Player of the Match
Player of the Match

6.50pm: Right, thanks for your comments today, I'm going to wrap this up. Gnasher's report is locked and loaded; we'll be back to see if New Zealand can keep using England as wallpaper in the final ODI at Trent Bridge on Wednesday. Cheerio!

6.35pm: Time for the presentations... England captain, Alastair Cook: "Yeah, tough day, obviously huge credit to New Zealand. They really batted us out of the game. We bowled pretty well until the 42nd, 43rd over but New Zealand built a huge platform, kept wickets in hand and when you've got a guy on 100 not out and Brendon McCullum, it's very hard to stop them. When we managed to get a few dots on Guptill he managed to find the boundary. With the extra man in the ring, a lot of runs flew down to third man but they earned that. We were trying to grab wickets because we know how important they are. [Lacking Broad and Finn] would be too easy an excuse and probably does New Zealand a disservice but we need to look at our plans for the Champions Trophy. Not sure if [Broad and Finn] will be fit for Trent Bridge. Fours years unbeaten at home is a good record but credit to New Zealand, they were better."

New Zealand captain, Brendon McCullum: "Thank you, it's an extremely proud moment, credit to Martin in these two games and also Ross Taylor, he's been outstanding with the bat. Clean hitting is what Martin does and he did it again today. I didn't think it was a 360 surface, maybe 300-320 wicket. The way England batted, if we weren't able to pick up those wickets they were a live chance. We decided to bat first and you've got to post something to defend. The intent Martin and Kane Williamson showed at the start, they got us into a position. I had a bit of fun at the end but I was just a passenger in the Martin Guptill show. It's been really pleasing after the Test series, we're an experienced one-day unit and we're hard to beat. When the Champions Trophy rolls around we've got to play as well as we can. You can channel your energy into your fielding and running between the wickets, something we have to do and it's a good sign of the team's attitude."

Martin Guptill is named Man of the Match: "It's pretty special, I didn't expect that at the start of the day. I just wanted to go on as long as I could. The Test wasn't ideal but I've turned it around. I don't really know what a good score on any wicket is but I just tried to start partnerships and put pressure on the opposition. You never know, you can get a pearler or nick off early so you've got to take each ball as it comes."

6.30pm: England are flat on their backs on the canvas, sides heaving, lycra threatening to burst, with New Zealand sitting squarely on their chest - the Black Caps have won the series, 2-0 up with one to play, ending England's unbeaten run at home, which stretched back to 2009. A second consecutive defeat sees England drop to fourth in the rankings, while New Zealand are up to seventh. After upsetting South Africa in their backyard in January, they've done it again and in some style. Nevermind England, maybe New Zealand should be favourites for the Champions Trophy.

McClenaghan to Dernbach, OUT, hoicked into the off side, Dernbach trying to put the ball into orbit and getting it almost as far as the circle, where mid-off nearly misjudges it, probably from looking away over the horizon, before flopping forward to take the decisive catch and confirm an 86-run win for New Zealand

JW Dernbach c Mills b McClenaghan 2 (8m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

44 | 8 Runs | ENG: 273/9 (87 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 6.20, RRR: 14.50)

  • Jonathan Trott109 (104b)
  • Jade Dernbach2 (4b)
  • Doug Bracewell8-1-55-1
  • Mitchell McClenaghan8-0-35-2
Bracewell to Trott, 2 runs, length ball, wide of the stumps, carved high over point for a couple
Bracewell to Dernbach, 1 run, again steps away and drags a full-length ball back past the bowler to long-on
Bracewell to Trott, 1 run, pitched up around middle, Trott hacks the ball back down the ground
Bracewell to Dernbach, 1 run, goes for the yorker again, Dernbach steps away and swings late, manages to squeeze to through point
Bracewell to Trott, 1 run, on the stumps, pretty much a low full toss, clubbed through midwicket
Bracewell to Trott, 2 runs, full and straight but you can't fool Trotty, he pings it through the covers off the back foot, beating the man on the circle for a couple

