• Oval thrills leave no signs of T20 fatigue

    England's Test series against Australia begins in a fortnight but if there is any sense of fatigue at nearly five months' competition against New Zealand, it was not discernible at The Oval

  • New Zealand blitz squeezes out new-look England

    England failed by five runs to pull off what would have been their record T20 run chase against New Zealand in front of a packed crowd at The Oval

  • Giles forced to look forward

    England will cope with the disappointment of missing out on the Champions Trophy by getting straight back on the international treadmill

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st50MJ LumbAD Hales
2nd55LJ WrightAD Hales
3rd29LJ WrightEJG Morgan
4th5LJ WrightRS Bopara
5th45RS BoparaJC Buttler
6th12RS BoparaBA Stokes