, no run
flighted on off stump and he comes forward and defends it

Clint McKay comes out to the middle

Ashwin to Starc, OUT
Angled in to middle stump. There's another loud appeal for leg before and the batsmen sneak a single in the commotion, but there's a direct hit from Dhawan at fine leg which finds Starc short.
MA Starc run out (Dhawan) 0 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

he comes round the wicket to the left-hander

Ashwin to Voges, 1 run
flighted and in line with the stumps. He moves forward and hits it down to long-on
Ashwin to Voges, no run
Flighted and outside the off stump. The batsman pads it away and there's a loud appeal. The impact was outside off. Umpire unmoved

Spin at both ends. Ashwin into the attack

end of over 215 runs
AUS: 59/8CRR: 2.8 • RRR: 8.62 • Need 250 runs from 26 overs
Mitchell Starc0 (3)
Adam Voges21 (44)
Ravindra Jadeja3-0-8-0
Ishant Sharma5-0-11-3
Jadeja to Starc, no run
Jadeja to Starc, no run