43 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | ENG: 265/9 (95 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 6.16, RRR: 13.57)

  • Jade Dernbach0 (2b)
  • Jonathan Trott103 (100b)
  • Mitchell McClenaghan8-0-35-2
  • Doug Bracewell7-1-47-1
McClenaghan to Dernbach, no run, pitched up again, in the channel and driven towards cover
McClenaghan to Dernbach, no run, round the wicket but too full, not quite the yorker, outside off and punched to mid-off

That's ends a 47-run partnership at almost ten an over. Here's Jade Dernbach, England's ace rabbit in the hole

McClenaghan to Anderson, OUT, McClenaghan hits this time, full and straight and back goes middle! Good bowling to a tailender, pitched up and tailing in towards the wicket as Anderson made room, sneaked under the bat and physics did the rest

JM Anderson b McClenaghan 28 (25m 19b 4x4 0x6) SR: 147.36

McClenaghan to Anderson, no run, oof, how did that miss? Searching for the yorker, Anderson swung and missed and the ball passed a fraction wide of off stump
McClenaghan to Trott, 1 run, length deliver, dribbled short into the covers for a single
McClenaghan to Trott, 2 runs, pushed into the covers, they head back for a second and the throw nearly decapitates McClenaghan at the non-striker's end

Another change, McClenaghan back on. England's target is below 100

42 | 16 Runs | ENG: 262/8 (98 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 6.23, RRR: 12.25)

  • James Anderson28 (17b)
  • Jonathan Trott100 (98b)
  • Doug Bracewell7-1-47-1
  • Kyle Mills9-0-55-1

"With all due respect to Sir Viv Richards, the benchmark is Amla. Think he did it in about 15 innings lesser than Richards." I'm sure Trott will take joint-second best, Rajeev

Bracewell to Anderson, FOUR runs, dug in short, room to swing it over backward point this time, firm connection and it beats Mills on the other side this time - those two boundaries have taken Anderson to his highest ODI score
Bracewell to Anderson, FOUR runs, width again, Anderson has a happy slap and thick edges to third man again, Kyle Mills lumbers round but is sprawled like a sealion over the boundary rope by the time he stops it
Bracewell to Trott, 1 run, goes full again, around off stump, chops down on the ball behind square and there it is - Trott's fourth ODI ton and from 98 balls too
Bracewell to Trott, 2 runs, pitched up straight, on the stumps, scuffed towards mid-on and with the field back they're able to punch two
Bracewell to Anderson, 1 run, angled across and steered through square with an angled bat

Well, Anderson's certainly got the tempo right...

Bracewell to Anderson, FOUR runs, length ball, not that short but wide enough for Anderson to slap through backward point for four more

Doug Bracewell on in place of Williamson

41 | 9 Runs | ENG: 246/8 (114 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 6.00, RRR: 12.66)

  • Jonathan Trott97 (96b)
  • James Anderson15 (13b)
  • Kyle Mills9-0-55-1
  • Kane Williamson4-0-25-2

"Comments are a bit one sided. England well ahead of New Zealand's 40 over score and on track for an easy victory." Rofl, Jamie, and indeed lolz

Mills to Trott, 2 runs, pitched up, heading towards leg stump, glanced off the pads, the fielder has to come running in and fails to collect first time
Mills to Anderson, 1 run, length ball, backs away and swings the ball back towards mid-on, who's on the edge of the circle
Mills to Anderson, 2 runs, fired across on a length, Anderson opens the shoulders and attempts to cut, gets an edge, maybe off the toe, down to third man

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st50IR BellAN Cook
2nd14IR BellIJL Trott
3rd58IJL TrottJE Root
4th44IJL TrottEJG Morgan
5th3IJL TrottJC Buttler
6th43IJL TrottCR Woakes
7th1IJL TrottTT Bresnan
8th5GP SwannIJL Trott
9th47IJL TrottJM Anderson
10th8IJL TrottJW Dernbach